Monday, June 26, 2006


Lately, there has been much talk about single unmarried woman. Who hasn't heard of the much debated Misyar marriage issue which, thankfully, has died down? Latest I heard, somebody made a comment about there being about half a million unmarried women in their 30s in this country, and as a result, in internet discussion boards all over the country, people are discussing it like it’s the latest disaster. What the f*%#???

So what if there are so many single women in this country? Is it such a catastrophe? Does this affect the country's development in any way?

True, there are single unmarried women whose life are less than exemplary, who possibly would be better off institutionalised (in jail, hospital, or marriage, whatever!). But there are also married women, single unmarried men and married men all in the same boat. Why is it that only unmarried women being singled out? What I'm saying is, this is all individualistic, the fact that each person is married or unmarried generally has nothing to do with their vice.

Some people would think that marriage is everything, that a woman is incomplete unless she’s married. Crap! Such a stone-age idea! Crap of the highest degree! I can’t believe how narrow-minded these people are.

I don’t have anything against marriage. Nor do I think that it doesn’t suit me. But I also do not think that being single is anything to be frowned upon, or to be ashamed of. So long as the woman can support herself financially and emotionally, no one out there should question her standing. Being one myself, I am offended that people would think that my marital status would be an issue in itself. More so, that it would be an issue for THEM to discuss!! Since when is it any of their business anyway? Who the hell do they think they are???

Being judgmental is what some people do best. They close their minds on the possibility of other people being happy living their lives NOT by the traditional standards. They are so quick to judge that when you are single, you must feel inadequate. Sigh...... I can't speak for the entire single women community, but I do know for a fact that a lot of secure single women cherish their careers, their lives and their independence and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. All the nosy judgmental simple-minded people out there who think so highly of themselves may never understand the concept. So as far as I am concerned, to hell with them. I'm happy just the way I am and I need not please anyone.

I am a woman, hear me roar!

I am single, I earn a decent living, I live a carefree life, I bother NO ONE!!!