Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Out In The Open

Came home last night just as Buletin Utama was showing a press conference by Siti Nurhaliza and her beau, the now infamous Datuk K. So, ... the rumour's true then. It's now all out in the open.

I'm not exactly a fan of Siti, nor do I know any of her songs. I hear them on the radio every once in a while but I can't say I identify with any of it. The songs are mostly so typically local mainstream commercial crap. Anyway, as a non-fan, I'm really not affected in any way with this piece of news about the impending marriage.

What piqued my interest watching that news last night was how the press seemed so nosy, pushy and at times, unnecessarily rude to the couple. There were questions being thrown at them about the way they have kept things secret from the media and Siti's fans. I think Siti handled them all very well. That girl is very courteous I must say. If it were me, I'd just say, "..BECAUSE IT'S NONE OF YOUR F*****G BUSINESS!!"

Then, there's this guy who rudely asked why Siti chose Datuk Khalid who's 47 yrs old, a man 20 years her senior, instead of a bachelor. If I recall correctly, his exact words were something like, "Dah tak ada anak teruna ke?" GOOD GOD!! What a horrible, horrible way to stick your nose into other people's business. I saw a flicker of annoyance in Siti's expression, and a look of disbelief as she held her breath and contemplated her answer. Slowly yet ever so calmly, she gave a very polite answer without actually answering the stupid question. Something about jodoh pertemuan, and about fate. The politically correct answer, I guess. Bravo, kiddo! Her years in the limelight have polished her into this absolutely refined public personality who knows how to juggle the neediness of her fans and the nosiness of the press whilst at the same time maintaining some level of privacy on her part.

I have always had an issue with people wanting to butt in on other people's lives. True, Siti is a public figure. But, what goes on in her private life is hers alone. She should be able to want what she wants, when she wants, without anybody else questioning it. If she chose to keep things under wraps, who are we to question her? If she chose to marry an older man, who are we to judge? Let her be. That IS her life.

There was a small Tsunami in Indonesia yesterday, where some 80 people or so (the figure's climbing) were killed and probably more swept away to sea. Another sad day for Indonesia. Another one in a series of neverending disasters in the region. Another piece of news worthy of a front page report for every caring Malaysian to read. But guess what was the headlines in today's newspapers??