Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Let's Do It More Often

What is this brouhaha I heard about Sharifah Amani saying inappropriate things at the Film Festival?

I heard the reviews and criticism before I heard the actual speech. The reviews and comments made me cringe. Truthfully, I was appalled the 1st time I heard about it. How could she say such things? The minister was right to criticise her. The press was right to condemn her. The public was absolutely justified in being angry at her.

I don't even know when the awards show was held, and then, it was shown again on TV last weekend. So, I patiently endured the utterly boring show in order to hear for myself the words utterred by this little twit.

Then, it came, "...I sound stupid when I speak Malay........ If making films like this are 'mencemar budaya', let's do it more often!"

That's it?

T H A T ' S I T???

Now, I am appalled at the press and the public for making me feel appalled at her in the 1st place!!

In the first part, she was referring to herself. The 'stupid' remark was aimed at herself. Nowhere did she condemn the Malay language as some people claimed. Perhaps it was inappropriate that she showed preference for English than her own national language, and in a suppossedly dignified awards ceremony at that. Perhaps, she should have just attempted to speak in Malay even if she would sound stupid, as making a remark that she would sound stupid when speaking a language which everybody at the ceremony speak, is definitely stupid in itself....... HUH?

The remark was, without doubt, a mistake on her part. But I read somewhere that she has since apologized. So, why are people still talking about it? The issue has been blown way out of proportion if you ask me, and the public reaction it received is totally unnecessary.

Anyway, like the comment that i wrote at someone else's blog, the moral of the story is, do not ever use the word "stupid" when accepting awards... not even if you are referring to yourself.

The Second Part of her controversial speech was a little bit more complicated. Perhaps she shouldn't have added fuel to the fire. There are people out there who were bidding their time waiting for the opportune moment to bring out the Gubra issue again, months after the issue was much discussed during Gubra's run in the cinemas. What she said simply gave them an excuse to condemn Gubra all over again, albeit from a different angle.

I believe the point she was trying to make was, despite the criticism levelled against Gubra, particularly the accusation that it is "mencemar budaya", the film won so many accolades that perhaps, the accusation is unfair and that this is the standard that every film maker in the country should strive for. In other words, there must be something right with it after all. It is much like that song, (or saying.... whatever), " If loving you is wrong, I don't wanna be right". Ever heard that one?

Anybody in her position would have been indignant. You can't crumble under pressure from various quarters and agree with them that the film is what they say it is. You would have to stand your ground and maintain that the film is not what they say it is. THAT, was what she was doing. Only perhaps, the timing wasn't right, and the place wasn't right.

Yes, she said the wrong things at the wrong time. But, like I said earlier, she apologised. And almost immediately too. So there, let's move on, shall we?