Friday, October 27, 2006

Kids and Cat

Raya has come and gone. Except for the antics of my nieces and nephews and Mak Anum the cat giving birth on the 3rd day of Raya, this year's Eid was rather uneventful. I'm almost relieved it's over and I'm on my way back to KL. Stopped by Penang to pick up my nephew Yunus. He's going back to his college to join his older brother Yusoff who has already left by bus earlier this morning. Pushing off to KL after Friday prayer. Hope it doesn't rain.

The kids were the life of the whole Raya celebration. Without them, it would have been quite boring. My nephew Nabil claimed or rather, admitted that he is an equivalent of 10 boys. Yup! Can't argue with that! When joined by Imran and Danial, they're like 30 boys! Imagine having to keep up with them as they scamper around the house filled with ideas and plans.

Imran, Nabil and Danial goofing around.

On the 3rd day of Raya, the bloated Mak Anum gave birth to 4 kittens. I didn't take a picture of the litter though, as the kids were busy doing that themselves. They had their fun awaiting birth after birth as though they are the expectant fathers pacing back and forth outside the delivery room. I tell ya, there have never been so many young fathers awaiting the birth of the same child/children as this one. The process took about 4 hours. Poor Mak Anum, she was so uneasy about the delivery, she kept on looking for a place to deliver even after her water broke, leaving her trail everywhere she went. So we had to box her up while she whined asking to be set free. Fully exhausted after that 4 hours labour, she ran straight up to the front of the house to relax and lick herself clean and pretty as soon as I released her out of her confinement. Oh such Vanity!

Iman and Mak Anum

The kids asked me why I named the cat Mak Anum. I told them because I can't name her Cik Tijah as she's not a Cik anymore, and I can't call her Kak Pe'ah and it would offend one Pe'ah living not far from us.

Yeah, the cat isn't ours, she just showed up fully knocked up and ready to pop. So Mak Anum is appropriate, she was so ranum already.

Selamat Hari Raya Mak Anum!

Edited at 12.30 am 28/10/2006

- I'm back in KL. Received news from A/Setar that Mak Anum gave birth to No.5 a good 24 hours after the last kitten was born. Imagine that! She has been running around in between thinking it's over, and then out popped another one! Hahaha! I hope she'll be a good mom and not one of those who abandon their kids, or worse, eat them!!!.

Congrats Mak Anum!

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