Friday, November 10, 2006

At The Pasar Malam

At a pasar malam I went to earlier tonight, the most popular peddler was the VCD guy. Scores of people, young and old were shoving and pushing to take a look at what’s available, including …err….. moi…. (terkebil-kebil malu gue…).

As expected, all the latest movies were there. I was tempted to buy a few since I haven’t bought any VCD or DVD in ages, original or otherwise. The peddler was telling the customers, “Ini clear punya, manyak bagus, manyak cantik ooo…”.

Yeah, right!

We all know what that’s like. The movie will start off promisingly enough. The picture is almost clear and the sound is crisp. Then 2 seconds later you’ll realize that the cinematography is a bit senget. So you sigh and say “Oh well…. At least the sound is okay, there’s no extra bit of sound effect ruining our enjoyment on the RM4000 home theater system”, and that’s when you hear something pop and someone laughing softly.

“Hmmmph?” Your eyebrows went up, and it dawns on you that there is that special sound effect after all. You then sigh again, and try to look on the bright side, again, “At least the picture is nice”. And that’s when the camera tilts to the right and someone adjust it back up in a jiffy. “Haiyaa…. Nasib baik dia adjust cepat-cepat… at least they are efficient on that, and it’s good that you can’t see anyone’s head from here”.

Darling, you spoke too soon.

The guy on the front seat stands up blocking half the screen, and walks jauntily out, presumably to go to the loo, lest we’ll hear the popping and rattling sound again.

The opening credit now comes to an end and the opening scene begins and, you know that you have wasted 5 bucks on yet another piece of crap.

No thanks. I’d rather spend my 5 bucks on some murtabak, a few keropok lekor and perhaps a cup of cendol. Now, that’s money well spent.

Excuse me, I think I'm gonna burp now.


UglyButAdorable said...

i must say i nie tak serik2 gak..but i like buy it every 6 months once when i like tetiba lalu kat ah boy tu..terjebak la tu..and like another 6 months to finish all the dvd's..because i'll end up watching it at the movie..err..which i have not done for quite sometime...

so the next time i'm tempted..i'll remember this entry..:)

highheelseliparjepun said...

Tak suka beli DVD/VCD..
Selalu beli CD..tapi sekarang dh ada Limewire,senang download je..Boleh dpt lagu yg takde kat pasaran.

Typhoon Sue said...

Yeah... if you can resist, good for you. Let's not buy pirated CD/VCD/DVD. Let's just download everything.... muahahahaha...

Typhoon Sue said...

UBA, ye la, I pun kdg2 macam tak serik gak... walaupun spg movie tu asyik dok tengok kepala orang je...
rugi 5 hengget, or 8 hengget for DVD.