Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Deaf Hippo

I was window shopping at Jaya Jusco earlier today when I heard someone shouting my name. I looked around and immediately realized that I perasan sorang-sorang. There was this guy I didn’t know walking pass me, calling for someone else bearing my name. I don’t know to whom he was shouting at, but I saw someone in the distance scamper away in haste, perhaps, trying to avoid an encounter with that guy. I chuckled to myself. It’s kinda obvious, I’m sure he would realize that the girl was running away from him, or, if he gives her the benefit of the doubt, would think she’s a deaf hippo (loosely translated from pekak badak) in a rush.

My sister once thought that I am almost deaf. The loud music blasting straight to my eardrums all those years must have damaged something. Logically speaking, it could have. But it didn’t.

I have this amazing ability to ignore people. I can just walk by, pretending to be absorbed with something else without appearing to try to run off somewhere whilst the person I was ignoring would be screaming my name at the top of their lungs. Naturally, anybody who sees this incident would say I’m deaf.

I don’t do that often. Only the few number of times I am repulsed by something I see. Once, after an engagement ceremony, after all the guests had left, the soon-to-be bride who was pretending to be so demure and shy earlier had become herself again. Feeling absolutely ravenous for not having anything to eat for an entire 2 hours when the ceremony was in place, she practically shove everybody out of the way while she rushed over to the lunch table in the garden in front of the house. As if the food was about to run away or something, she gobbled everything up without a single thought about the possibility of her choking to death. True to my suspicion, in about a minute and a half, she needed a drink. Seeing me not far away, she screamed her lungs out, telling me to get her a glass of water. “Get yer own damned drink, you sod!!”, I thought to myself as I did what I always do best. I ignored her and I did a terrific job I can tell you that!

My sister who witnessed the whole thing later told me to see an ear specialist as she was pretty sure I am deaf at certain frequencies (there is such a thing as being partially deaf, y’know….). I told her I will, and now I’m sitting here writing this piece while the loud sound of The Killers’ Somebody Told Me is blaring through my earpiece. The ear specialist would have to wait, I still haven’t damaged my eardrums yet.


the kimster said...

pretending to be deaf is one of my many hobbies. especially in meetings.

Typhoon Sue said...


highheelseliparjepun said...

Lama tak menjenguk ke sini..
Selamat Aidilfitri..

highheelseliparjepun said...

Re-read entry ni..n found it's interesting..ari tu baca but like u yg sometimes 'deaf', sy plak sometimes am 'blind'..hehe..Bila baca 'pekak' yg kdg2 mmg berlaku dan kdg2 dibuat2..Dulu pun sy mcm tu..Buat2 tak dgr n buat2 tak nampak..Sampai satu tahap my fren tnya..'Engkau ni takde perasaan ke?'..n i replied..'Sy boleh buat mcm takde perasaan'..n dia cakap balik..'Boleh ajar aku mcm mana tak?'..hehe..
And i did not teach her..

Typhoon Sue said...

lerrr.... apasal tak ajar dia? lain kali, kongsilah ilmu tu.. nanti boleh sama-sama berdiskusi dan berkongsi teknik-teknik memekakkan diri yang berkesan
kehkehkeh... :)

highheelseliparjepun said...

tak nak ajar sbb nanti dia buat mcm tu dgn sy..hehehe..
takde la..bukan apa,benda tu tak perlu diajar sbnrnya..kita buat bila kita rasa nak buat dan for me buat bila rasa tak selesa dgn seseorg atau bila rasa tak suka dgn seseorg tu..Kalau diajar,nanti dia salah guna..hehe..

Typhoon Sue said...

ooo... takut backfire yea....? :)