Monday, November 20, 2006


Prime time news, 20/11/2006 8PM.

Ipoh Timur MP, Mr. Lim Kit Siang, made a comment in Parliament today that a certain MP had made a factual error when delivering his speech at the recent UMNO General Assembly. The error, the other MP (I can’t recall his name or constituency) had referred to the International Herald Tribune as an American newspaper when in fact, it is UK’s. For this, Mr. Lim said, we were the laughingstock all around the world.


Such a sin that was!! How can anyone say it is American when it is British? (Or is it vice versa??? I can’t tell either!!)

Err, seriously, the whole world is laughing at us for getting this wrong huh?.

The MP in question (dang…. I still can’t remember his name!!!!) defended himself by saying people make mistakes et cetera et cetera. But when pressed on by Mr. Lim who seemed to enjoy making fun of this fella (who wouldn’t?), all hell broke loose. To cut the story short, a big ruckus erupted with insults traded back and forth between the warring parties and their supporters.

I have to say I was half-expecting somebody to pick up a chair and start throwing it around!! Seriously. Taiwan’s parliament has already adopted the chair-throwing thingy followed by the hair-pulling and eye-poking and face-punching and ball-kicking… when are we gonna do the same?

Heh. And it all started because what is British was called American.

DAMN those Americans!!!!


papadom_ullalla said...

Ya Ya Ya

Damn the americans!!!


Su said...

Hehe..last week my fren told me to make an entry regarding this issue tp tak buat coz busy reading for my interview yesterday (ok jugak..harap dpt)Another sue dah buat..hehe..I'll just ask my fren to visit ur blog la..

Typhoon Sue said...


BTW, glad ur interview went well... hope u get it.