Thursday, December 07, 2006

Call Before You Come, OK!

If you are going to someone’s house, would you call them up and say you’re coming or would you simply show up at the front gate?

Back in the kampung, it’s probably normal to just show up anytime you fancy. Life is simpler there. Besides, if you make an appointment to visit, the hosts would probably say you’re being haughty.

But here in the city, in this day and age, is it appropriate to come unannounced? I don’t think so.

Someone came to my house recently, unannounced obviously (why else would I be bringing this up then?). My car was in the driveway but I wasn’t at home. I took a walk to Carrefour across the street to buy dinner ( I don’t cook, u see) and did not bring my cell phone. Didn’t bother to because it’s just 2 minutes away on foot… I’d be back in 20 minutes tops.

This person came by at such an inopportune moment, rang my bell and when I didn’t appear, called both my fixed line and my mobile. I couldn’t be reached of course, for reasons stated above. My neighbour told her where I went and asked her to wait a while. She didn't.

She just left, sobbing all the way to Shah Alam I was told, because I did not open the door…. What the …???????

Needless to say, I had to bear some serious whining the next day (and for many many days after), about how inhospitable I was, how rude of me et cetera et cetera.

And needless to say too, I refused to apologize as I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING WRONG!!!

And you know… there's this little thingy called the telephone…….
CALL ME before you leave YOUR house!!!
BOOK ME before I leave MY house!!


highheelseliparjepun said...

Ala..bukan salah u.Tetamu tu yg tak inform awal2.Tak nak tunggu plak tu.Tapi sedikit mencemarkan imej la..Sy plak,kalau member nk dtg mmg inform dulu.Kwn2 my mom tak la..coz my mom mmg ada kat umah..hehe..dtg je tetiba.Kita org yg terbongkang kat dpn tv pun apa lagi,bertindak ala Ribut Durian..mengemaskan apa yg berselerak..hehe..

Typhoon Sue said...

itu le... dah tak call dulu, jgn le marah-marah kalau org tak de...

kalaupun ada kat umah, paham-paham le macamana keadaannya kalau kita tak expecting visitors kan... kelam kabut nak kemas rumah, nak salin baju sebab pakai seluar pendek ngan singlet aje... kalau kuar jumpa tamu pakai shorts, pueh le kena ngutuk nanti ye dak?

the kimster said...

Saya lagi teruk.
Even if I am at home but if I don't feel like meeting people and they suddenly show up at the door, I won't even bother buka pintu. Lepak tengok TV sambik korek pusat lagi bagus.

Typhoon Sue said...

ya kimster dear, memang teruk!!!
tamu dtg tak nak bukak pintu yea.... pastu asyik korek pusat pastu hidu and pastu u wonder apasal busyuk???