Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Mission

It’s Christmas and I’m stuck at home playing Pac-Man Rally.

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Didn’t make any plan to go anywhere for the holidays as I have a mission to accomplish - I wanna clean up my backyard which is full of all sorts of overgrowth. From grass to lalang to wild flowers to anak2 pokok kari, it’s literally a jungle out there.

The sight of my unkempt backyard actually scared the hell out of me as I had visions of snakes and all sorts of creepy crawlies setting up home in its midst. I haven’t been able to open the kitchen door all these while for fear of inviting these creatures inside my equally unkempt house.

When my mum came over recently, I got an earful about it every morning before I went to work and another earful when I came home from work. But being true to myself, I didn’t bother to do anything about it while she was here, and never gave any indication or promise to her that I’m gonna deal with it.

Of course, I wanted to get rid of all the mess, but as always, in my own sweet time, in my own sweet way and NOT because she told me to.

Now that she has gone home safely, realization set in and YES, I really gotta do something about it. No more dilly-dallying. I’m not gonna upah the pakcik potong rumput to do the job as I need the exercise ever so badly, so I’d do it myself.

Thus, yesterday, I put on my standard working gear, the oversize khaki cargo pants with holes at the right knee and at the crotch and an old Bon Jovi T-Shirt with streaks of paint all over it, courtesy of an old painting job, and a pair of old BUM boots, and I went right to work.

I had to use sickles and all sorts of tools which name I do not know till this day. The Black & Decker lawn trimmer won’t work on this one, the lalang are even taller than me! Besides I’ve actually gone through at least four of these B&D babies and damaged each one of them due to excessive use. I’m not buying another one.

Before I started, I used a 2 metre long stick to poke through the overgrowth to shoo away whatever creature that might be lurking in there. Having satisfied myself that it’s perfectly safe, I quickly put the sickles to good use and well, whadddaya know, it’s actually not so bad!

Within half an hour I’ve cleared away about a quarter of the backyard. Great, I can actually see the longkang again!

But yet, as always, I couldn’t work for more than half an hour. So, with the mission a quarter accomplished, I retired for the day, feeling itchy all over, and resolved to continue the next day.

And now, the next day, I’m still itchy all over. The darn weeds do this to me every time!

It’s not so scary to go out the back door anymore, but to submit myself to more itch-causing weeds is a little bit daunting. Plus, my back hurts a little bit. And I’ve got scratches on my hands and arms. And I think my fingers are a bit numb. And my shoulders starting to ache big time. And I think it’s gonna rain…..

Suddenly the future looks bleak…. and my a-quarter-accomplished-mission looks more and more like Mission Impossible.

Oh well, maybe I should just stay indoors and play Pac-Man Rally. It’s really quite fun!

Wishing all my Christian friends a very Merry Christmas.

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papadom_ullalla said...

dah cuba untuk post komen dah berhari-hari asyik tak dapat aja. boring tul... nak sign in pun tak dapat... cisss....

wow! rajinnya u buat kerja menebas belakang rumah sendiri macam tu...