Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pointless To Ponder

I had a conversation with a certain pakcik recently who was really long-winded and naggy. Thankfully, neither I nor anything I did was the subject matter of his naggings, but I was after all, at the receiving end of that endless yakkety-yak, so it was rather painful to bear nonetheless.

The guy talked about everything from the delayed response he received on his transaction to the bureaucratic nonsense that we all have to deal with in our daily working life to the political instability in Iraq and to his cousin’s sons who are down with chicken pox.

I tried repeatedly to end the conversation but all the usual tricks didn’t work with this guy. As he is a nice elderly gentleman, I couldn’t possibly tell him off. So I had to pretend to listen, giving a few ooohs, and aahhs and Really?s every now and then at the appropriate pause.

The conversation ended in what seemed like an eternity and I wondered how much of all that really registered in my brain.

He reminded me of many many other people, my mother being one, who are in the habit of yapping away pointlessly, oblivious to the state of the listener’s mind.

My mom, bless her, whom I love very very much, have the same annoying habit (well, okayyy,… I know I am kinda long-winded too so I guess I take after her). She in particular likes to renew old acquaintances and find long lost relatives, and at the very slightest manifestation of interest on my part about someone related to us, she would go into this long narrative of who’s related to whom and so on. Example:

Me : Mum, last night while out with a coupla friends, I met this guy who said he’s the grandson of A.
Mum : A’s grandson? Who’s son is he?
Me : B
Mum : Oh….. B, who married C, right?
Me : I don’t know Mum, I only know A.
Mum : Yea…. B married C. C is the daughter of D. D is a cousin to E. E married F. F and G are brothers. G’s sister then married H’s son, and their son, I married J who is the daughter of K. K and L are best friends. L married my cousin M and had two sons N and O. O has an adopted daughter named P who is now in the same college with your auntie Q’s son, R who is going to marry S and who is a student of T. T married ……..
Me : Z Z Z Z Z Z Z….

I guess as you get older, you tend to have more pointless things to say. I hope, when and if I ever come to this stage, I know enough to stop talking at the appropriate time instead of boring the crap out of everyone in my presence who may be too polite to tell me to shut my gob.

But then again, am I not doing the same thing in this blog, going on and on and on about nothing whatsoever like I’m doing now?

OMG, I’m already there….


su said...

Hehe..mcm pnh dgr je perbualan u n ur mom tu..That's exactly wht my dad does everytime sy tanya or bgtau ttg seseorg..Nak bg contoh jugak la:

Me:*Yan, sy ada kawan.Nama dia Arman.Katanya anak Ismail.Sekampung dgn Yan.

My dad:Aku kenal dgn Ismail tu.Dia anak Taha..kan?


My Dad:Betul lah..Anak Taha.Alah..yg jual tanah kampung masa bla..bla..bla.

Me:Tak tahu.Sy kenal Arman je..

My dad:Ish..alah...yg bla..bla tu...(masih lagi ni..

Me:(Sambil menjerit)..Aaaaaaa!!!!!!Sy ckp sy tak tahu tak tahu la!!!Sy kenal arman je la!!

Tiap kali akan berakhir dgn jeritan..And I mean tiap kali....hahaha...

Yan means dad for those yg berbangsa Awang/Awangku n Dayang/Dayangku

Typhoon Sue said...

suke menjerit ye, su? hehehehe

I selalunya tak kata apa bila dah bosan dgn my mum punya ramblings tuh, tapi masuk telinga kiri kuar telinga kanan ler... and then sedap-sedap i tgh di awang-awangan di switzeland, dia pun tanya, "si T, takkan tak kenal si T tuh..? ari tu jumpa kan, kat mana?"... and I was like ... "Hah? What? Who? Where? When?"


papadom_ullalla said...

orang tua mmg suka melalut. sikit ditanya berjela-jela dijawab. adussss.... tak kosa nak tanya apa apa dah.. :) :)