Thursday, December 21, 2006

There's No Such Thing As The Perfect Boss!!!

When I left my last job in August, I didn’t hand in my resignation letter personally to my then boss. I left it on his table when he wasn’t in the office and he buzzed me about 2 hours later, saying that he saw the letter and accept it with regret.

The reason I didn’t give it to him personally was because I didn’t want to see his expression upon knowing that I’m leaving. Whether it was disappointment or elation, I’d rather not know.

I am actually more inclined to believe that he was over the moon about the whole thing. After all, the biggest procrastinator in the office is finally leaving on her own accord. Wouldn’t that be better than actually biting his nails each time a deadline approaches and I still haven’t finished my task? Of course I normally pull through, with flying vibrant colours if I may say so myself, but not before turning his hair grey with worry.

I did my job well, of that I’m sure, but I usually do it in my own sweet time and in my own sweet way and I don’t really listen to anyone. And that bugs people.

My then boss is the ‘kancheong’ type, always wanting things done in a hurry and always breathing down my neck. I, on the other hand, am the exact opposite. Laidback to the very core, I am the epitome of tardiness.

For that, I believe he was happy that I was leaving. Because that means he can get a new associate, someone more diligent, someone who would toe the line, someone he can command, someone who would listen to his instructions. Someone more, say, robotic.

Which is why I was a bit taken aback when towards the end of my tenure at the firm, he wasn’t talking to me much, and seemed to be avoiding me altogether. I didn’t even get to say goodbye to him on my last day!

Nah…. I don’t believe he’s actually upset about me leaving. Perhaps, he’s just bitter that I didn’t think his firm is good enough for me anymore.

But he got himself a new associate rather quickly so I guess it’s all dandy now. Although…. I happen to have seen some sample of drafting and writing from ‘the Replacement’ and quickly realized that her skills are mediocre at best. Knowing how lousy drafting is my then boss’ pet peeve, I can imagine his frustrations.

But I heard it through the grapevine that the Replacement is also leaving soon. Can’t stand the dragon’s breath perhaps.

As for my new job, so far it’s okay. I’ve heard numerous tales about the boss, but I’m not running away just yet. If it gets bad, I can always leave. I always do. I also do understand that there is no perfect place to work and that there’s no such thing as the perfect boss. I’m not looking for anything perfect because I’m not perfect either. But if I feel unhappy about a certain place and feel that it’s severely lacking in perfection, I often have no doubt about moving on to a better and hopefully perfect one. This firm that I’m with right now is far from perfect, but it is much better than the last one. And because of that, to me, for now, it’s just, well….. perfect!


bond said...

yep. agree wit u ...if not happy, juz leave OR u can open your own firm and be your own boss

The Blueberry said...

I used to have THE MOST UNPERFECT boss in the world!!! Scary as hell!!! I was wondering why I was reporting in sick all the time and the doctor kept finding no fault with my health and was always writing me off as being stressed.

Then The Most Unperfect Boss died.


Anonymous said...

hi i am here !! finally ...whr hv u been ..let me think..ya la...same area as before..alamak camna kalau terserempak dgn boss lama..good thing i left my ex-bosses in perak..hahaha..

Typhoon Sue said...
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Typhoon Sue said...

bond (Mr? Ms? Madam?):-

yea.. I wanna be the boss of me but I'm so lazy to go look for clients. So how?

the Blueberry:-

"Then The Most Unperfect Boss died."

Ohhhh...... what a bummer!! I had that experience once, someone I knew and hated died not too long after I wish him dead.... had sleepless nights for weeks!!

Typhoon Sue said...

anonymous.... which one of my esteemed friends r u? apasal tak tulis nama or hints? why keep me guessing? ala.....

anyway, I've mentally prepared myself for possible bump-in with my ex-boss. So far that hasn't happened... Hope it never will... :)

The Blueberry said...

Sue dear, I was haunted for almost TWO MONTHS!

Typhoon Sue said...

hehehe... 2 months of unmitigated nightmare... I know the feeling... hehehe

Anonymous said...

ala sue...kau ni dah lupa kat aku ke? :)

aku nk buka blog baru la, psl makan-makan pulak.