Friday, December 01, 2006

Typhoon Durian

Typhoon Durian hit Philippines yesterday and the fatalities recorded are at least 109. Another disaster to hit the region and our heart goes out to our fellow human beings in sufferering. My condolences to the victims and their families.

That aside, are they naming typhoons after fruits now? Far as I know, all these tropical storms are always named after people, particularly women, presumably because of the mood swing (allegedly) thingy, until some women association or something made a big deal out of it, after which they have been naming those storms equally after men and women.

Or is durian a name in the Philippines? Or is there another meaning for durian in Tagalog?

Be that as it may, and with all due respect to the victims and the families of victims of any typhoons all over the world.... without any malicious intention whatsoever, I am actually keeping a lookout for Typhoon Sue, if there's ever gonna be one. Hope they'll be none though, I don't wanna wish disaster unto anyone.

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papadom_ullalla said...

actually the death toll is now 200 libih juga dan angka semakin meningkat

lepas typhoon durtian ada typhoon mempelam then typhoon nenas typhoon pulasan typhoon rambutan dan typhoon salak. no dear there wont be a typohoon sue. that's only u!!! haha