Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Victims or Perpetrators?

Last Friday, the nation was shocked to hear the news of the 3 children who were poisoned, allegedly by their parents, who then attempted suicide but failed miserably landing them in even hotter soup than they were in before the incident.

People are talking about it everywhere, in coffee-shops, offices, homes and business meetings even. Many viewers actually cried buckets watching clips of the children’s grandmother, Madam Wong tearfully telling the reporters of her woes as she tried to claim the children’s bodies for burial.

In the aftermath of the incident, reports has been carried out of the many details thereof, some factual, some speculative. But while it generated sympathies to the children, which I think is expected, the reports also generated sympathies to the parents who, unless the police investigation or court hearing shows otherwise, had committed (allegedly, of course) the most heineous crime – killing their own children!!!

I know I am probably being sub judice here to judge the parents before they are properly charged or convicted of the offence, but hey, I’ve read reports that say the father actually admitted to reporters to having poisoned the kids and he has no regrets about it. Read it here. Hello????

Loan sharks are a menace. We all know that. Beatings, kidnapping, these are but a few instances of things they would do to get their money back. It has been going on for years. Aside from the measly amendment to the Moneylenders Act a few years back, which caused considerable hardship to legitimate moneylenders while the illegal or crooked ones who couldn’t care less about the law is totally unaffected, nothing else had been done by the authorities to rid us all of this menace.

Loan sharks flourish because people need money. Banks and Finance Companies have strict approval mechanism. An ordinary street peddler in dire need of cold hard cash would find these institutions very very cold to their plight. Hence, the loan sharks look mighty attractive to these desperate hands.

Understandably, having landed themselves in very precarious situation, it is a burden too much for them to shoulder. Killing themselves may end the miseries for them but it will create problems for the ones they left behind. But killing their family, for whatever reasons, is totally and wholly unjustified.

Many people look at the couple as the victims. Some even sympathized with them wholeheartedly and said they have no choice but to do what they did.

Excuse me, they have no choice but to poison their kids???

The innocent children are the victims. And unless the investigations say otherwise, the parents are the perpetrators, the killers, the murderers. Let us not mistake that. Let us give sympathies where sympathies are due.


bond said...

yep. agree wit u on dat. y d focus is more on loan shark i dunno but wat the parents did tak boleh dimaafkan lgsng. how can u kill ur own children. tak paham gue

Typhoon Sue said...

tu lah... dah desperate sangat sampai anak sendiri pun sanggup bunuh

heran aku

highheelseliparjepun said...

Kesian budak2 tu..Kalau mati sekali parents tu takpe gak..Ada la jugak loan shark tu utk dipersalahkan..Ni,sah2 la parents tu kena hentam teruk.Dlm hal ni,I won't blame the loan sharks..Dia org meminjamkan wang dan peminjam tahu risikonya..Lagipun bapak bebudak tu pinjam utk berjudi kan?
Tapi,loan shark la tmpat bergantung ramai org..since senang nak dptkan pinjaman.Dlm masa kurang sejam dh boleh dpt beribu2..

I have experience temankan member buat pinjaman dgn loan shark..Scary..n I brought along pisau lipat..in case something bad happend..Tapi nasib baik takde apa2 yg berlaku.Hehe..Oh ya..and believe it or not,it happened 10 years ago..whn i was stil 18!!!

Typhoon Sue said...

uiks... beraninyer u... kecik-kecik dah dok pi jumpa gangsta ni...

highheelseliparjepun said...

Bekas gengster la katakan..hahaha..dulu2 mmg ganas.Tapi loan shark tu hensem giler..hehe..takde siapa sangka dia tu Ah Long.Muka mcm Pierre Png..Boleh jadi model.

Typhoon Sue said...