Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Whistle-Crazy Guards

On weekends, the security guards at Carrefour near my house go whistle-crazy.

I understand that when a traffic policeman blows the whistle while manning the traffic, it means, go, or stop, or this way etc, depending on the situation. This is usually done when he needs us to move or stop on his instructions, and not to follow the traffic lights. We can always tell what to do based on his hand gestures. The whistle functions only to draw our attention away from the traffic lights and on to him instead. It has no other function.

In a parking lot at a hypermarket on a crowded shopping day, a security guard may use the whistle to draw would be shoppers to certain parts of the parking lots, the vacant parts I’d imagine. For example, if the sign shows ‘go left’, he may want to direct you to go right, so the whistle goes “Preeeet!!” and you oblige. Or, if you are stupid enough to park on the trolley lane, or callous enough to park on a handicapped parking bay, then the whistle would go “Preeet!!!” again to shoo you away, and rightly so.

Now, what I don’t understand is, when a security guard is standing at the entrance to the parking area, and there is only one route going in from that entrance, what would the function of the whistle be? Here is this Pak guard standing there happily blowing his whistle away ordering everybody to go this way, when in fact everybody can only go in this way anyway, with or without him!

And on the other side, the exit point, same thing, the Mak guard stands by the exit, full of authority, blowing her whistle away like there’s no tomorrow, telling everybody on their way out to go out through this exit she’s guarding, eventhough that’s what everybody is already doing.

I don’t see the point of it all. Why would they man traffic that doesn’t need manning and give directions that nobody needs? It’s a waste of resources methinks.

Not to mention the pain in my ears everytime I hear those whistles go “Preeettttt!!!” here and “Preeettt!!!” there.

And the intensity by which they blow their whistles is another matter. It’s like “Preeet! Preeet! Preeet! Preeet!..... ” in every single second for as long as they can muster. You can get the same results if you give the whistles to monkeys.

It is pure noise of the ear-splitting kind.

Damn, I hate those whistle-crazy buggers.

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papadom_ullalla said...


ya i totally get ur point

maybe they just want to show someone that they r doing their job instead of jalan jalan ke hulu kehilir tak buat apa

so tak kisahla kalau pointless pun janji boss nampak dia buat something kan kan kan? hahaha