Friday, January 12, 2007

B. O.

The cleaner at my office just came in my room for 2 seconds just now to pick up my trash and she left a trail of foul air in her wake, and the smell didn’t come from the trash!

The air-con vent in here isn’t powerful enough to circulate the air swiftly so I would have to endure the odour for a while till it dissipates.

I don’t mean to be rude or mean, but people with B.O. bugs me, BIG TIME!

At the movies last night, I had the displeasure of sitting next to a man who smelled as if he hasn’t bathed in a week. It was a rather full house so I couldn’t get up and find another seat. I ended up being robbed of clean air all through the movie and the strong smell damned near gave me migraine. Such torture! Lucky for me, I had in my purse a small bottle of the ever so useful minyak cap kapak, so I kept putting drops of it on my temple to keep the headache away, and dabbled a little bit near my nose to mask whatever foul smell invading my nostrils.

And the smelly guy sitting next to me had the audacity to give me a weird look every now and then as if the smell of the minyak cap kapak bothered him! Huh!!

It is a known fact that you can’t smell your own body odour. Thus, these people may not know that they reek. They can be professionals and high-achievers, men or women alike, with expensive clothes and elaborate style, but if they don’t know how to take care of themselves, they’ll smell just like the cleaner (whose smell still lingers in the air I breathe as I’m writing this).

I myself don’t know if I ever had this problem. I take regular showers everyday, wear only fresh clothes, and use deodorants and perfumes, but if I still do smell bad despite all that, I wouldn’t know of it unless someone tells me. But so far nobody has, and I’ve never seen anyone sniff when I sit next to them, or pretend to have a headache in order to put on minyak cap kapak to their noses, so I take it as a good sign.

I can’t help feeling self-conscious though, especially on days when I sweat a lot, like on the day I decided to walk to my office… It’s days like that when I do weird things like having a sponge bath in the ladies room to get rid of the sweat and putting on an extra dose of perfume that ended up giving me migraine the whole day.

I’m pretty sure I’m ok today though (and every day, for that matter).

And it’s Friday, so tomorrow could be the cleaner’s laundry day, at least I hope so, and if I’m right, I look forward to an odourless Monday next week!

Till then, have a good weekend.


papadom_ullalla said...

HAH!!!! Mengumpat ye? KahKahKah!!

Kak Teh said...

aaaah, nothing beat being in a packed tube during the rush hour in summer!
btw, can i link you at ? that way, i dont have to search for u everywhere.

nuraina said...

ooh yes. i know exactly what you went through.
when that happens, you don't know whther to hold your breath or just make a quick exit.
and in the cinema --- phooeey. that is tough. what about in a car? macam nak mati.
well... i am not allergic to perfume and fragrance. i keep a tiny bottle (the ones that used to be sold at Sasa) of nice perfume in my hand bag and yes... a tiny bottle of minyak kapak. for such an occasion.

Typhoon Sue said...

Mr. Papadom:
Yup! Mengumpat tu suatu aktiviti yg sangat2 menyeronokkan.

Kak Teh:
Yes, you may link me up anywhere u like.

Thanks for visiting.
Yes, B.O in enclosed space is the utmost torture.
Perfume can mask the B.O but too much perfume will always give me migraine. I ni tak tahan wangi sangat yg sampai menusuk hidung ... seksa ooo..

The Blueberry said...

Heheheeee lain kali belikan dia perfume kecik ataupun sabun dettol atau protex antibacterial kasi sebagai hadiah...