Thursday, January 04, 2007

Of Exercise and Execution

On New Year’s Day, I woke up with a firm resolution; I gotta exercise more this year. I’ve been living a sedentary lifestyle all this while and now I think I should do something about my health before it becomes an issue.

Thus, on the first working day of the new year, I decided to take the LRT and walk to office from the station. I knew that it was going to take me about half an hour to walk there but I thought it was a piece of cake. An early morning walk should be a breeze. I suppose it did me good, but I was soaked in sweat by the time I reached my office. Should’ve brought along a spare blouse to change into. (I put it down to bad planning)

Anyway, after work, I had to walk back to the station and this is where I decided I’ve over-estimated myself. The half an hour walk after an exhausting day at the office sure put a damper on my spirits, not to mention, bunions on my soles!

Enough is enough; I think I’ll find another way to exercise. I’m still not willing to wake up early on weekends just to jog around the block or to actually make use of the one exercise machine that I still have at home (My mum took the cycling machine back to Alor Setar and I’m left with the boring, unimaginative stepper, perrghhhh!!!!).

I’m very certain that joining a gym is not a good idea for me. Knowing what an undisciplined bum I am, I know it’s gonna be a big waste of money if I were to do that! Guess I’ll have to figure something out then. I’ll sleep on it (not literally I hope!).

On another note, after resisting the urge, I’ve finally viewed Saddam Hussein’s execution video, the unofficial one I mean. I was actually sick to my stomach watching it.

I caught the news and the official video of the execution on a few hours after it was done. Felt a little bit upset that he was executed so swiftly after his appeal was rejected and on a holy day, the Aidil Adha. Then I read about the tauntings he received by the executioners at his final moments and their celebratory mood after it was done. I felt sad that my Muslim brothers could behave this way.

Saddam was a man defeated. He had fallen from grace. And he was facing his Maker. No matter what crimes and atrocities he committed in the past, he was our fellow Muslim and his passing should be solemn and respectful. We can all take lessons from his fate, that a tyrant, no matter how powerful and feared he may be in his prime, will eventually fall from glory and have his comeuppance, in this life or the next, and his once tortured opponents will have their day. But to dance and celebrate his death as his dead body was still hanging by the neck is totally unbecoming.

It’s amazing that Shiites and Sunnis are almost like 2 different religions. Why can’t all Muslims unite? You can love Saddam or hate him, it is an individual choice, but treating a dying or dead man with respect is an Islamic teaching, no matter what sect it is, tyrant or saint notwithstanding. I guess they all forgot that.

That aside, I’ve always thought that the idea of lynching or hanging someone by the neck is to cause him to die of strangulation. Thus, when I first saw the official video I thought it was odd that the noose was not placed properly with the base squarely on Saddam’s neck. It was odder still that they placed a piece of cloth around his neck where the noose was to be placed. I wondered how he can be choked properly if his skin is covered.

Then, when I saw the unofficial video of the execution with the image of him hanging by the back of his neck instead of by his throat, I finally knew that the idea was to break his neck and not to strangulate him. With that, I understood that his death was instantaneous. He did not slowly choke to death while the people around him danced and cheered. He did not see all that. And I’m glad he didn’t.


The Blueberry said...

Happy new year to you too Sue, may all your resolutions last the whole year and not just while the poo is still warm! :-)

I haven't seen the Saddam video yet (not sur eif I'd want to). He was such a tyrant during his lifetime (and that's what the Western media wanted us to think) but I agree with you, a Muslim's death deserves at least some respect. I have a picture of me hugging his giant bust taken a few years back at his office. I guess I'd better hide that photo now.

Sue, boleh la motivate yourself by going to the gym! Make sure the gym assigns you the most gorgeous, yummylicious, hunky-dory personal trainer they have around. Konfem tiap-tiap hari you nak pegi gym punyaaaa!!!!

Typhoon Sue said...

Yup, he was tyrant alright, but the western media always conveniently forgot to mention all the good things he did (and there were many).

On the issue of exercise... I haven't decided what my next move is. Anyway, I twisted my ankle yesterday in my 'twisted' effort to climb a tree.. and then i fell down flat on my hiney! So, with my ankle and my derrier in so much pain, I can't possibly do any exercise, can I? At least this will buy me another week of couch-potatoing.... hehe...