Monday, January 15, 2007


Not too long ago, a fellow blogger, The Blueberry wrote a piece about the idiocy of the current Mix.Fm morning show presenters, Pietro, Ika & Serena C, in particular, their “What’s In Serena C’s Mouth” segment and demanded the return of Richard Ng & Shazmin. I wholeheartedly agree with her on that.

This morning, I tuned in to Mix.Fm to check on how things are doing and the 3 nincompoops were right in the middle of that stupid segment. The clues given to callers to guess the item were; No. 1- it belongs to Pietro, and No. 2- It stinks!

Well, no reward for you for guessing it right though.

It was indeed, a sock. Euwwww!

And as Pietro so eloquently put it, one which he wore since Friday….. Euwwww Euwwwww!!!!

Nevermind if they were just playing their part and didn’t actually do it. People actually do get mental images from what they listen to, you know. And I can’t get rid of the image of this stupid girl with some stinky sock in her mouth. I can’t even have breakfast today because of the yucky visual they put in my head.

Gross… PTUI!


pugly said...

I can't stand Serena C's cackle. She'd like to think it's kinda cute but it ain't.

Okay, enough pointless bitching for the day :-P

Typhoon Sue said...

Hmmm.... pointless bitching? Are u referring to your comment or to my posting? *Wink*

Seriously, I bitch all the time, both verbally and in writing. And most of what I say are pointless.

In fact, come to think of it, my entire blog is pointless. Sigh...

Maybe I should just (to curi idea le kimster) move to Tibet and live as a goat!

pugly said...

Eh, I was referring to my comment lah :-)

Seriously, we all bitch all the time - verbally, mentally & on paper, & 99% of bitching is pointless anyway, except when you bitch about your boss ;-D

Your blog is definitely not of them pointless ones!

P.S.: Love your nick, by the way ;-)

Typhoon Sue said...

just pulling ur leg, mah.... I'm cocky enough to know that u were not complaining about me. hahahaha!

Yup, bitching about our bosses is a necessity and i believe should be included in the rukun negara :)

Love my nick? Girl,.... u think i kecik ati so now u bodek me a bit ya? hahaha.. No need lah,... I'm cool, I'm cool.. ;)

The Blueberry said...

Kah kah kah kahhh... Aper? Serena C makan stokin busuk Peitro? Kah kah kah kahhh... You tau tak Sue, nowadays my morning are so damn quiet you could hear a pin drop in the car! I tak bukak radio lagi dah! Nothing else is worth listening to! And ohhhhhhhh I HATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Serena C with a capital H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stupid voice, stupid accent, stupid woman!

There you go, that's some real bitching for you.

Typhoon Sue said...

uih... lepas geram nampak? hehe

The Blueberry said...

You, they featured my blog on their show today hahahahaaaaa... But I don't listen to the show anymore...

Typhoon Sue said...

wahhh..... glamour la you eh?