Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tired and Cranky

I’m tired and I’m positively cranky. Went for a meeting at a client’s office today and was stuck in it for 3 solid hours. My boss, whom I went with, excused himself right in the middle of it all as he had another appointment. He took off leaving me to come back to my office on my own over an hour later, carrying his stuff. What a gentleman!

It was a mere 15 minutes walk back to my office and I resisted the urge to be ever so mengada-ngada to hail a cab for this short distance. After all, people always say that a short walk is a good time to think and reflect on things. But then again, when one has to carry a thick and heavy file together with the boss’ things on a hot sunny afternoon, not to mention doing it on an empty stomach, one tends not to enjoy a quiet peaceful stroll while contemplating the wonders of life.

I’m always at my worst when I’m hungry. And today, having missed lunch, I am absofreakinglutely not in the mood to do anything. I have just briefed my boss about what happened at the meeting after he left (I left out that part about how I cursed him every step of the way back to my office) and gotten his instructions to write an opinion letter on the matter.

And now, I’m brooding in my office, mulling over whether I should look into the issues raised at the meeting or to draft the opinion letter right away, or to draft the agreement that my other client wants to sign so badly or to prepare the opinion that another client needs to see pronto or to write that letter to the government agency that another client wishes to deal with.

Having faced with the various options, all needing my urgent attention and swift action, I did the single most obvious thing…... I blog.



papadom_ullalla said...

hah elok le tu

dah tau byk keje nak buat u asyik nak blogging aje. bila nak insaf ni? hahaha

Typhoon Sue said...

takkan insaf sampai bila2 Mr Papadom. when i'm busy, i blog. when i worry, i blog. when i'm upset, i blog. when I'm happy, i blog.

much like singing and dancing in bollywood movies, it is for every occassion.