Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Animal Within

The news of parents killing their own children had been in the press lately. The latest being that couple from Penang who were remanded yesterday after their 2 boys were found strangled to death. Read the story here, and here.

The story reported in the newspaper is that the couple had been having problems because the husband is taking a 2nd wife. How much of this is related to the murder we have to wait and see. Much will be revealed in the courtroom when the matter goes to trial, but for now, the public is content on speculating and spinning their own versions of the story. I’ve heard various accounts of the story but whatever the version, everyone seemed agreeable on one point – that the mother killed the children out of anger or revenge to the father.

I am not a mother myself but I am well aware of motherly love that people often talk about. Thus, how a mother can kill her own child, whatever her reasons, is beyond me.

We often hear of animals eating their young ones. Cats, dogs, monkeys, all have the tendencies to eat their young, mostly right after delivery and when the young is born weak and feeble. Aside from providing nutrition for the mother, such act is usually euthanasic in nature – the mother eats the weakest one so he wouldn’t suffer.

The act of killing their young simply as an act of revenge on the father, is sadly, a trait only human beings display.

I once read somewhere that humans are cannibalistic in nature. But humans are born with enormous thinking ability and it is that ability that helps us suppress this tendency. However, more often than not, our subconscious minds would allow us to show signs of the existence of these cannibalistic side.

Example: Parents often call their young ones with nicknames such as honey, sugarbun, pumpkin, muffin and a whole lot of others. Question is, aren’t these food?

That, my friend, is the subconscious cannibalistic tendency talking.

I don’t know whether there is an ounce of truth to that but I’m too lazy to research the subject. So, if anyone wishes to do a search, please do.

As for me, I’m quite certain that my mother had never called me anything remotely edible, so I think I’m safe. I’ve observed that my sister calls her children cinta-pot, tot-petot and whole bunch of things ending with “ot”. Though it doesn’t make any sense at all to me, I’m pretty sure that those aren’t food.

Back to the matter at hand, how can a mother kill her child? I really don’t know. Perhaps the animal within took control of her actions. It’s scary and it’s so bloody sad.


pugly said...

How she could ever find it in her to kill her own babies is beyond me, too. I mean, why should the children pay for what their father has done? It makes more sense to kill the hubby instead of the kids.

What is this world coming to, eh?

bloodkingsingstheblues said...

"Example: Parents often call their young ones with nicknames such as honey, sugarbun, pumpkin, muffin and a whole lot of others. Question is, aren’t these food?"

I dont know why, but I found the above statement quite cute. Yeah, you're right, we are cannabalistic in nature. Subconsciously anyhow.


they say there is a line between sanity and insanity.. anyone of us can cross that line given the circumstance.
i'd like to think that something snapped in her and she lost it, crossed tht line...I'd hate to think that it was calculated and pre-meditated. then that is cold-blooded. evil.


hi sue,
hope you're ok with this... but i have tagged you... please read my blog..

Typhoon Sue said...

Yea pugs, killing the cheating hubby would make more sense than killing her own flesh and blood.

Bloodking: we are after all, animals. If we strip down our thinking abilities, there’d be nothing left but animal instinct. Then, cannibals we shall be.

Nuraina: yea, I’d like to think that too. Although I can’t fathom how anyone can snap up in such a manner, I guess it can happen in extreme situation. Or perhaps she has always been a bit psychotic, it’s just that nobody has ever realized it before. It’s very sad.

And yes, thanks for tagging me. Guess I better get right on it then. Gosh… I’m so weird I don’t even know where to start!

Typhoon Sue said...
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Kak Teh said...

sue - this has been happening a lot in the UK lately among a certain community. and it is sad.

Abdun N.A. said...

Have you ever noticed that when news of a certain nature become headlines, similar news are reported in the papers a few days later.

Like 'sumbang muhrim' cases, young girls raped and murdered, newborn babies dumped somewhere, murdered victims being chopped of etc etc.

As for the parent-kill-own children news, a few days before this particular one, there was a case of a stressed out father (he failed his PhD after many attempts and was jobless) who had killed his two children by strangulating them also.

Spooky huh? Are these things contagious or something? Na'uzubillah..

Typhoon Sue said...

kakteh & adbun:
yea, it has become somewhat of a trend, innit? (albeit a sick one)