Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Blasphemous Bleached Blonde

I heard that a certain middle-aged blonde female actress made a disparaging remark about the Prophet’s wife on a certain TV show one or two weeks ago. She caused quite a bit of an uproar I heard, but I also heard that she has since apologized for the offensive remark.

That apology, I think, was good enough for me.

But a quick surf on the net forums and chatrooms would show that the public isn’t so quick to forgive. People are condemning her like there’s no tomorrow. One forummer even called for her to be shot to death. Wow… talk about being dramatic!

I never watched the show and I probably never would but the endless discussion that I hear everywhere managed to make me so curious about it. WHAT exactly did she say? I wanted to see and hear for myself what it is all about.

Then, I found this clip on Youtube :-

What do you think?

It is a fact that the Prophet’s wife was much much older than the Prophet when they married. This is a fact which all Muslim must acknowledge and accept. Therefore, the mere fact that someone mentioned it in comparison to themselves being married or to be married to a younger man, in my humble opinion, shouldn’t be an issue at all.

But, the manner in which it is said, and the type of language used in discussing it should always be decent and respectful. It should be handled with class, with respect and with the utmost regard to the sanctity of the name of the Prophet.

“Tua ke tidak tu? Dah nak mampus ke tidak?” is utterly disrespectful and disparaging when said in the same context, to or about any person. Heck, if anyone said that about me, I’m sure I would have snapped and caused some major bodily harm to someone.

But for a Muslim to say such thing about Rasulullah s.a.w or Siti Khatijah is so contemptuous, it is to my mind, an absolute blasphemy.

And the sad thing was, the host and the audience laughed and clapped when she said it. I do not know which one is worse.

I agree that her remarks were uncalled for. Drawing comparison between her own situation and the Prophet’s wife is one thing, but to say it in the manner she said it is another. Even if she was only defending herself upon being attacked by the hosts or whomever, she could’ve said it better.

I'm not so sure now whether her apology is enough. I'm not calling for any action be taken against her or anything, but I do wish that all Muslims should be extra careful when making comments about anything related to religion. After all, we now live in a world where Muslims are being judged negatively simply for being Muslims.

This woman, who probably was trying to live up to her image of being an "artis bermulut laser", should have exercised more care. A woman her age, I would’ve expected wisdom in her chosen words. Perhaps, her wisdom, if she ever had any, was bleached out together with her hair.


Mr Hobo said...

Since when orang putih speaks Colloquial malay ni?

Typhoon Sue said...

Rambut aja blonde, muka melayu proto tu tak leh ubah pun... cakap omputih pun terabur..

Kak Teh said...

sue, when I read the story I was shocked and like you I wanted to know what was said. Sometimes, I think people want to shock, to show that they can do it - but this is certainly the wrong topic to show that kind of attitude. yes, what saddens me most is the reaction of the audience - and no interference and editing at all!
I dont know whether it was shown live - but if it was editing, perhaps, just giving it the benefit of the doubt, the part of the audience was taken from another part of the show - which then again shows bad editing.
But this is sad.
Methinks th ebleach wennt into her brain. Too much bleach - so be warned.

pugly said...

Terlajak perahu boleh di undur, terlajak kata tak boleh nak kata apa!

She's clearly suffering from the foot-in-mouth disease. Perhaps the peroxide has seeped into brains that it affects her judgment, rendering her unable to think before she speaks.


The Blueberry said...

Tu lah. Mereka-mereka yang dalam dunia hiburan kita sekarang nie dah terlampau dan melampau. Nanti kita semua terimalah akibatnya.

Typhoon Sue said...

i was told the show was aired live.
yes, maybe it's the shock value that she was going for, but it does show very poor judgment on her part, and on the part of every Muslim present in the studio at the time who did not show some kind of protest at that statement.

yup. terlajak kata buruk padahnya....

itu la... dok asyik berhibur aja.. dah tua-tua patutnya insaf le sket..

elle said...

hi sue..aku rasa dia ni kena gi kursus lagi..betui tak? anywy ..kau nk gi tk hari isnin ni ..ala meeting yg org selalu suka bercakap byk-byk tu. call me ye..bc i terdelete ur number lah! hahaha..sori

Rocky's Bru said...

hi sue,
i am a visitor to kak teh and see that you are a regular there too. heard about the blondie's remarks but didnt know what it was all about until today. thanks.


rocky told me about your posting on this bleached blonde's blasphemous blastings.
I was a little out of the loop there. Wasn't aware of the hullabaloo.
Thanks for the posting.
My take: As my sister said: "Eeesh, chilikan mulut dia tu".
Too mild, too kind, too nice..
Cheers, Sue.

madba said...

it's ridiculous how the audience responded to her reasonings.

Is that how she sees Siti Khadijah? As someone who's almost 'nak mampos'?

Sheih said...

I believe Kak Rosnah means well when doing her comparison and the subsequent remark. I not coming for her defends but I know her and her style because she used to work under me. Nevertheless, what happens is a simple conclusion in regards of the mentality of our artist. They maybe up to date in fashion but not their mind.

Government has spent almost RM50million a year on developing the film and television industry but one sector that the government failed to realise is the development of the mentality of the people in those industry. Trust me, people in the TV station, in Finas even in Kekkwa will find this funny. Until of cause we make big huuu haaa bout it. That's the mentality, not just the artist but the extablishment that handles them.

Every year we have our artist engaging controversies one after the other when they open their mouth to say something. And the list will continue.

walski69 said...

Hi Sue,

Found this via Rocky's Bru... first time for me here.

Now, having viewed the YouTube vid, my conclusion is that this Rosnah person is not the most articulate person in the world. But did she mean offense? I don't think so. The rhetorical question "dah nak mampus?", to me referred to the age of Siti Khadijah, perhaps mirroring the uber-traditional thought that anyone above a certain age is close to death.

Interestingly, though, in your post, you said that in your mind, what was said is "an absolute blasphemy". I think the word you are looking for is 'sacrilege' - one can only blaspheme against God. To say that someone has blasphemed against Prophet Muhammad... well, you draw the parallels yourself.

Equally as interesting is that you stated these days "Muslims are being judged simply for being Muslims". But when even comments (albeit not very polite ones, but without malicious intent) are reacted to with such disproportionate anger, can we not blame others for seeing us in such a negative light?

If someone can't even draw parallels without drawing all kinds of casternations, then perhaps many people do mean it when we say that Muhammad has been blasphemed against... which to me is an even more dangerous thing.

Think about it.

rakyat pasirpanjang said...

Ok what ..blonde malay actress can draw comparison with the Prophets wife about her own life.And the language is just modern malay slang.Nothing offensive...everyone speaks like that today...This is what Islam Hadari is all about.
I'm writing this after my Isya prayer
and just finished appyling some hair dye to cover my white hair.(Hair dye with Jakim halal logo ..ok)

Asrul Zamani said...

Totally agree with you.

But as we know, many artists are in the kind of group which does not know or does not really care about what is religiously right or acceptable.

When they are under public scrutiny, they (to their credit) try tow the line, but sometimes their true nature bursts out in the open such as what we are seeing here.

Such contempt is uncalled for but it really highlights the kind or moral upbringing these individuals must have gone through during their younger years.

Anonymous said...

For the record, Siti Khadijah was nowhere near "nak mampos". Traditions of the prophet showed that she bore Muhammad S.A.W 6 children. That was hardly any feat done by someone who was "nak mampos".

mob1900 said...

Ya'll still watch TV3?


konan said...

there is nothing wrong what mak ros said. ikut context today, pompuan reaching 40s tu dah nak monopos,kilang anak nak tutup.

she doesnt mean to disrespect her rasul and his family. tajuk sembang soal pompuan tua kawin lelaki muda and i was told mak ros ni baru nikah lelaki muda, kalo silap info so silap lah saya.

dalam era poligami asik jantan kawin pompuan muda macam promosi datok K dan sitikus tuh, so mak ros bawak isu pompuan tua umur macam datok K , tak salah nikah lelaki muda 20an umur siti.

salah ka? kan dah tua tu..nak mampus pun,i think mampus tu dia terlanjur cakap , instead nak bilang MONOPOS..sound cam mampus kan? hihihihihi

i know tu common jek but ada pompuan umur 60an pun masih lahirkan baby, pakai ivf lagik. So bergantung kesihatan individu lah.

i think melayu seme ni knee jerk reaction..btui lah melayu ni suka cuma termenung, menangis dan bercinta. Bukan saya cakap, A.Ali cakap bila dia nak bikin lagu.

sejak bila plak artis melayu pandai communique? hihihihi

sejak bila artis melayu bijak berbual semua topik dengan ilmiah?

yang pandai2 cam azwan aznil malah sudir pun dah jadik BAPOK hahahaha

this story reflecting our own kelabu asap SOCIETY. please dont over react. i luvvvv yu mak ros muash. salam.

ROY's said...

Hi Sue,

Thanks for the efforts of putting the clip in your blog. Thanks to Rocky too who directed me to your blog.

Well, I don't really care the remarks as it came from someone that may have a shallow knowledge of do's and dont's as far as faith and religion are concerned.

However, it's regretful that despite her age she still can't differentiate what is joke and what's a sensitive issue.

bloodkingsingstheblues said...

at the end of the day, i put the blame on both the speaker of the words and the tv station for allowing it to be aired. has the tv station apologized? if not, then they should.

btw - great site. thanks to rocky for directing me here.

Typhoon Sue said...

Thanks for visiting, and thanks for putting up a link to this post at your site.

“Too mild, too kind, too nice..”
Yeah… I’m not gonna be too negative about it, because I can see that she spoke without thinking, as these people often do.

Yeah, I’m disappointed with the audience too.

Perhaps, she didn’t mean to insult. Perhaps, she didn’t realize such thing can be insulting. Perhaps, she’s thought she was being clever. But I can’t agree with you that she meant well with what she said.

Nevertheless, it’s not the intention that matters here. It’s the fact that she said it, on live TV.

Typhoon Sue said...

Of course, I myself do not think that she intended to insult or offend anyone, which was why I just said I'm not expecting any actions taken against her.

On the word blasphemy, I beg to differ. Blasphemy means: a contemptuous or profane act, utterance, or writing concerning God or a sacred entity. Prophet Muhammad is one such sacred entity.

Interestingly though walski, did you not notice that the public condemnation the blondie received for this one is nothing compared to the condemnation Sh. Amani received for ‘insulting Bahasa Melayu’? I don’t see any cabinet minister reprimanding her like what happened to the latter.

And despite all the brouhaha over this issue, nobody has burned any effigy of her, or stage protests or riot on the streets. It’s all been verbal condemnation, and it’s normal. The public has a right to be angry over an insulting remark like this, and why should we be viewed negatively for that reaction? We are offended, yes, but we didn’t react by killing anyone.

Going back to the meaning of blasphemy, there’s nothing blasphemous about believing that Muhammad has been blasphemed against. He is the Prophet, the chosen one, a sacred entity.

Typhoon Sue said...

Rakyat pasir panjang:
I get your sarcasm….

And yeah… my hair colour is fading out too, so I’m gonna get a new colour treatment this week, though I don’t think I’ll ever go blonde though…

Asrul Zamani:
Many of them artistes did have good moral upbringing as kids. But when they associate themselves with all the not-so-morally-correct individuals, they tend to forget what’s right and what’s wrong.

She was an amazing woman. And the Prophet held her in the highest regard. Enough said.

Mob 1900:
Abis tuh… takkan nak tgk Star World and AXN aje manjang… Too much Heroes can make you lose sight of reality, man..

Typhoon Sue said...

Admittedly, some people do over-react by calling for all sorts of action to be taken against her. And I don’t agree to that. It’s a mistake, and one that she’s sorry for. But we do hope that such thing never happen again.

All in all, the puclic reaction hasn’t been at all uncalled for. People do get angry at insensitive remarks. It’s not just limited to Muslims or Malays.

Yeah… ditto.


MarinaM said...

Hi Sue, got directed here by Rocky too. I have no idea who this woman with the blonde hair is. And I honestly don't think she intended to be offensive at all. And she's apologised. So enough lah. There are bigger things to worry about than one person's big mouth.People being killed in Iraq,nuclear weapons, disease, poverty, famine, etc etc.

rambut hitam said...

wah, semua orang ada di sini. saya terlewat rupanya.
si rambut perang tu terlajak kata dan dah minta maaf. saya setuju dengan marina ... kita maafkan. dan saya setuju dengan "a voice", seorang pakar ngeblog, jangan kita "gam" artis ini. kesian, nanti tak dapat carik makan, lari pulak boyfriend muda nya.
persoalannya, sudahkah yang lain2 yang terlibat dengan program itu mintak maaf.
tv3 dah mintak maaf ke belom?
host2 yang goblok2 tu udah mintak ampon?
penonton2 dah kedepan untuk menyesali perbuatan mereka?

p.s. suatu unjuran .. artis rosnah ada baiknya buat sesuatu yang baik, seperti tolong mangsa banjir atau tolong angkat air bila musim kemarau datang nanti. ok?

Typhoon Sue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Typhoon Sue said...

Kak M,
I'm just highlighting the fact that ppl need to be more sensitive when they open their big mouths. I never said this issue should be prolonged.

True, there are global issues and bigger things to worry about, but if a Muslim cannot stand up for our Prophet when he is insulted, what kind of a Muslim is he/she? I'm just doing my bit, it's the least I can do.

Typhoon Sue said...

rambut hitam;
dia mintak maaf pada siapa? Rasulullah s.a.w. dan isterinya sudah wafat. Mintak maaf pada penonton? pada rakyat malaysia berugama Islam? Siapalah kita utk maafkan dia?

We are offended by that statement, but we do not have the authority to forgive her. That's between her and God. We can only pray for God's forgiveness for our lackadasical attitude in such issues.

Typhoon Sue said...

Okay, let me be clear, I'm not saying this matter should be dragged on and on and on...

But as a Muslim, we have to speak up when our faith, our religion and our Prophet are insulted. Say your peace, and then move on.

That's all I'm sayin'.

Abdun N.A. said...

They say we should stop criticising our local artists. But come to think of it, how can we not? With their almost-zero mentality and shameful (or shameless?) behaviours, there are much to talk and criticise about.

After all, aren't they the group of people who easily influence our youngsters, due to their reputation (if any) as celebrities?

With regard to this 'stupid blonde' case, not saying anything at all over what had transpired meant we allow and agree with the things she said. Whether she had apologised or not, the point is, if everyone keeps quiet after her public apology, it might give the wrong idea that it's ok to disrespect the Prophet and Islam, so long as we immediately apologise after that.

If not mistaken, didn't she apologise after being advised to do so by the show's producer?

Honestly, I don't really care what happens in their daily lives, to actually watch or read about them. They lead completely different lifestyles than mine anyway. What I care is, what they do/say reflect our society and how their untoward behaviours can impact the lives of my (future) children.

Fuhh, there I said it..

Abdun N.A. said...

Ops, extra comments but in rojak language can ha?

Saya rasa kalau tak nak diri diattack oleh host show, sampai keluar kata2x seolah tak berilmu, jangan libatkan diri dalam show tu. Kalau artis tak libatkan diri, penonton pun takda, show pun akan dicancel.

Sebenarnya show macam ni lah yang menggalakkan ketaksuban rakyat pada artis sehingga merendahkan mentaliti dan maruah kita sebagai Islam dan Melayu.

Ingat tak masa Siti sibuk nak kahwin dulu? Ada sorang hos bijak pandai ni sampai komen, "Kalau takda cerita pasal Siti ni, tak taulah apa nak jadi dengan Malaysia ni?"

Hah? Hmmmm.. alahai, orang kat negara lain ada yang berfikir "selagi tentera pencoroboh ni ada di sini, tak taulah apa nak jadi dengan negara aku ni?" - kita sibuk pikiaq pasal artis?

Tak takut ke Allah tarik nikmat kita ni sampai nak tengok tv pun tak dapat? So, marilah kita pikir2x kan...

Sekian, tima kacih!

Typhoon Sue said...

yeah abdun, get it out of your chest, man. Good for you for speaking up!

papadom_ullalla said...

Bacul lah setiap umat Islam yang membiarkan Nabi Muhammad dihina.

Org bukan Islam hanya mengetawakan kita bila umat Islam sendiri mengambil sikap sambil lewa tentang hal ini.

Bersuaralah selagi terdaya. Semoga Allah maafkan kita semua.

madba said...

hahah.. despite Marina's attempt to cool off the mounting hatred of the bleach, I would most definitely keep on insulting her because it is only malay if we do so.

It's a culture innit, to be holier-than-thou. So be it. She'll understand.

LanunDarat said...

Silence is golden..too bad only her hair is.

Penarik Beca said...

Mintak izin Sue, kutu ni nak tumpang semangkuk...

Mangkuk kecik hat yg boh kicap dgn cili api kat kedai tomyam tu pun jadi la...

Ni hat yg saya tulis kat blog Suhaimi Sulaiman:

To be fair to the blonde, i still think it was a slip of the tongue.

Dah dok biasa sangat cakap kasaq. Nak cakap fasal isteri Nabi pun dia main balun ja...

Apa yg dia terlepas cakap, dia tengah dok tanggung bisanya la ni. Period.

Yang kita-kita ni, lebih baik kita cakap fasal pemantau TV yg terdiri dari org2 biasa yg dihormati - tanpa ahli politik, tanpa jabatan agama..

papadom_ullalla said:

Bacullah setiap umat Islam yang membiarkan Nabi Muhammad dihina.

Saya rasa yg menghina tu yg jenis2 mcm Salman Rusdie. dia caci, dia tunjukkan dia sengaja caci dan dia memang tak nak mintak maaf.

Itu Salman Rushdie (Anwar Ibrahim said, Salman Rushdie is "a profound writer")

Tapi Rosnah dan mengaku secara zahirnya dia tak sengaja, dia menyesal, bla, bla, bla...

Kalau pak pukui anak pun, bila anak dah mintak maaf, pak yg normal tak sambung pukui lagi

saya yakin, Tuhan Maha Menangguhkan hukuman-Nya.

Memberi peluang kepada kita merayu keampunan-Nya.

kavalera said...

Bang.. ni lain sikit bang, kalau mintak maaf tu takut kena gam atau hilang populariti tu tak aci bang.

Dia kena nyesal, sungguh sungguh nyesal, masa mintak maaf tu meraung melolong macam orang gila... baru aci.

Pernah baca tak cerita macamana Nasuha bertaubat.. sampai orang beri panggilan "Taubat Nasuha"?

Rasulullah SAW tu kekasih Allah SWT. Sesiapa yang Baginda SAW kasih, juga dikasihi oleh Allah SWT. Antara isteri Rasulullah SAW, Siti Khadijah adalah yang paling dikasihi kerana pengorbanannya (rujuk riadhus-salihin).

Kalaulaaa kita ni, orang kutuk atau cerca orang yang kita kasih, apakah perasaaan kita?

Begitulah Rasulullah SAW. Murka Baginda adalah kemurkaan Allah. Jadi, perkataan "Blasphemous" tu memang kena pada tempatnya.


muslim said...

When I watched the video clipping of the show I got very furious. I was furious because Rosnah has used the most unsuitable word for a wife of Rasulullah whom Rasulullah loved most among his other wives and mind you Siti Khadijah had sacrificed a lot financially, physically and mentally in assisting Rasulullah in going through His early prophethood. It was Siti Khadijah besides Rasulullah's uncle Abu Talib who provided much-needed protection to Rasulullah against those Musyrikin in Mecca who generally were against the new religion introduced by Rasulullah.

And according to many books of sirah even though Siti Khadijah was forty and Rasulullah was 25, Allah has made Siti Khadijah not only look much younger than her age but also made her still fertile at the age of 40 and she could give birth to 5 children to Rasulullah even when she got married at 40. Does Rosnah think she is blessed with that miracle to compare herself with Siti Khadijah r.a.?

And to say such word to her not only offended all muslims, but also committed a great sin.

I take offence because what she did was not only just a mistake which to me personally is unforgivable, it was done out of ignorance, and when you are muslim and you are ignorant you are the one at fault because it is your responsibility to learn as much as you can about your own religion, your own prophet and the history of your own prophet.

Banning her from any tv show is not enough. She should be punished by our Religious body for making such a blasphemous remark on somebody that our prophet loved so dearly....

Anonymous said...

muslim said...

And according to many books of sirah even though Siti Khadijah was forty and Rasulullah was 25, Allah has made Siti Khadijah not only look much younger than her age but also made her still fertile at the age of 40 and she could give birth to 5 children to Rasulullah even when she got married at 40. Does Rosnah think she is blessed with that miracle to compare herself with Siti Khadijah r.a.?


Hi Sue & muslim,

I agreed with what has been commented above.
Talking abt age of Siti Khadijah r.a. at 40 is still considered young or youthful stage (late though) (BUT in bahasa "maseh muda" apa!). But this Rosnah who is already 52 is considered a "warga emas" status [no wonder her hair already turning gold in colour]. So how could she compare herself with Siti Khadijah r.a. ??? Nothing of that sort !!!! No way at all!!!
[kalau mau compare sama lain lain Siti yang ada atas muka bumi Malaysia sekarang ni bole la!!!! TAK DAK HAL PUNYA!].

Whatever it is ... NOW... women at 40 even at this Age of Millenium is still young what? Still okay apa????

Morgana said...

She's a has-been, anyway.

In any case, I think the good Prophet would have rolled his eyes at her thoughtless slip-up. Like, whatever, blondie.

Anonymous said...

Well, probably we can ampunkan Mak Ros , almaklumlah umur agak dah lanjut

What about pengacara2nya si Suraya dan Awal, mereka yang menyebabkan Mak Ros jadi gitu. It seems they laugh juga, eloklah kita humban keduanya masuk neraka.
Kalau ada siapa want to ludah Mak Ros, ludah sekali si Suraya dan Awal , barulah adil