Monday, February 26, 2007

The Blues

Selama ni, hanya kengkawan dan beberapa fellow blogger sahaja yg melawat blog I yang tak seberapa ni, tapi tup-tup weekend lepas ada lebih 600 pelawat berpusu-pusu menjengah ke sini. Hmmm… rasa tersipu-sipu plak… sebab I dengan muka tak malunya telah mendedahkan segala kepelikan diri dalam posting Jumaat lepas.

Apparently, not enough with being Rockybrued recently, I have also been JeffOoied, albeit on a smaller scale. Hmmm…. That’s why….

Okay, so enough of that already. Let’s move on to something less revealing, or at least, something that doesn’t involve undergarments. So here goes.

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It’s that time of the year again when I wish the world would stop turning and time would stand still. I’m down and I’m blue, I’m having the birthday blues.

With the big day not too far away, I’m seriously reflecting on the way my life has turned out. I’m not exactly proud of what I have become, but I don’t think that I’m that bad either. But still, there is a lot more for me to do, I just haven’t figured out what.

People say, another year older, another year wiser. I don’t know whether that is true – wisdom is something I truly don’t have right now. These days, I’m feeling dumb quite a bit. In fact, I feel like I’m getting Dumb And Dumber each day.

Perhaps my brain cells are slowly diminishing. I would attribute that to my hours of staring at the idiot box. Research have shown that TV destroys brain cells. So, I guess my sister is right, couch-potatoing IS bad!!!

Heh. Baru tau ka?

Of course it’s bad, not only does it diminish your thinking capacity, it also sags your muscles and adds on fat - the size of my jeans is a testament to that!

Ah well, I guess I should get my lazy butt off the couch and off to the swimming pool this weekend. Perhaps I’ll go to Bangsar Sports Complex, I haven’t been there in ages. If anybody else go there this weekend and see a couple of big giant splashes and waves reminiscent of the ones in The Day After Tomorrow, don’t be alarmed - it’s just me doing my Free Willy dive.

As for my coming birthday, I have no idea what I am gonna do that day. Last year I went to The Beach sulking and pouting. This year, perhaps I’ll do the same. Or not. I dunno.

I wish I can write something profound on this subject. Y'know, the kinda writing that make people gasp and say... that's sooooo beautiful........ It'll make my birthday more meaningful I reckon. But no, all I can ever come up with is the silly stuff like this one. I haven't grown up one bit, have I?

This is what I wrote in my old blog last year:-

Remembered what my Tok did when she was alive... Upon turning 60 years old, she apparently stopped aging..... She lived till a ripe old age of 72, so for the last 12 years of her life, if anybody asked, she'd say she's 60..... never gotten any older than that..... !!! Perhaps I should do the same........ although.... I'm not waiting till I'm 60!


Oh, what the heck!!! Let it come, let it roll, let it embrace me with full force. Vanity is soooooo beneath me...... I'm not gonna be like any other woman who laments aging, it's so conceited..... I'm not one of those narcissistic buffoons! So, this is not gonna bother me this year. The day will come, yes it will and oh, so gloriously too..... but I will be unperturbed, it's just another new day, baby, and I'll still be standing when it passes by... unshaken, unnerved, unaffected.

...but errrr..... let me hasten to add that this doesn't mean I'm gonna tell ya how old I am... so, don't ask!!



A year later and guess what? I AM vain about my age. Huwaaaa….!!!!!!

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happy birthday Sue (in advance),

If you dont see them wrinkles, you havent aged a day!
yes yes, you are right. It's mind over matter.
That's why I look 25 years young.. Hey, if I dont tell myself that, no one will!

take care and have a great birthday!

The Blueberry said...

Hello Sue! You dah famouslah!!!

Eh, don't be sad, age is just a number lah! I don't mind helping you celebrate your birthday (err actually I don't mind 'celebrating' the birthday cake, if you're having any)...

elle said...

hi sue, u want birthday cake?? i give picture can ah...can lah!!!

Typhoon Sue said...

thanks kak ena.. i saw ur pix somewhere - yea, u do look way younger than ur age

the blueberry:
tak le famous... just have a lil bit of the limelight for a while, sort of like an extra in the Battle of Minas Tirith scene in LOTR: ROTK

gambaq tak mau ah!

elviza said...

My fellow member of the bar, Typhoonsue,

I read your blog often, but I never left a message. But now I must.

I just want to say, dont worry, you are not the only woman who is vain about her age.

All, I mean ALL, of my friends lie about their age. Me included. As we speak, I am 25.

So, go on, lie about your age! It s nothing sinister about it.

Have a good day my friend.

Typhoon Sue said...

elviza of the bar :)

now that you have left one message, you must leave one everytime you come in here. 'Tis a must!

Oh, you are 25? I am only, err... 19! ahak ahak ahak!

QueenB said...

I'm gonna jump on the 25 years young bandwagon alright!
Happy sweet 19th birthday to u! wink2

Anonymous said...

my bday coming soon too and i said to myself this year is just like the year b4, m gonna have a quite one in Delifrance Sogo....noe wat?.... your wierd thingie#4 is same as mine he he.....

Typhoon Sue said...

thanks. *wink2* back

splurging on the tasty pastries huh?

aha! now that I know there's so many ppl out there sharing that no.4 trait with me, I'm kinda thankful I shared it with u all... at least I can now assure myself that I'm not the only loony one here.

NJ said...

Hi Sue,

Well, regardless of how old our soul is, what matters is that we remain young in spirit. I am also still 25 since the last few years…hehe

Happy birthday.

Typhoon Sue said...

nj, thanks.

ppl are already starting to wish me happy birthday when it's not even due yet. So let me clarify, it's around the corner, it's not here yet.