Friday, February 23, 2007

Rags And Tags

Aside from murder and mayhem, the issue of ragging had been in the news lately. Although I went to boarding school and went through all the stupid traditions of dorm life and having the not-so-cool experience of being subtly bullied by seniors, none of those incidents would qualify as ragging, at least not in the class of the TUDM college students. So, I can pretty much say I have never been ragged, but I have, just today, been tagged by Nuraina A Samad.

I was just about to write a new post about a certain subject, but since this tag beat me to it, I'll just deal with this one first and save that other idea for next week. That way, I won't be scratching my head next Monday or Tuesday looking for something to write.

The Rules of this game of tag are:-

People who are tagged should write a blog post of 6 weird things about them as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says 'you are tagged' in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

Okayy, so I have to write about my weirdness. That wouldn’t take long, would it? I’m sure I can finish it in a very short time and without giving it much of a thought. I’m a weirdo, friends have always told me that. It’s about time I face it head-on and admit to it. So, here goes.



I have the compulsion to count certain types of things and in some cases, to make sure it is in even numbers. This is a small case of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) I’ve been told. Nothing serious, nothing too bizarre, nothing that warrants a shrink’s attention. It’s just a little weird sometimes, that’s all.

When I climb a flight of stairs, particularly when I’m alone, I would count the steps – not that I would remember how many steps there were at the end of the day. I just have to count while I’m doing it.

When I buy shrimp at the supermarket, I would count each one. I normally buy in 10s – usually 30. I don’t recall any single time when I simply scoop up a handful and dump it in the plastic bag. No, I have to count each one and buy only in multiples of 10.

But I’ve made it a point to count in my head instead of out loud, just in case people think I’m crazy, which I probably am.


Again with the OCD, I have to have my hands clean at all time. I don’t care so much if my feet are dirty, or my T-shirt soiled or my face unwashed – what matters most is that my hands are clean.

If I were to touch anything gross, even a little bit, wiping it away with a piece of tissue paper isn’t enough, I have to clean my hands with soap and water. And if I can’t find soap and water, my hand wouldn’t be touching anything else on my body, not even my already dirty feet.


When I watch TV, I like to know what’s coming. So, if I like a certain TV show, I normally would visit the show’s website and look for episode guides. That way, I know what would happen and I’d look forward to it. Spoilers don’t turn me off, on the contrary, I absolutely love it! Once, I was totally in love with the Australian show McLeod’s Daughters. I was horrified when I read in the spoilers that Claire was gonna be killed in an accident. But I watched with trepidation on that particular episode, hoping it wouldn’t happen but knowing for sure that Claire would die. I was already crying even before the crash scene! And I bawled like a baby at the ending.


I have to wear matching undies at all time. The bra and the panties don’t actually have to be in the same set but the colours must match – with each other and with the clothes I’m wearing. The reason: Having watched so many medical dramas in the past I’m well aware that in the emergency room, they just rip your clothes off in order to save your life. Whilst I pray to God that no harm would ever befall me, I am mindful of the fact that anything can happen and should it does happen and I ever be in the position where the medical team would rip my clothes off, my matching undergarments would take their eyes away from the bulges on my tummy and the orange peel on my thighs.


I’m the most talkative and outgoing person in the company of introverts and the most shy and quiet person in the company of extroverts.

The fact is, I am an introvert. But, over the years, I have trained hard to put myself out there. I participated in a lot of sporting activities in school because it builds self-esteem; I joined the debate team, did miserably at first but came out strong and confident each time. I read law, at which point, what with mooting and advocacy class and all, I managed to force myself to be more outgoing. In the end now, I am not shy anymore, I have come out of my shell, all gloriously confident and chirpy, particularly when the people around me actually listen to what I’m saying. But the reserved nature in me will never go away and in some occasion, it will do a peek-a-boo.

In the company of normal people who can listen as well as talk, I am usually one of the gang. In the company of the shy quiet introverted lot, I’m the preacher, the Ms. Know-It-All, the storyteller, the drama-queen, the mother of all chatter-boxes.

But put me in the company of all the extra-talkative and chirpy individuals, and I’ll be the quietest one. Heck, you won’t even hear a squeak out of me, I can guarantee you that.


Adult that I am, I am a Harry Potter fan – books and movies. Enough said.


Errr….. 6 weird things only meh? Darn…. I have a ton more.

And so, in the hopes that none of these people I'm gonna tag have been tagged for their weirdness before and that none of them will put a voodoo curse on me, I’m tagging Pugly, The Kimster, The Blueberry, Mr. Hobo, Bloodkingsingstheblues, and Elle… (Elly dear, this is to encourage you to write more, so pls do, I’m sure you’re weird too… I know so… hehehe)

Have a good weekend everybody!


Kak Teh said...

sue! you've just reminded me of some other weird stuffs that I have. Counting! Ya, I count too. and youknow, I find formulas to remember phone numbers..its not logical to others, but to me - it helps!
err, no matching undies for me.


hi sue,
that's was fast...and really cool.
the 2 weird things about you, (just like kak teh being reminded) -- watching TV and Harry Potter -- remind me of 2 other "weird" things (if we have to count 'em) about me

1. i am quite crazy when it comes to reading a book. i'd read a book, then when i know where it'sgoing and the plot etc... i just want to know who did what. so i leave the middle part, go straight to the last few chapters,sometimes, the last chapter. after knowing the ending and whodunnit, i'd fill the "pages",so to speak.
-- i cant quite do it on DVDs when watching a good movie. I did a lot of fastforwarding during those days of video tapes.

2. And Sue, I am really really much older than you -- I may love all those serious stuff... but I do love a good Harry Potter book. I have all the series.
(Whoops, should I even admit that?)
Take care and thanks for being such a good sport.

NJ said...

Salam perkenalan Sue,

Was reading ur wierdo list, funny hehehe.

#1 Just curious, sorry 4 asking stupid question though. If there're only like 11 shrimps left, what happen to the 1?

#3 I am so like you on the spoilers thingy, i.e. I must know beforehand whats gonna happen to the Westeria Lane's ladies before I watch Desperate Housewives. Kinda more fun that way, don't u think?

elle said...

hi sue, check my 'dishes' will ya!!

ambrosia said...


I like your weird thingies #1 to #4.

#5 and #6 don't count as weird, IMHO. So you've only stripped to your underwear, but we want to see you completely naked.

Maybe you should've continued with WT #7 and #8.

Matching undies? Jeez, you're weird.

Typhoon Sue said...

Counting is fun, innit? I understand what you mean by having formulas to remember phone numbers… I do that too!

Glad to have jogged your memory.

If there're only like 11 shrimps left, what happen to the 1?
Tinggal dia sorang2 le, I’ll only take 10!

The spoiler thingie: Yea.. more fun that way.

THAT’S IT ??????

No.5 not weird? Tell that to my extrovert friends! They’re the ones who say I am.

No.6 – Everytime I hang around the children’s book section at kinokuniya, fellow adults would always give me a weird look.
And when I bought HP6, someone with a quizzical brow queuing behind me at the cashier counter asked “Buying for your kid?” (I actually answered yes… and I don’t even have kids):)

Abdun N.A. said...

I used to avoid spoilers of TV shows at all costs. But nowadays, I read episod guides too. Main reason being, should I miss any of the episodes, it won't matter much since I kind of already know what's going to happen.

But I still avoid spoilers of movies bcoz to me, watching movies is a whole different experience.

Matching undies? Hmm.. in my case, no top parts to cover other than wearing white singlets.

The Blueberry said...

Ello typhoon Sue, gua sudah respond to your invitation laaa... Aiyooo very malufying!!! But I see you and me got lots in common, especially the OCD part hahahahaaaa!!!!! And I like Harry Potter too, and I've got all the books too, and all the movies. I don't think Harry Potter is a children's story. The plot is too intense and too dark for young minds, bikin corrupt aje. It's actually a story for adults, but with children as characters (macam Mukhsin hahahaaa).

Typhoon Sue said...

abdun: You have just made me realized that I have never looked for spoilers for movies before. I guess I must agree with u that it's a whole different experience watching movies. After all, for something like, say, the 6th Sense, spoilers can really spoil it, right?

blueberry: apa malu-malu plak... at least yours have no mention of undies at all!
As for HP, I think that JKRowling started it off for kids, but veered a little off track from HP3 onwards to cater for adults too.
(Hmmm... excuses, excuses....) :)

QueenB said...

I have that thing bout the matching undergarments too ...

Elviza said...

Typhoon Sue,

Am letting you know that I have blogrolled me in my blog because you are a Harry Potter fan.

Rumours going around that nutsy Rowling woman is going to kill Potter in the final book.

Orders can be placed at major bookstores from yesterday - read about it in the paper.

Also Sue, you must reread Order of the Pheonix - the movie is coming up this summer. I watched the last movie alone you know - my husband refused to go with me. Silly man.

Typhoon Sue said...

so, I'm not the only nutcase around here huh? ;)

how do i get to your blog?

yup. heard of the rumour too. That selfish woman!! DOES SHE EVEN THINK WHAT THE EFFECT WOULD BE FOR US??? Err.... I mean, for the kids, for the kids... ;)

elviza said...

Dear Sue (susahlah nak eja the front part of your name, my spelling is appalling Sis),

My humble blog is

Do have friends to go watch the new Potter movie this June? (hint hint!)

Typhoon Sue said...

No need to eja one.... u can just call me sue, or for added effect, T-Sue (as in T-Rex).. :)

wokeh, I'll come visiting later.

no plans for the movie yet dear

Manal said...

No.1: If u count, i normally look down at the stairs while descending. A precaution to me. I've a little phobia that i might terfumble on those steps so i'd rather be careful.

No2. I even carry my own toilet paper to our office toilet and made sure there's liquid handwash. Otherwise i might buy 1 n place it at the toilet.

No3. I'm with u on this and similar to abdun, i do movies too. Not all the movie reviews reveal everything. It's also for my own money worth spending thingie.

Manal said...

No.1: If u count, i normally look down at the stairs while descending. A precaution to me. I've a little phobia that i might terfumble on those steps so i'd rather be careful.

No2. I even carry my own toilet paper to our office toilet and made sure there's liquid handwash. Otherwise i might buy 1 n place it at the toilet.

No3. I'm with u on this and similar to abdun, i do movies too. Not all the movie reviews reveal everything. It's also for my own money worth spending thingie.