Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Valentine Story That Has Nothing To Do With Valentine's Day

In today’s New Straits Times, there is a picture of one Mazliwati Md Shah struggling to get out of a Kancil. The struggle, as it appears to be, is due to the fact that she weighs over 200kg. Read the story here.

Abdominal Cellulitis and Hobbit Obesity, that’s what her condition is called. Excuse me, Hobbit? As far as I know, hobbits are not fat, they are small and possibly a bit stocky. In fact, they’re darn cute, Frodo’s cute, Sam’s cute, Merry’s cute and Pippin’s cute…. Hmmm, I’m swaying off track here….. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, why the condition is named Hobbit Obesity is beyond me.

Coming back to this Mazliwati Md Shah, how did she get to be the way she is? I’m curious as to how it came about. Has she always been this big? Does she eat all the time? Is she under some sort of medication with a side effect that says “You’ll get fat”?

I’m no Kate Moss myself, but at least I can get in and out of a Kancil without getting stuck. And I can still run around the office all day and climb up and down a flight of stairs without panting. Heck, I even climbed up and down Bukit Bendera last year! Okay, okay,…. My nephew who accompanied me will laugh at me for bragging about the Bukit Bendera hike - I had to stop every 5 minutes to catch my breath while the old grannies pass me by chatting to each other. How embarrassing!! Anyway, the point is, I can still do all that. In my own sweet time of course, but I did get there. I just have to exercise more regularly.

My sedentary lifestyle is the reason why I can’t lose weight easily. I don’t eat all that much, I know that. But looking at the picture of this Mazliwati, I’m suddenly scared of the possibilities of me turning out to be just like her.

My brain often tells me that’s not gonna happen to me. I’m too smart to let myself balloon up like that. But then again, I’m sure Mazliwati too never planned for this to happen to her. It just happened and by the time she realized that, it’s already too late.

It’s scary.

Now, when I get home tonight, I’m gonna be digging in my storeroom for that exercise machine which I bought last year and long since abandoned. Also, I have to find my Nikes which I chucked in a box of old shoes somewhere. And I have to get me some new pants…. I can’t go jogging in my jeans or in some flower patterned pajama type pants, can I? (Oh yeah, I have lots of those fancy patterned pants, kinda hippie style, y’know).

But first, I have to make sure I can actually wake up early this Saturday to do the exercise. And that means, not hitting the snooze button on my alarm clock repeatedly till it can snooze no more. I know I’ve damaged so many of my alarm clocks because of the over-usage of the snooze function…… but that’s another story.

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

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bloodkingsingstheblues said...

the secret to losing weight is of course, addiction and obsession. you must be addicted to exercise and obsessed about losing weight. worth a try at least ... :)

a babe of very little brain said...

i grew three inches sideways and gained 5kgs in the past 3 yrs. can't seem to get rid of them. must be the age thingie.

The Blueberry said...

I have also noticed that my waist has expanded by a few inches and that my slimfit Levis are a tad too slim. And I notice that I've been having such a hearty appetite lately, even heartier than my Hubba Bubba. Coming from a family of stickthin-turns-big-after-having-kids, I'm forced to wonder if my genes are finally getting at me, and whether I should battle on or just succumb to my fate. Right now my sense of vanity says "battle on, you Hot Kootchie Mama", while my will power (or lack of it) says "yes dahling welcome to the plus-size club!". Habis tu, camner? I guess it's time to trudge back to my yoga class. Jom, join me, in Bangsar Jalan Telawi! No more excuses now! Start next month, right after payday!

Typhoon Sue said...

...but I'm addicted to TV and obsessed about finding the perfect bar of chocolate,... so how???

the age thingy does play a part methinks... but then again, that 40 something madonna look so bloody hot all the time, how so?

Typhoon Sue said...


yoga???? err... takes a lot of discipline for these thing, innit? don't think i have it in me dear... I'm too much of the couch potato type.

Kak Teh said...

sue, It is the london fashion week and I just came back from bernard chandran's where tall willowy creatures with waists as big as my arms sashayed up and down the catwalk in clothes I only had on in my dreams. So, i sit here stuffing my face with crackers and soft cream cheese to console my waist, do you think I feel? My treadmill is overweight with jackets and coats.

Typhoon Sue said...

That's what treadmill is for kakteh, as a coat hanger! :)

I stuff my face silly with munchkins all the time, particularly when I’m couch-potatoing. Soft cream cheese… now, that’s heaven on a cracker.
I’m sure those waif like models had never tasted those… they don’t know what they’re missing.

a babe with extra 3 inches of flab to give away said...

8 hours of working out daily. but i do have another life. and i need to earn my pay.

so the three inches are here to stay.


Sue... now look what you've got me started on?!
Working out, exercising,keeping fit.... i can go on and on talking about these things.
Like Blueberry, I was a size 8, in my er, heyday (ask Kak Teh...kan, Kak teh, kan?) Okay...just like Kak Teh who,(tengah ampu ni) is still a size 8. ooh...dont know how she does it.
I had a high metabolic rate. You know-lah, as you get older, that M rate gets lower.
You know I never stopped telling myself that besides vanity yadda yadda .... i have to stay fit for my kids.
Sue -- one thing i know... you have to WANT to do it. Willpower, commitment, drive....and, did I say vanity?

See you up Bukit Kiara Hill, Sue.

theo said...

Both a google search and a scirus search turns up no hits on "Hobbit Obesity" aside from hits on Malaysian newspapers and bloggers commenting on that 'woman exciting a kancil' article. I don't think that conditions exist at all!! Malaysian newspapers are getting better and better at making things up!

Typhoon Sue said...

only 3 inches what??? let it stay there...

yea...I WANT to do it.
it's vanity mostly... :)

hmmm... interesting. No wonder it doesn't make sense.

Anonymous said...



Typhoon Sue said...