Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I am sick and feeling very very miserable. It started with some light coughing on Friday which I thought was nothing. So I went swimming on Sunday. After 3 hours in the pool, that night, my throat burnt like it never burn before and yesterday, my temperature went up sky high.

Last night, I was woken up at around 3am by some weird noise. Scared me to bits coz I was alone and I heard someone snored. Then I realized it was me. Damn!!

Hey, I don’t snore, ok! It’s just my sinus acting up. Serves me right for not going to see the doctor. I’ve always acted macho, a little demam don’t scare me. So, I didn’t even bother to have it checked. But I would have to do that now. Tak tahan la wey….


The Blueberry said...

Ala ciannyeee Kak Tipah... Takkan kerja lagi kot... Go see the doc and get some well-deserved rest!


alaaa. kesyiaaan nyeee,

drink lots of water (air suam).
bubur nasi... atau chicken soup.
lots and lost of rest.
tapi pergi doktor-lah...check up sikit.

take care,my dear. kesyiaaan.

elviza said...

Dearest Sue,

Alamak.... I baru jer semangat berkobar kobar untuk membaca blog you after my hiatus is over (or so I thought)....tup tup you saket pulak.

Anyway, take care. Go see you know who. Dont skip medication and the antibiotic must be finished my friend.

Get well soon!!!

the kimster said...

makan ubat
minum air
read a good book


Sue, hope u are better now.

Here's wishing us all a Happy International Women's Day!

Typhoon Sue said...

Thanx everyone! I'm still under the weather, but compared to yesterday and the day before, I'm feeling much better now. Merci beaucoup.