Thursday, March 08, 2007


Yesterday (7/3/2007), a tiny tiny news in Other News And Views at page 30 of The Star caught my eyes:-

“First Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman’s birthday, February 8 should be declared a national holiday, an MIC branch says.

Makkal Ossai said a resolution to the effect was passed at the Simpang Renggam MIC’s 27th annual district meeting recently.

P.Ramakrishnan, president of the Sri Renggam MIC branch who made this proposal, said that Tunku had done much for the country, ensuring that the three major races were united and maintained good ties.”

With all due respect to the late Tunku and what he has done for this country, I don’t think the country needs another public holiday-- although I must admit, another side of me (the lazy employee side) would say, AYE! AYE! We want more! We want more!

Seriously, all laziness aside, do we really need one more?

A quick check shows that we already have a total of 14 public holidays and this doesn’t include the ones applicable at state level only. Meanwhile, United States has a total of 10 public holidays per year; Australia has 8, and Singapore 11.

An American friend of mine once commented that we have too many holidays, and this results in lack of productivity in the workplace. Although I resented that statement at that particular time, in hindsight, I can’t help but agreeing to it now. Yes, we do have too many of those, but it is not something that we can easily avoid since we have 3 major races in this country and the religious/cultural festivities of each one must be considered.

In contrast, America’s public holidays, with the exception of Christmas and Thanksgiving, are generally not based on religious/cultural festivities, but on historical significance such as Martin Luther King Jr’s Day, Washington’s Birthday, Columbus Day, Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day and Independence Day and internationally accepted standards such as New Year’s Day and Labour Day.

I’m sure someone would take this as a cue to say, “See? The US honours Washington, their first President by declaring his birthday a holiday and therefore we should honour Tunku our first PM the same way”. Well, if that is so, then we must also have Parameswara Day and a bunch of other holidays since we have a multitude of great persons and names in our history. Let us all then have Hang Tuah’s Day, Tok Janggut’s Day, Mahsuri’s Day, Yap Ah Loy’s Day, Sambanthan’s Day, Dr.M’s Day, just to name a few.

Better still, let us all declare all the other special days that we know of as public holidays as well; Valentine’s day, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Teachers’ Day, Children’s day, April Fool’s Day, and most importantly today, the International Women’s Day. Let this day be a holiday!

Heck, let us just have holidays all year round and only declare the days we actually have to work, that’ll be easier.


Bloggers all over are calling for women bloggers to show solidarity on this special day by putting up posts celebrating women, and here I am writing about wanting more holidays. Doesn’t reflect too well on girl-power, does it?

Oh what the heck! It’s girl-power with a twist. I attribute this to the flu bug still nesting inside me. I’m still under the weather, yet I’m not in bed moaning and whining. I’m at work, busting my butt off trying to earn a living. There.


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NJ said...

Happy International Women's Day Sue!

elviza said...

"I’m at work, busting my butt off trying to earn a living. There."

Hear Hear my friend. I am in the same predicament. Argh....

Happy International Women'd Day Sue.

And no, we dont need more public holidays PakLah. No. Plain No.
What's up with you man?

Desparil said...


just passing by.. and feel like sharing my 2 cents..

i would like to add Sept 16 as a national holiday. that's the day Malaya, Sarawak, Sabah & Spore joined to form MALAYSIA. we're citizens of MALAYSIA, we celebrate the independence of Malaya but not the creation of our own country?

the foreigners have less public holidays but if you take into account christmas and summer holidays.. things just about even out i think.

Elviza said...

Hello Desparil,

I am so sorry about this but the brits still work during the summer hols you know

Chubby said...

Hi Sue...

Great to be back in touch...

See ya!