Thursday, March 29, 2007


There is a light hint of migraine in my head, which, if unchecked would evolve to a severe head-splitting, eye-gouging, barf-inducing one that will cause me to wonder around the office bumping into things and looking like a zombie.

I’ve popped a couple of Panadol Actifast and hope that it will go away soon. The small ones like this normally can go away with immediate Panadol action. If it has unfortunately transgressed to the severe one, God-forbid, there’d be nothing that I could do other than to sleep it off.

I’ve had this since I hit puberty. At first I didn’t know that this is what they call migraine. To me it was just a headache that came every so often, particularly on hot sunny days or when I’m in a crowded noisy place. Later, I realized that it comes regularly once a month just before something else.

Lucky for me, I have never been dependent on painkillers to wipe out the pain. I’ve always had a high pain threshold and therefore able to bear the attacks if they’re not too severe.

Panadol Actifast come in handy only when I’m having the attack in my office or anywhere where I can’t sleep it off. Otherwise, if I’m at home, I’ll just have a shower and go straight to bed no matter what time it is.

I have a friend who, back in school, while I was relieving my pain by sleeping it off, she was popping one painkiller after another. Now, many many years later, my migraine attacks are at the same level then and hers have gone up 12 notches- there wouldn’t be a migraine attack on her without the accompanying stomachache and vomiting. Scary!

According to doctors, the body can develop tolerance of drugs if we are too dependent on it. In other words, if we pop one too many pills, sooner or later, that pill ain’t gonna work for us no more. The attacks would be more severe and we would have to get stronger drugs to counter it. Which is why for me, sleep is the best remedy available.

I was trying to find some information on migraine and check out what I found:-

1.Migraine attacks about 15% of people 40 years and below.
2.First attack takes place between the ages of 5 and 30.
3.Usually starts during puberty with equal ratio for both boys and girls.
4.When at the age of 40, it affects 60% women and 40% men.
5.70% of migraine patients are inherited.
6.Migraine attacks could be moderate, severe with occurrence rate once every two years or one to three times a week.
7.Personality wise, migraine patients are perfectionist, compulsive, ambitious and USUALLY VERY INTELLIGENT.

Now, I like No.7 very da much, thank you.. While I do not admit nor deny the accuracy of the first 3 traits, the fourth one, ehem, is VERY DA TRUE!!! Although, how they associate head-splitting headache with intelligence, I have no idea. Perhaps, when your head splits, the brain gets fresh air and the mind works wonders. But then, this gives a new meaning to airhead, innit?

8.Behavior wise, they tend to be tense, sensitive, vulnerable to frustration and prone to obsessions.

My friends would say this is 100% accurate! I am always tense, always very sensitive, rather vulnerable emotionally and prone to depression AND always OBSESSED about everything.

It’s a no-brainer that anyone having a headache would be tense, not to mention being very sensitive to everything. But I’ve never thought that my emotional vulnerability and obsessions had anything to do with my migraine attacks.

So now, when I’m obsessing about cleaning my hands or counting shrimps at the supermarket, I know it’s because of migraine that I’m like that. Or when I have to match the colours of my clothes to the colours of my undergarments, it is because I’m a migraine sufferer.

Now, the best part:-

9.Migraine however will subside after menopause.


So, I have to look forward to menopause, izzit???


venus said...

Hi Sue, I'm an old lady.Almost everyday i came here. your room. but i never leave any footstep because of my "ugly" english.but for today i dont know why...something from inside forced me to write. who's care about my english. hope you can accept me with your open heart.what i love most is reading. The blogs i like mostly like yours, even i got you through bro Rocky. I enjoyed all the entries you wrote...hahah an old lady tried to hard to adapt herself into the cyber world...

NJ said...

I told ya I find you smart, funny, etc, besides your writing which is so cheeky. So now I know it is bcoz of the migraine, izzit? Hehe...

But, go easy sista, don't get stressed out so easily....

Fauziah Ismail said...

Wahhhhh ... we are in the USUALLY VERY INTELLIGENT group? Is it because we use our brain much more than others that we get migraine?
Take two ponstan and sleep. My doctor always prescribes that when I go to him with migraine.

Typhoon Sue said...

hi venus,
welcome to my humble abode. it doesn't matter if your english is flawed. In here, there's no english teacher to mark your essays. and it doesn't matter what age group you're in, you're always welcomed here. Leave a note always, ya!

Ya. Now, besides blaming it on the rain, i can blame everything else on migraine.

yes, we are in the very intelligent punya group. So, those people who are not so intelligent, they should hope and pray to get migraine so thay can be smarter.

KC said...

Hi TS,
Been reading you and must say I enjoy your entries. Very much. I wish I could write like u :)

Anyways, back to the migraine thingy, my husband has cronic migraine. His will always be followed by vomitting and stomache, jez like ur fren.

Like you, hubby has high pain threshold and never been dependent on any drugs. He feels better after vomitting and the casual 'caffigot' (spelling) he would take if it's too splitting for him.

Of late , he has been on this Gamogen (made of gamat asli), a product we came accross fr one of the programs on TV3 (now, this sounds very much like free marketing for this product kan).

He is into his second bottle now (started his first a month ago) and I must say, with God's permit, he has definitely gotten better. No longer unbearable migraine which makes me more sane as his wife (I go nuts each time he has one, I get so worried).

Similarly been hearing rave reviews abt this product from a whole lot of other peeps. Trylah.

*sorry, panjang pulak comment!* :)

pugly said...

Lepas menopause migraine hilang, but benda lain pulak datang. So how?

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

i don't suffer from migraine, i guess i am with very little brain after all.

Typhoon Sue said...

does it really work? I tengok gamat macam tak lalu je nak pegang, much less nak makan. I heard rasanya pun bitter kan? tak tau le... maybe I'll try it in the future. thanks for the tips.

after menopause I'm sure there'll be something else to look forward too plak.

babe dear, people with very little brain don't normally claim to have very little brain. ;)

KC said...

I pun tak lalu. But this one has got flavors whooo...i think it's orange flavor ke apa tah. Hubby said 'biasa aje rasa dia' :)
So far, so good for him. But of course tak adalah nak ok almost immediately. Another person I know swear it worked wonders for her when she was into her 4th bottle. Now, it's totally gone kata dia. Wallahualam.

elviza said...

Dear Sue,

Please come to the Press Club tomorrow at 5.30 pm. Hope to see you

IHateAdsense said...

hallo sue!

wow.thx for the vry informative facts
on migraine. i'm juzt 19 and itz my 1st migraine attack.same as ya,i tot it was juz a typical headache.not idea wat the hell migraine is but heard of it many times b4. it until the extent that i collapsed the ground that i tot how serious i was n goto doctor.

The Doc gave Ponstan. n thnk god it subside with half of ponstan.hehe

wow, are ya a lawyer? i'm 1st year law student at UM, in case u wanna noe.hehekh........c ya

Typhoon Sue said...

for migraine, you have to manage it in order not to get the attacks so frequently. if u wake up in the morning and feel a tinge of it at your temple, stay out of the sun and crowded places, stay away from coffee and leave your MP3 player behind. there's no cure, just proper management.

and don't depend too much on ponstan

good luck with your law studies.