Tuesday, March 20, 2007

TV Talk

I am a child of TV. Can’t live without it. I was born and raised in an era where High Chapparal was ‘THE” adventure series not to be missed and Quincy M.E. was ‘THE’ C.S.I. of the old days.

TV was different back then. Sex and violence were dealt with class. There are no PG ratings to be had. Everybody can watch anything, and the issue of censorship; almost nil.

I can’t remember exactly when colour TVs made its way to this country -- I was too small then, I think-- but what I remember was that I was a little bit upset because our black and white Sierra TV was still in very good condition that nobody even talked about getting it replaced with a new coloured one. How I pouted for months for not being able to watch my favourite cartoons in technicolor!

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Me And My B&W TV

As a kid, I think my whole life revolved around TV. I even made my own TV list to refer to at all times, just so I don’t miss my favourite shows - Woody Woodpecker, Bugs Bunny, The Flinstones, Ultraman, just to name a few.

My mother still talks fondly about the old TV shows like Dr. Kildare and many others, which I don’t even know because that was way before I was born. But I get why she misses shows from those times, because I miss some of those from my childhood too. Though very different, it’s not as if TV shows back then were way better than the ones we have now. It’s just that it seems that anything from the days of yore always manage to make you feel good about something. It’s the nostalgia factor methinks.

(On the other hand, I think my mother loves Dr. Kildare simply because she’s secretly in love with Richard Chamberlain – she watched Shogun religiously, and would always plonk herself right in front of the TV if this guy is on any show - but that’s another story.)

And what about the local TV shows, eh? Remember Opah? Gosh, I can’t for the life of me remember the essence of a local TV drama I saw a few weeks ago -- something about a boy who was adopted -- but I can remember Opah like it was yesterday.

Looking at some of the stuff on TV now, I feel like puking my guts out sometimes. Ever see “What Women Want”? That was a sad sad excuse of a reality show. Then there’s these countless talk shows hosted by a multitude of young, pretentious, not-so-bright glamour-babes and glamour-blokes whom I suspect can’t even spell sensational yet tries to sensationalize everything from the choice of wardrobe to the choice of life partners. And what about those silly catchphrases that these kids on TV come up with to make themselves ‘one of a kind’, so to speak, such as “Watchaaa!!” and a host of other stupid ones? Arrrghh!!! Don’t get me started on that!

I wish someone on TV can come up with something better to watch, something that doesn’t make the audience cringe, something that is smart yet easy to digest, something we can all be proud of. I hope this is not just wishful thinking. Perhaps, somebody is working on something along this line even right now. Guess we just have to wait and see if that ever happens.

In the meantime, can somebody bring back Opah? Man, I love that show. Loved Kathy, Burn and Boboy – Opah’s grandkids, and of course Opah herself, that dear dear old grandma whom everybody loved. And in the early episodes, there was the late Mustafa Noor playing hubby to Yasmin Yusoff’s character. I absolutely loved the guy! For some strange reason, I remember one particular line he said,

Mustafa Noor: (Reading) Ibu kucing sangat sayang kepada anak-anaknya (paused, eyes glazed and deep in thought, then said, almost as if subconsciously), tapi tak semua ibu sayang kepada anak-anaknya….”

Aduh….. sayu siot!

I love the old TV shows, really.

Gawd, I'm OLD....

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Elviza said...


Judging from the tv programmes you mentioned, I think we belong to the same age group.

I loved Opah to bits. Still can remember it clearly.

Yeah, we are old!

chubby said...

Sue dearie

Well, OPAH was a great drama back then... I love it too!

As for me...hmm I am not that old. LOL!

Typhoon Sue said...

elviza, I'm feeling especially old today, but old is ok though right? Much like paintings and art pieces, it gets better with age.

chubby, I still can't get around the fact that u call yourself chubby.... hehehe
ooo...hang tak old yea? Perasan lah lu!!!! You and I, we're the same age ok? :)

Typhoon Sue said...

and oh... pembetulan... Mustafa Noor's line goes like this... "Ibu kucing sangat sayang kepada anak-anaknya......... tapi tak semua ibu macam ibu kucing......"

for some reason, I haven't been able to edit the posting once it's up.

Kak Teh said...

sue, what a coincidence! I just interviewed someone who acted in Opah - she was also a veteran broadcaster! will reveal thename soon. You know what i remember abt black and white tv? - the test patterns before and after the start of programmes. also, the frequent announcement: Siaran tv tergendala.

X-Matters said...

Hi Sue,
High Chaparral and Manolito? Who can forget that? What about the Cartwrights in Bonanza or the Barkleys The Big Valley? Those were classic Westerns where Michael Landon (Little House of the Prairie, another classic) and Lee “Bionic Man” Majors got their big break. Those were the years of great acting. Watched Fashion House lately? Bo Derek is a perfect kayu, don’t you think?
As for local programmes, can anyone remember Pok Amai-Amai? Potret Pekerti?
The first time I saw Mustaffa Noor was on one of local dramas before Opah. His Bahasa Malaysia baku was refreshing.
These days, I watch local dramas only if they’re A comedy. Stupid as they may be, at least its better than the heavy melodramatic “cinta” and “korporat”-based ones.
p/s Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours is cool, too.

Typhoon Sue said...

kakteh..... u didn't mean yasmin yusoff, didja? she's hardly a veteran! u meant someone else obviously.. must be the father, what's his name? I can't remember.... ok I'll wait for your post on it.

x-matters: yea... that cheeky manolito, who can forget him?
true... the cinta and korporat theme is so lame, every other local drama carries that theme now. Boring ah!

The Blueberry said...

Hahahaaa me too!!! I'm such a TV addict I ended up studying broadcasting so I could know what made the TV tick hahhahaaa (pathetic kan?)... Those were the days, we had a B&W TV for a while before we switched to color in the early 80s. I used to remember, bila malam yang ader citer Melayu klasik je jiran-jiran semua datang memenpel, siap bawak makanan ringan lagi hahahahaaa... Semalam dalam Desperate Housewives, when I saw that scene where they all "serbu" rumah Bree to watch the hostage situation, I teringat kisah lama masa kat kampung dulu!

PS: My mom peminat setia Manolito hahaha. And of course Bobby Ewing. Tapi mak I yang tak reti cakap omputih tu telah meniru sebutan America sebijik-sebijik so dia akan sebut "Babby Ewing" awww tak seswaiii...

pugly said...

Don't forget the classic `The plane! The plane!' (Fantasy Island) :-D

... and Starsky & Hutch, & The Professionals, & Murder She Wrote ...

& the list goes on & one ...

Sigh. They don't make them like they used to, do they?

suhaimi sulaiman said...

That's why I prefer watching 'Animal Planet' -- tak der conflict, senang, dan tak marah. Hyena makan korban singa. Singa gaduh ngan hyena.

Typhoon Sue said...

hahaha! sama la kita... except that jiran2 i dulu dtg nak tompang tgk boxing dgn wrestling. Makanan ringan tak yah cakap le, cokodok & ketupat pun diaorg bawak!

i remember fantasy island too, except that I hated it,.... bukan apa, I think as a kid, i takut dgn org kenit...

and charlie's angels, the avengers (I had joanna lumley's bob haircut then), the incredible hulk, ... apa lagi ah, lupa dah...

yea, they don't make it like they used too.

eh, apa plak tak de konflik che mie, lagi byk apa.... tu dlm Sex In The Wild, kan macam2 citer tu, 2 beradik boya boleh berebut 1 girl, 4 sekawan ulaq boleh lawan sampai mati for a quickie, male dolphins 'play' with each other, female praying mantis eat her hubby after mating, ... ish, pendek kata, macam2 lagi lah!

Anonymous said...

I've always thought that it would be much better if the government allowed us to choose the size of the antennas that we can install instead of the "saucer" size type imposed on us.
Watching TV would have been much more enjoyable as we can receive signals from most parts of the world.
As it is now, we can only receive what the local channels and Astro can offer us.
What's your take on this?

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

father in opah was razali buyong. good lord i remember!!!!

colour tv came to our shores in the late 70s, probably 77 0r 78.

i remember ultraman back then in b&w. waaaay much better than today's ultraman.

and i remember, in my ketaksuban in not wanting to miss the opening credits of the jetsons at 5pm, i peed under the table in the room just to save time from going to another section of the house just to get to the toilet.

my mom thought it was my brother who peed.

i hope my mom is not reading this.

Manal said...

Klaka laa, suee...

"dia seorang tua...pengasih dan penyayang....tak pernah hidup duka....bersama kluarganya....ini kisah anaknya, 4 org semuanya...seorang tiada punya yang tidaklah berkluarga...dalam suasana kluarganya....dia serba tak senang...namun hatinya tetap riang, w/pon hidupnya sorg....di antara cucunya, 3 yang amat dikenali mengikut ragam dunia muda mudi...ini la kisah kluarga opah dgn anak cucunya tak pernah sunyi dari suasana suka duka...."

I sang that since i was in my kindy years. And not long after that: PJ holdings with aziz singah.

Typhoon Sue said...

Anonymous (I would’ve preferred responding to a named person though):-

Alas, what I know of broadcasting and TV signals and antennas are about as much as I know about football (which is zilch!).

What I do know is that, the parabolic dish (or as you put it, the saucer type antenna) is the one manufactured for Astro. Since Astro is the only satellite TV provider in Malaysia, we really have no choice in the shape of the antenna. As for regular TV, haven’t you seen the herring-bone type antenna? Or the type that you stick into a slot on top of the TV and adjust accordingly? The one that nobody ever uses anymore since everybody have astro these days….?

Anyway, it’s true that satellite dishes are allowed in many other parts of the world. It is used mainly for TV signals but it can also be used for communication in general. This means, there is a possibility that those dishes, if left unchecked, may be used for the wrong reasons.

So in Malaysia, where the flow of information is very very controlled and even us bloggers are pressured to write ‘responsibly’ lest we be accused of speaking from our rectums, I don’t see universal satellite dish being on a list of future items to be approved by the government. And as far as my take on the channels received by us, my butt is already glued to my couch as it is, I don’t think I need more reason not to ever get up from it.

Typhoon Sue said...

good lord, you remember!!!!! har har har

yea u're right, I just learned from RTM website that they started broadcasting in colour in 1978, so colour TVs made its way here only since then.

you peed under the table??? LOL
yea... I hope ur mom isn't reading this... hehehe

whoa.... siap ingat wordings semua lagik.... caya la lu.. thanks, i actually remember the tune when i saw the words. Hope nobody heard me sing just now -- they would've accused me of causing the downpour in the city at this moment.

and ah yes,... PJ - Puspajaya Holdings right? remember that one too.