Thursday, April 05, 2007

Of Locks and Crocs

I have a thing with locks. When I was a kid, I loved playing with doors, particularly the locks and latches on it. Once when I was 3 or 4 years old, I played with a door, latched it closed and then screamed my head off when I couldn’t get out of the room. It took my family a whole afternoon to unlatch the door using a bamboo pole through the window. Luckily it was a downstairs bedroom, or else someone would have to hang on to dear life with his butt hanging out the window ledge on the top floor.

Thus began my series of mishaps with locks.

As a kid in boarding school, all my possessions were placed in my locker and locked away securely with a padlock. Many a time, when I was in a hurry, I put the padlock on and rushed off elsewhere only to remember later that I left the keys in the locker.

I had to use a hockey stick to break the padlock open.

After numerous incidences of this nature, I got myself a keyless padlock, only to forget the combination on the very first day I used it. Again, the hockey stick came to the rescue.

Even now, as an adult, I’m not spared of the occasional embarrassment of locking myself out of my office and recently, out of my car. But no, a hockey stick was never used on my car. No way, man! I took a cab all the way back home to get a spare key.

I now have a phobia about locking myself out, I never even close the door to my room at the office anymore.

Like I said, I have a thing with locks.

This morning, I came out my front door and tried to open my shoe cabinet. Because of the many shoe theft incidents in my area, I had to put a lock on it to avoid losing my shoes to punks. I discovered to my horror that the padlock combination won’t work. I must’ve changed the numbers without realizing it. Damn!

Only this time, I didn’t have a hockey stick with me. Damn! Damn!

So today I’m wearing a pair of old shoes which fortunately were not kept in the cabinet along with the others, otherwise I might have had to wear my bright red crocs to work.

And speaking of crocs, those shoes are butt ugly aren’t they?

I used to think that I wouldn’t be caught dead in one of those, but the minute I put them on, they’re so comfortable I didn’t even care if it’s a total mismatch to my outfit.

Thus, I’m thinking of getting myself a new pair, perhaps in yellow. There’s something about wearing striking coloured shoes over bland attire. It may be so Phua Chu Kang, yet it is also so in style these days. It’s weird how trends come and go, and as far as Crocs are concerned, it is a trend that has been here a while and is not leaving anytime soon.

On that thought, perhaps I’ll get myself a blue one too. Crocs rule!!!

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A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

blue's boring. green and orange look exciting.

anyway, do you lock the door when you are in the bathroom?

Manal said...

Sandal chap ape tu?

How about luggage? ever let urself in the same locked problem too?

I plak case claustrophobic. Though it isnt up to the acute level, i still feel much2 better with any room/place where i know there's window there so i can literally breathe easily even if i am locked inside. Ok , this sounds more like fear of suffocation kot.

Typhoon Sue said...

the blue in the pic is boring. I'm thinking of light blue actually

i like to lock things up, so yes, i lock the bathroom door if I'm in it. but once I'm out i don't even close the door because I'm scared of locking myself out, unless of course if there's odour to be concealed then that's a different story. :)

it's kasut chap boya. sedap pakai whooo... cuba try test, ok!

luggage, ah yes. the peril of a bumbling traveller. locked luggage is not uncommon for me.

fear of suffocation is a part of claustrophobia isn't it? ya, i know the feeling. I can't stand stuffy room either. I'll start breathing heavily and the person next to me will be giving me weird looks. ;)

Fauziah Ismail said...

Hi Sue
I used to have problems with locks. No longer now as I have a bigger problem ... with passwords.
I have to go through a list of words (my niece's name, the other half's, favourite colour, favourite actor, birth date etc etc) before I get the right one.
Lucky for me the apartment is not "intelligent" enough to be password-enabled or else, I can easily be locked out of my own home.
Have a good weekend.

elviza said...

Dearest Sue,

ha ha ha! welcome to the foot liberation. I ve been liberated or rather my feet have been!

Just like you, I also dont care if it doesnt match with anything else that I am wearing.

Yes its butt ugly, BUT utterly utterly comfortable.

Typhoon Sue said...

for passwords, use the same username and the same password for everything la. or if you need variation, use a few sets of username and corresponding passwords. makes it all that much easier.

have a good weekend too ya!

aha! another crocs fan. :)

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

nasihat dari seorang yg berkecimpung dalam bidang keselamatan rangkaian secara amatur: it is not advisable to use the same password for all your online activities.

masalahnya bila dah tua, memory pun kurang, and you forget your passwords.


NJ said...

Hmm... I used to have similar predicaments in remembering passwords. Now my system is pretty simple, I just stick to one significant no i.e. wedding date etc, then add the subject matter as the prefix. So my blog is BLOGyymmdd, my Yahoo! is YMyymmdd, and so on so forth. So far it works well.

Oh yeah, nice selection of croc sandals. Selalu try2 tapi tak beli lagi hehehe.

Kak Teh said...

locks? why is it that every time i travel, i have to buy new padlocks! i have so many keys without locks and locks without keys!

Typhoon Sue said...

i don't see the need for such security concerns. after all, I don't do my banking online. I'm paranoid that way.

my online activities only include blogging about nothing, emailing dirty pics, illegal downloading of mp3s, and at best, subscribing to, ehem, juicy juicy sites!

beli la satu, sedap pakai whoooo...

ya la, why ah?

chubby said...

Hey sue
talking abt crocs... my children have one each of a different colour. Now, my daughter even wearing her pink crocs with her baju kurung. *sigh* but it look nice... hmmm

The Blueberry said...

Hey Sue! Sorry lama tak visit, busy going around the roundabout.

Eeeekkk!!! Crocs! They're so ugly I'm afraid to even try them on! Sorry I don't share your sentiments about this. I'll hang on tight to my Vinccis.

Locks, haha. I hate the stupid auto-lock (door ones) that locks automatically once you shut your door. My apartment used to have them for the front door, until the day both Hubba Bubba and I cheerfully exited the apartment without taking any of our keys. Hahaha that was a great big laugh. Malam pulak tu. Huhuhuu so that night the neighbors were entertained with some horrendous banging by the locksmith. He had to knock off the old auto-lock system and install a new one (normal knob). Hahahaaa... Stupid locks.

KC said...

Sumpah, I look ugly in those! LOL!

But I so love its colours and ghupe dia. Nampak yummylicious.
I wished I could wear one of those, really.

Typhoon Sue said...

MY chubby one:
kids love those! my niece too, wear her blue crocs with baju kurung, and on hari raya plak tuh!

belum cuba belum tau meh...

errr.... the LOCKS were stupid? ;)
hahahaha..jgn marah!

Sumpah, I look ugly in those too.
But then again, I look ugly even without them, so there!

just wear 'em lah.

The Blueberry said...


Yeah, really! The locks were stupid! (Heh heh I get your drift).