Friday, April 20, 2007


A client of mine is supposed to sign some legal documents in his home country in South Korea since he is not coming to KL anytime soon. The thick bundle was sent to him with specific instructions as to where to sign and who is to attest to the signing.

(For those not familiar with attestation rules, all affidavits, statutory declaration and land office forms for use in Malaysia must be signed in the presence of either a Notary Public or a Consular/Diplomatic Officer of the Malaysian Embassy/High Commision if the document is signed outside of Malaysia.)

This client of mine emailed me, “Where do I find this Consular Officer of the Malaysian Consulate?”

I wanted to tell him, “At the Malaysian Consulate lah bodoh!!!!!”, but I held back and just gave him the address and telephone no. of the embassy.

He emailed back saying it’s too far from his office and he won’t go there.

Fine then. Notary Publics are acceptable too, I told him.

The next few exchanges are of him insisting to know where he can find a Notary Public and particularly, one that is nearest to him. After much persuasion, not to mention instruction from above, I was compelled to assist him on that.

So there I was, in front of my computer all day, looking for information on the net on the whereabouts of some very-hard-to-find Notaries in a city where I have never even been to. I downloaded 3 maps of the whole bloody place, uptown, downtown and central, and I was basically scouring every inch of the maps to ensure the addresses I give him would be within short travelling distance from either his office or home.

As luck would have it, I managed to find one notary office just a stone’s throw away from where he works (yes, I measured the distance too, and yes he can throw a stone from his office to the notary’s).

There was no more problem from this client as to the location, but there were about 12 million other issues that he raised which he could’ve resolved on his own had he lifted a bloody finger. On many of those stupid issues, I just wanted to scream at him,


But considering this guy is such a big shot and my instructions were to suck up to people like him, I kept my mouth shut.

Isn’t it weird that I was sitting here 2400 miles away giving street directions to this guy in his own city and telling him how to find people there and how to deal with them?

That said, I’ve got the street map of Seoul permanently etched in my brain and I’m sure I will never get lost there.

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Kak Teh said...

nowadays with internet, google and what not, there's no excuse not to find anything. having said that, there are still many people like yr korean client.

J.T. said...

Oh my god! you poor thing.
Some people know they have the power to just sit back and let others to the work for them.
Let's put it this way. At least when you go to Seoul, you won't be lost.

the witch's broo said...


No wonder you get sick of what you are doing sometimes..

Fauziah Ismail said...

"Malas" must be your client's middle name. And because he's the client and you're the service provider, you're at his mercy.
Don't you wish you could just dump him?

elviza said...

Dearest Sue,

BODO nya mamat sorang nih....

Sometimes clients think that lawyers are supposed to SOLVE EVERYTHING. Including issues that does not need any thinking at all.

Sorry your day went bad my friend

Manal said...

hahahaha....he can literally campak a batu...hahahah....

I'd react like u too, but i am sure u r more of a saint in dealing with one big pain in the arse. Esp when u had no choice and u just so hate it coz u just so know it. Now, bagus ke commission dia after all those 2400 miles help?

Just a little info: u cud now start planning a holiday to seoul by booking a bargain package during the sept MATTA fair. Plenty of good offers there. After all, u dah hafal segala cerok city tu as the consequence hehe...

KC said...

'Tangankan' aje orang macam ni Sue. Tak cukup tangan you, meh sini I pinjamkan tangan I. Memang pantang tok nenek kalau deal with this kinda people.

It's even worse when you have to suck up to them upon specific instruction.

Eh, jangan lupa let me know if you need extra tangan ya.

Typhoon Sue said...

ya, you can find everything online these days. if I can find it 2400 miles away, I'm sure he could've gotten it much easier, with a simple phone call perhaps.

ya, i know. I'm already planning my next vacation there. :)

the witch's broo:
can you brew some potion for me? make me not hate my job so much. :)

actually, his middle name is the korean currency. so, maybe that's why he's so like that wan....

too often, I'm stuck doing things that are soooo outside my scope of work. Some of these people are so mengada-ngada.

yup, I'm already thinking of a trip there. Looking forward to that travel fair for great bargains.

i pakai kaki aje boleh tak?

KC said...

Mula2 memang ingat nak offer kaki, tapi didn't want to sound too crude. Rupanya u lagi brutal! LOL!

NJ said...

Sue, I think with your intimate knowledge of Seoul, you can make a good tourist guide. Hehe.. I for one might sign up under u.. tapi takut jugak sebab u garang, takut kena kaki wekekehkeh..