Wednesday, May 30, 2007

NOBODY MOVE! I’ve drop'd mi brain.

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I’m telling ya, that Captain Jack Sparrow is a hoot! He’s kooky and he’s floosy and he’s one of a kind. Ain’t nobody like him, that Jack. I have to admit, the only reason I would go watch Pirates of The Caribbean: At World’s End is because of him.

Loved Johnny Depp to bits since his 21 Jump Street era. Loved him even more for Edward Scissorhands. Love him uncontrollably after Pirates of The Caribbean- The Curse of The Black Pearl. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Saw the movie last night, and although I was expecting to come out of it feeling happy and rejuvenated, I’m sad to say that halfway through, I was desperately wishing it would end.

The movie was too long and too complicated. At the end, I was left to wonder who did what to whom and a whole lot of other whys and hows. I wished everybody just stop discussing it and explain to me the whole thing in slow motion because somewhere along the movie, I got really really lost and was more confused than a Masai bushman in hollywood. In other words, I would say as Jack said it, “Nobody move, I’ve drop'd mi brain!”.

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I wish At World’s End would have been shortened and simplified. That would’ve made for a much better watch. Scenes like Calypso’s emergence is totally unnecessary unless they expanded on it (which is not a good idea in an already too draggy a movie).

Davy Jones was his usual tentacled self. The attempts to romanticize his relationship with Tia Dalma, although not without merit, were a little bit icky for my taste.

James Norrington redeemed himself, at least to the lovely Miss Swann. But he could have been given a more dignified ending. He is after all, the one character in the movie that is straight as an arrow, both in terms of the law and morality.

Captain Barbossa was perfectly executed by Geoffrey Rush. This is a character we all love to hate.

Sao Feng, Chow Yun-Fatt’s widely publicized role, was somewhat a disappointment. He could do much more than his 15 minutes of fame in here. Under-utilized, that’s all I can say.

The wedding-- both proposal and ceremony -- in the middle of the battle was wayyyyyyy too cheesy. What were hell were they thinking????

The other characters are ok I guess. The cast members were so-so. I’m not crazy about Orlando Bloom. I’m not crazy about Keira Knightley either. But Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow, now, there’s the man whom everybody hate to love, but love him they do nonetheless.

And oh, Jack the monkey, he’s fabulous too.

Ratings: * * * * * * * * * *


a babe of very short attention span said...

i am in love with barbossa. in love with davy jones' accent.

and depp and keith richards could be brothers in real life. they were so alike in the movie.

J.T. said...

I have not seen this movie yet but someone in Malaysia told me it was not worth seeing it. (awww)
I always loved Johnny Depp, especially from his 21 Jumpstreet days. I recently rented those old episode just to see how handsome he was in those days.
Although I like him lots, I just can't stand it when he looks scruffy. I still like the clean-cut Depp. He was just lovely in 'Chocolat' (not too clean cut there). Wasn't that him who acted with Juliet Binochet?
I know of one friend who loved Christopher Reeves so much that she went back to see his movie three times. The last time was just to watch him in his superhero outfit. How crazy is that? She did not want to bother with lines and conversations anymore. haha

elviza said...

Sue Dear,

Now, this Depp boy is really making women go watch the movie isnt it?

My best friend cant have enough of him. Be it movies, series, books and magazine with Depp's on, she watch/read it.

Was thinking to watch it soon but now after your review, I have doubts. I despise complicated story line. Defeat the purpose of a movie being a form of entertainment.

Entahlah, I m going berserk already. The clients are chasing me w/out mercy. Helppppp. Off to my secret tree house. See ya sooooon

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

belum tengok lagi..but,knowing me, I am always a victim of film review.Judging from yours, ni yang terasa nak cari Ahpek yang loiter around Chinatown with his big gym bag...of course full of pirate DVDs...

i take as yr rating was based on how you rate Johnny Depp himself?

Typhoon Sue said...

In love with barbossa? Get real, woman! He’s butt ugly!! And he’s old!!!

True, that davy jones has a nice accent. Despite the yucky tentacles, I actually like bill nighy in this character better than the old drunken rock star in love actually.

Depp and Richards could be brothers in real life except for one thing-- Johnny Depp is yummylicious when scrubbed clean whilst keith Richards look butt ugly either way.

I wouldn’t quite say it’s not worth seeing. It’s just that for a movie that’s supposed to be fun and entertaining, it was a bit of a disappointment. And despite coming out all blurred and confused, I was also dazzled by the special effects and tickled pink by both Jacks (Sparrow and monkey).

Go see it for the Depp factor alone.


I’m crazy about the guy, what can I say?

Now, you take it easy ok!

Hjh esah:

i take as yr rating was based on how you rate Johnny Depp himself?

6 stars out of 10
5 for Johnny Depp and 1 for the monkey

Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Sue
Seriously, if not for Jack Sparrow, I wouldn't be watching Pirates of the Caribbean myself.
And I haven't forgiven the chap who held me up in a meeting and made me missed the first half hour of the first Pirate movie!!!

J.T. said...

Okie dokie Sue, I will watch it for the Depp factor. :)

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

in the next pirates movie, i hope davy jones will come back to life. and Barbossa is SEXY. never mind about him being old. he's still sexy. in an evil kind you know.

pugly said...

There was a time when I swore I would lose my virginity to the one & only Johnny Depp (circa 21 Jump Street). Yes, I was that smitten.

Is it just me or does anyone else notice how he still looks the same after almost 20 years?

The Blueberry said...

There! And i thought I was the only one having trouble understanding the movie! hubba Bubba says it was because I didn't watch the second installment. So last night we watched together. And I still can't figure out who cheated whom using what in the third movie. I'm gonna need to watch it again and take notes this time!

Johnny Depp is highly commendable as usual, I think Jack Sparrow is hilarious. I still fancy Orlando Bloom solely for the cute factor (haha gimme a break lah wey. I'm a teenybopper fan lah). I think they screenwriters deserve a thunderous applause (even if it's just from me) because the pirates appear to have excellent vocabulary! I learnt plenty of new words!

Typhoon Sue said...

and the 1st pirate movie was the best one!

but if you didn't enjoy it, don't blame me ya!

sexy ke? must be that gigi emas

hahahaha! so u didn't get that lucky huh?

yea, he doesn't age a bit. but i think that will be explained in the next pirate movie (if they decide on no.4) which will definitely be abt the fountain of youth.

you're a sucker for cutesy actors aren't u?

ye lah! i thot pirates don't go to school. then how come they speak fancy english one? esp sao feng, bloody hell.... he spoke better english than the english

The Blueberry said...

Sue, yesterday Hubba Bubba (who was probably a pirate in secret) told me in depth what Pirates 3 is all about. He was very painstaking in his explanation but I still find it hard to understand.

PS: The skinny bloke with the fake eye also spoke very fancily you notice or not?...

Tiger Lily said...

I haven't seen it yet, but I was told the ending hinted at a POTC 4 possibility.

That true?

BTW, I was a pirate in a previous life.

Typhoon Sue said...

yup, everybody spoke fancily

tiger lily:
yes it does. If it does happen, we're gonna see jack tracing the steps of ponce de leon in search of the fountain of youth.

so u're a pirate eh? nice page u got there