Wednesday, May 09, 2007


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NO. Not that Paris.

This Paris.

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She’ll be spending 45 days in jail starting June 5 for driving without a license.


People are talking about this for days now and as always, I’m a little behind. But better late than never, as they say.

Anyway, Paris Hilton’s publicist told her that it’s okay to drive with a suspended license if it is for work purpose. So she did. And she was busted. And now she’s going to the Century Regional Correctional Facility in LA.


And oh, the publicist was fired the day after.

The ‘mansion’ our dear Paris is moving into is much bigger than her current place. Check out this pic:-

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In the meantime, her lawyers are working around the clock to appeal the sentence. And her fans are launching protests everywhere. And her friends started a petition to urge Governor Arnold Hard-To Pronounce-nagger to pardon her. Click here to view the Petition.


For all these people who spend their precious times protesting and organizing the “Free Paris Hilton” movement, I say, GET A LIFE!!!!!

Nonetheless, knowing how easy it is for celebrities to get away with things (remember OJ?), I’m sure she’ll not even set foot in that place. So, while the dear Ms Hilton is having sleepless nights worrying about having to trade in the $10,000 handkerchief she calls a tank top for the shabby prison jumpsuit that costs the same as a Big Mac, let me just savour this moment and continue rolling on the floor laughing like a monkey on cough syrup.



J.T. said...

Oh Sue... Paris Hilton is making your day huh?
You know, I never knew about her until that raunchy video got released by her ex boyfriend (or something like that - never bothered to find out). All of a sudden, Ms Barbie is in the limelight carrying that thing in her hand she calls a dog. A dog can walk! Put that pup down. It is not an accessory! jeez.
No, I am not envious of her money, name or beauty. She is just another hot story that will die out someday.
You'd think the press would have more pertinent stories to cover than the misfits of Ms Barbie.
Once Lady Patsy and I were walking in KLCC. When we saw that huge poster of her up in some boutique, we both said in unison "Can't stand that woman!"
You are not alone Sue. I hate to laugh at other people's misfortunes but Ms Barbie's antics for publicity just begs me to reconsider.
Allow me to join you in laughter.

elviza said...

Ah Sue, only youy would come with "like a monkey on cough syrup"

Now I have that image on my mind.

HE hee he he kaha kakakah (LOL)

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

I wonder what she'll do next? Another petition for her chihuahua to be allow access in the prison la agaknya? Very the darama queen kan?

Thanks for visiting...n...i like yr blog too.

KC said...

You naughty girl you!

...Ah, what da heck...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

*KC gelak golek-golek*

Laman said...
The otais frm the late nite talk show hosts jokes bout paris. love it!

NJ said...

You are so cruel :) But if u dont mind, I pon nak join sama...MUAHAHAHAH.. Way to Go PH!

Typhoon Sue said...

i'm still rolling on the floor, laughing my @$$ off.

laman, thanks for the link, it's hilarious!

The Blueberry said...

I memang suka mengikuti perkembangan Paris Hilton ni (hahahhaaaa you remember what I wrote in my tag kan Sue?) but that doesn't mean I am her fan. I am just fascinated at her ability to be "famous for being famous". I can betcha she's having the time of her life in jail, and when she comes out she'll probably have publishers knocking on her door begging for the privilege to publish her book on her jail experience. And she'll just make more money and be more famous! That's superficial Hollywood for you.

Sebenarnya ada ramai lagi yang macam dia nie, cuma kita tak berapa tau je (I selalu check website Perez Hilton dot com hahahahaaa)... Yang lagi teruk pun ada. Nak nyampah pun no point, diorang OK je, lagi kaya dan famous adalah.

So moral of the storynyer, errr... takde moral of the story hehehe...