Monday, May 21, 2007

Random Ramblings Not Worth Reading # 3

Busy Busy Busy

I have been rather busy these past few weeks. Work kept piling in as all of a sudden my boss remembered that i exist and decided to dump everything on me. I think this guy works according to planetary cycles or something. He kept hovering over me for the first few months I was here, dumping things on me and breathing down my neck and chasing me up and down the office, then he moved on to another associate, did the same thing to her and left me alone and relieved.

Just as I thought things are going on well, he’s back at it again. Things come in one after another and since I have to go out for meetings and stuff everyday, I haven’t been able to finish a damn thing. As always, when I’m most pressured to finish my work, I would always manage to make time to do something else totally unrelated to it—blogging, what else!

Lots of things need to be said, yet my lidah is so kelu untuk berkata-kata… Among other things, the royal wedding…. HUWAAAA!!!!!!!

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Lazy Lazy Lazy

My colleague Naz asked me what I did over the weekend. I was momentarily at a loss at what to say to make my weekend sound special, but then decided not to lie after all. So I admitted to spending my entire weekend at home, eat, sleep and watch TV.

There you go. A weekend of intensive face-stuffing and channel-surfing -- I think I saw Heroes 3 times, CSI twice and Hollow Man, yet again. I’m sure I managed to put on another pound or two after all that. So, let’s skip the bath scale for the next few weeks now, eh?

Anyway, I was supposed to clean up my backyard because it’s so messy. But as expected, I found an excuse not to do so-- I ran out of garbage bags.

Hey! It’s a perfectly valid excuse what…

So, aside from couch-potatoing which I managed to do with flying colours, the only other thing I did was to sprinkle salt on the snails I found crawling in my frontyard--another one of my favourite pastime.

Escargot, anyone?


J.T. said...

Escargot, Sue? hahaha
I'm imagining them cooked in garlic butter sauce now. :)
You know when that lazy thing hits us, we are somehow able to find valid excuses for not tackling them. I swear my corner of the living room is looking like an old warehouse for books and magazines. Just cannot get to it. I'd rather blog. My excuse - still reading them. hehe
So, what is your take on the royal wedding?
By the way, I linked you in my latest posting. There was a question about what I was doing a month ago. You came to mind.
Stay cool with work, ok? Do as you have done when pressured to deliver work - blog. Yeehaa!

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

astaghafirullah! kejamnya kamu. kesian snails itu semua!

i used to make ants as food-offering to spiders.

i also liked to watch ants from different colonies fight each other.

oh, sometimes i cut up the ants punya perut and watch them walking around looking cacat like that.

but more recently, i simply pour hot boiling water on ants' nests.

Typhoon Sue said...


excuses, excuses

(and that goes for me too)

My take on the royal wedding? Like I said, HUWAAAAA!!!!!

another eligible bachelor is eligible no more...
*sob sob*


yea, I'm kinda cruel like that .... tapi u lagi BRUTAL wey!!!


J.T. said...

Tumpang lalu ye Sue,

Babe, that is soooo brutal. But somebody's got do it. :D

Sue, I still haven't cleared out my magazines. What about you? I'll do mine when you do yours. hehe

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Some longggggggg thingy might appear soon.That time, how you wish siput babi is the only pet in your back animal kingdom...

Wehh..That Tuanku Zara is so cikeding...

elviza said...


adoh.... even when you in stress you can make me laugh. Poor snails!

You know when I am busy I will find all excuse in the world to blab on the phone, check my personal stuff, call the banks.... it's an illness!

Good luck with the boss Sister!

Typhoon Sue said...

like that ah?
looks like our junks are never going away then.... hahaha

hjh esah:
what long thingy? worms? hehehehe

ya lorrr... so cikeding that woman, and vewwy vewwy pweeety. I'm so jealous. No wonder he snubbed me. hahaha

ya la. I have tons of excuses for every occassion. and i never seem to be able to prioritise. like now, when my client is waiting by the fax machine for my letter which i have yet to draft, I am leisurely answering your comment in my blog before i proceed to that. How lepak am i?

Anonymous said...

This penyakit ,the one that forced you to read everything (including old newspaper from nasilemak pack or watching rerun of scoobydo)before actually embarking on the the actual duty has a name for it in german 'Gruntherbuich' .Such a person like me (some close resemblence to snail-traffic-controller the like of you ..kang you try to divert the snail track kan?) are called Gruntherbuichnic.

At least we got a grand name ma.

J.T. said...

Sue, what is Zara's title since she married Raja Nazrin?
The last time I saw her, she was a cutie pie ikut mak to the office to see her father. So, my ex colleague send me some photos of the wedding. So pretty and grown up she looks now (I think these are the same photos the public get to see).
I was working at her father's law firm for 5 years. Very nice man.

Typhoon Sue said...

errr... u tersilap blog ke dahling?

she's now Tuanku Zara, i believe the title is Raja Puan Besar Perak Tuanku Zara.

Mr Hobo said...

u lied? well u're a lawyer ... u do that for a living ... hehehe (lawyer bashing mode)

Typhoon Sue said...


u calling me a liar?

*turning green & bulky ala the hulk*


Mr Hobo said...

You don't lie ... just hide the truth ja kan? (spraying water on typhoon sie)

Typhoon Sue said...

eeeee.... nih apa sembur2 air kat orang nih????

i say what needs to be said. that's all i can say.

*takes out a massive water cannon*

jaga-jaga hobo....
amboi...lama tak masuk sini, dah masuk asyik nak tembak org plak ye?

The Blueberry said...

Gruntherbuichnic?? Well if that's what it's called then I am a die-hard Gruntherbuichnic. Lately I Gruntherbuich by sending my own so-called recipes to Mesra.Net's recipe listing. Ironically, I can't cook to save my life, so you can just imagine just how hard I work at refraining from doing my actual work...

Oh, BTW, I find great joy in spraying water from a hose onto a lipas and then watch it wiggle and run and try to find dry ground. Of course I will fight it (with my water hose la) until it drowns hahahahaaa... And I remember my science teacher telling me that ants can move in a line because they smell the ant before them. So what I used to do was eliminate some ants in the middle, tenyeh the tanah so that the smell is gone and watch the ants yang kat belakang-belakang tu sesat muahahahahaaaa!!!!

Typhoon Sue said...
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Typhoon Sue said...

errr... blueberry dear, I have replied to your comment but then it gave me an idea for a next post, so i deleted it and will put up a new posting in a minute wokeh?

The Blueberry said...

Hehehe glad to hear I'm giving you an idea for another post!