Friday, May 25, 2007

To Kill A Mockingbird... I Mean,... Mosquito

In my last post, I mentioned something about ‘salting’ snails. Not salting as in making it a delicacy, but simply to kill the poor thing.

Some people may say it’s animal cruelty, but most simply shrug and say, “Yeah, whatever!”.

Truth is, we don’t really care about insects and shellfish. As humans we only care about ourselves. Even if we do care about animals, to most of us, that means only cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, and sometimes even monkeys. We draw the line at snakes and lizards, and we certainly do not care if we step on a snail on its long journey home.

Okay, maybe I’m speaking for myself here, but I think most of us feel the same way.

I pride myself on being an animal lover. I love cats. I adore those cute little things called hamsters. I enjoy looking at fishes in a tank. But more often than not, I neglect to give them the proper care that they need. This is why I don’t have a cat at home, nor hamster. They wouldn’t last a week with me. The only pets I have, the fishes, are rather hardy. Otherwise they would have died a long time ago for starvation.

Animal lover that I claim to be, I don’t have any qualms about spraying the storeroom with a whole can of Baygon and watch cockroaches drop like flies, or crushing bugs with the heels of my boots, or scooping tadpoles out of the pond and onto the grass under the hot sun.

Yeah, some animal lover I am and I don’t even feel guilty about it.
But I'm not alone. There are so many people like me out there. And quite a few have gleefully admitted to this 'unhealthy' habit.

Babe put up this comment on my last post:-

“i used to make ants as food-offering to spiders.

i also liked to watch ants from different colonies fight each other.

oh, sometimes i cut up the ants punya perut and watch them walking around looking cacat like that.

but more recently, i simply pour hot boiling water on ants' nests.”

And The Blueberry said this:-

“Oh, BTW, I find great joy in spraying water from a hose onto a lipas and then watch it wiggle and run and try to find dry ground. Of course I will fight it (with my water hose la) until it drowns hahahahaaa... And I remember my science teacher telling me that ants can move in a line because they smell the ant before them. So what I used to do was eliminate some ants in the middle, tenyeh the tanah so that the smell is gone and watch the ants yang kat belakang-belakang tu sesat muahahahahaaaa!!!!”

See? These are all good people (really?), yet they have no problem with torturing ants or insects. Why is that? Is an insect’s life worth less than any other animal? Are they not God’s creatures as well?

That said, I have to tell The Blueberry that I do what she does to ants too. It's fun watching them panic. Though I have yet to cut out their perut or pour hot water on their nests like Babe does. (But u're so brutal babe, u rock!!!)

And while I’m at it, here’s another way to torture insects, in particular, mosquitoes:-

When a mosquito bites, as soon as it dips its muncung in (or whatever the hell you call that thing that cucuk your skin), stretch out your skin on both sides of the mosquito, thus tightening the skin around the muncung', thus trapping the mosquito in by its muncung, thus causing the mosquito to struggle to get out, thus giving you huge enjoyment watching the mosquito squirm ... that is till you start to itch really really bad, then you can tenyeh the mosquito and feel quite proud of yourself....

Any more tips on how to torture insects????


Errr…. SPCA is not gonna come after me for this, no?


A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

eerr, actually i do just what the blueberry does too on ants and lipas. sometimes, if the lipas isfound in the bathroom, i simply pour bits of toilet cleaner and as expected, 5 secs later, it stops squirming.

i'm not cruel. just have that mean streak in me that sometimes struggle to get out once in a while.

but let's not talk about what i want to do against fellow humans.

Guilt said...


(you know who I am, I will use a different name on this comment for the safety of my life)

Confession time, when I was about 6 or 7 years old, I actually fushed a kitten down the toilet because I thought she/he will be haooy swimming.

Clog the whole system and the punishment I got was unspeakable. Enough to make me stay away from cats until today.

I have, since repented, please dont judge me

Typhoon Sue said...

hahaha... make them woozy and kill em slowly. that's so mean!!!



I'm glad u repented. bcoz if u haven't, i'll hunt u down and smack u myself!

don't feel bad ok! u were a kid. u didn't know any better.

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Alamak...whwn i was younger (old enough to think like a clod hearted mafia) i captured a cat, bungkus dalam beg plastic...(you know that kind of bag yang buat bungkus gula pasir with string tied on top) and baling in the big longkang...and watch the poor mite...(mati lemas kot pastu)

On other ocassion...also quite young..I kicked a pregnant cat from on top of the stairs to the mother was so upset as she had to watch the cat miscariaged her baby kittens...ya allah!!! I am so Mary Bell.

My punishment...guilt ridden til now, especially when thinking abt my late brother who love cats.

Sue, get on that flight...(lariiiiiiii)

Makcik Kiah Kidman said...

I was in stitches reading about how you torture the mosquitos. This is OK because i hate them but the ants?? You're mean..hehe.

(Btw Esah, ko ni eveil betul! Ko ingat ko boleh lariik dari aku lepas torture kekucing tu ye??)

Mr Hobo said...

i tried the stretch thing .... memang the nyamuk tersekat tak leh terbang ... macam bangang ja. what it's do it it'll just melantak lebih lah and u see the nyamuk jadi gemuk

Typhoon Sue said...

and i thought babe is brutal....
u, on the other hand, are pure EVIL!!! Like the devil.


try that thing on them mosquitoes ok! trust me, it's fun!

ya. u can see them growing fat by the second. that's what i call 'Live" National Geographic.
then bila dah gemuk tu, baru puas hati bila tenyeh dia.. hahahaha

Mr Hobo said...

talking about torturing insects. we had a pokok jambu at the back of me mom's house dulu but banyak kerengga. What i did was i hantam the sarang kerengga and took out the queen kerengga and cabut kan everything yang sticking from her body (ie: sesungut , kepak and all the kaki ... and we had no kerengga problems since then.

Anonymous said...

Feel like stepping into a confession chamber of former AbuGharib prison warden while they are in confession mood.. hahahaa.
You people are so mean but nothing beat Mawi and his friend though(before he was famous).

At one time when my sisters playing masak-masak and refuse to let me taste their food....i burnt down her pondok.The scolding i had prevented me fr becoming an arsonist fulltime.I guess everyone has a mean streak in him or her,all it needs a little control.For those who did sepit nyamuk while them suckling you to feed their young(i strongly believe that Mrs Bobbit honed her skill prior to her surgical intervention like this),why not do that to man...that would teach them a lesson they never forget.

stephen said...

I still remember when im still young, my late grandma use the chicken innards/skin to kill the fire ant...hehe, mula2, cucuk dgn wayar besi mcm cucuk cacing kat mata kail, then gantung the wayar kat ranting dahan pokok yg infested ngan sarang semu api tu, hah, tak lama tu sure semut api feasting on the delicacy, so, apa lagi, kita take some old newspaper, roll them up, and start to burn them, u can see the oil of the skin dripping, with the crackling sound, an the sight of the fire ant on fire literally, the sight, sound, n smell, sooo therapeutic. hahhahaha.....and petang2 kalau stress buat homework, nak release tension, (cheh, kecik2 dah pandai stress, it s an excuse for me to main api), sure akan ada sesi mem-bbq semut api..... Tapi kini gua dah insaf dah, hahahah... check this site out....

Manal said...


My kejam story (the most that i remembered with big smile full of pride and satisfaction) was during my science lab session when i was in form 2. We were given a cockroach each to test the CO2 emitted from a living organism. One of the reagents we used was a highly concentrated Sodium Hydroxide NaOH. At the finishing of the session, i took the beaker filled with one lively grown-up, possibly female cockroach and place it at one corner of the lab desk. The science teacher was busy explaining things to other students on the other end of the lab while i began my brutal act on that poor pest. Slowly and carefully i pippetted a small amount of NaOH and then carefully poked into the thin membrane-like cling film on top of the beaker. Bit by bit i let the alkali droplet fall directly on that insect and my oh my, my scientific hypothesis was true after all: That cockroach body was literally burning with some smokes started to emit from its body as it wriggled helplessly inside the beaker. The alkali has penetrated into its shell causing it to die not very long after that. There i was watching in some sort of evil delight all the way till its death. If i was alone, i wud have done my big evil laugh but i cudnt do it in the lab.

Sungguh keji kan perbuatan saya?

The Blueberry said...

Ewwwww hahahaha ramainye orang-orang kejam kat sini hahahahaaaa!!!!!

The Blueberry said...

Er, I especially love orang yang kejam dengan lipas because I hate the thing!!!! Butt ugly, dirty, gelifying and they look plain menacing!

J.T. said...

Yes, we love certain animals to a certain extent. I have absolutely NO love for cockroaches. I can use a whole can of bug spray to watch a roach squirm and die. However, I cannot stand squashing them. Hate to hear the crackling sound. My late mum loved to do that which would send me screaming out of the room. ewwwwwww... arrrggghhhh..
When I see movies with lots of roaches, I gleefully shout "die you all" when people in the movie start killing them off. The more 'kejam', the more enjoyable. woo hoo!

Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Sue
Growing up, catching grasshoppers especially belalang kunyit (the big ones) was a favourite pastime even in the middle of the afternoon.
What we did was to put them in plastic bags tied at the neck. By the end of the day, the grasshoppers will die of suffocation!
Another thing, if we decide that we like one particular grasshopper, we would tie one of the legs with a thread and let it fly. If it tries to fly further than the thread, it will lose a leg.
Surely because of this I cannot qualify to be a student of Kwai Chang Caine (of Kung Fu fame). I probably do the same thing to his "Grasshopper".

Typhoon Sue said...

ooit!! ramainyer org2 yang kejam kat sini!!!

Typhoon Sue said...

smart move there, kill the queen and all the male followers cabut lari le. There's no chivalry in the animal kingdom

weyyy... hang on there... let's not go into torturing human now, least of all, emasculation.
although, Mrs bobbit did get my vote at one time or another, especially when I'm in a particularly foul mood and in need of male-bashing.

semut api dimakan api, now, that's good.

wahhh.... itu torture atas nama sains le tuh...

yea, torture lipas takpe. DIE COCKROACH DIE!!!!

I don't mind the squashing sound. it's music to my ears. but for cockroaches, there's a very nasty smell if you do that.... eeeeee...yuck!!!

ala.... siannya hopper!
no matter how mean i can be to other insects, I can't be mean to grasshoppers. I dunno why.
kwai cheng caine would give u his kung fu chop in an instant for that.