Monday, June 04, 2007

Big Belly

When I was buying mangoes at a Pasar Tani in Hulu Kelang last Saturday, there was a big guy with a very big belly at the same stall. The mango seller’s daughter, fascinated with his super size, innocently asked him,

“Pakcik, pakcik, dalam perut pakcik tu ada baby ke?”

Awkward silence ensued before the stunned mother profusely apologized to the man for her daughter’s outrightness.

“Tak pe…” he said. “Tapi minggu depan saya tak datang lagi le”.

Hehehe. Pakcik dah merajuk dah dik…. Hahahaha.

Aren’t kids the most honest people on earth?


Hjh Esah Jolie said... sensitive meh? Tak kan that child nak cakap Pakcik Size Zero pulak kan? And how imbecile is that, lainkali tak nak datang? Pakcik Boncit nak start pergi gym kot?

elviza said...

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! kid says the darnest thing....

J.T. said...

Oh my.. Elviza took the words right out of my mouth. I was going to say the same thing - Kids say the darnest things.

Poor guy ... embarassed and 'merajuk'. hahaha
Maybe he should accept the fact that he is big and learn to laugh at himself. :)

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

the poor pakcik, i do feel for him.

just like him, i can't handle the brutal truth too.

KC said...


Ha ha ha...I boleh bayangkan rupa pakcik boncit tu punya frustration.

My 5 YO niece at one time asked a salesGIRL this "kakak, kenapa kakak ada misai?". Yes, the salesgirl memang ada heavy hair on her upper lip which resemble misai. Poor girl, what else could I do than to apologise profusely?

At another time, my niece asked her grandpa's friend who came visiting and stayed for a good few hours this "pakcik, pakcik tak ada rumah ke? isteri pakcik mana?".

What could we say? They tell the truth!

The Blueberry said...

At this age when they start being too honest for their mother's own good, I guess there is a blessing as to why The Junior is still in his baby-talk phase. Phew!

And that Pakcik Boncit merajuk taknak datang lagi? Oh puhlease la! How sad! Takkan budak kecik cakap pun nak merajuk kot? Unsportingable betul!


Darn....yep. Elviza took the words right out of my mouth but I'll say it anyway -- kids do say the darnest, don't they?
Now, if you are so fat, you cannot be NOT noticeable, right?
Adults won't make comments, of course they won't.
But, k i d s!!!??
Alamak, kena tanya macam tu by a kanak2 pun nak kecik hati, ek?
Nama kanak2, kan?
Takde sense of humour-lah! Not like our friend, BigDogDotCom. Man, he's really big and huge. he knows it. And everyone else knows it too.

Typhoon Sue said...

dear all:

yes. kids do say the darnest thing. that's why they're so much fun to hang out with, that is, until they ask you some really sensitive question, then you'll know how that pakcik felt.

like babe, many of us can't handle the brutal truth. the only people who can are those who can laugh at themselves. Until you learn how to do that, you'll always be offended by remarks of this nature, kids or not.

Shopper Mom said...

a friend's 5yo son once asked me, "aunty, kenapa aunty tak tukar kereta baru lagi?" much to his mom's embarrassment. i was then driving a beat-up 13 yo wira.. maybe i deserved to be asked that question.