Friday, June 22, 2007

Let's Talk About Me

I have been called self-absorbed yet again. This time, by someone very dear to me. What is it about me that make people want to throw that kind of accusation at my face every so often?

I asked that someone to elaborate and here’s what I got; I am a human being that doesn’t really care about what goes on with other people. If anyone talks to me about something, I would always somehow manage to make it all about myself. As far as I’m concerned, life is all about Me, Me, and Me, nobody else matters.

Really, ah? That's me? I didn’t realize that.

Let’s see. In my last posting, I wrote something in conjunction with Father’s Day, so it was supposedly for my father, but I ended up talking about myself the entire time. HOW SELF-ABSORBED IS THAT?

Okay, okay. I get it. I am self-absorbed. Say whatever you want.

A quick check on the net shows that a self-absorbed person is one who does things “primarily for his/her own benefit, puts his/her feelings first, can't do anything when he/she doesn't feel good, swayed by his/her emotions, more concerned with himself/herself than others, prefers personal glory over team victories, pleasure seeker, uses his/her looks to get what he/she want, gets angry when he/she doesn't get what he/she wants, dramatizes his/her suffering, wealth seeking, superficial, manipulative and narcissistic”.

WHAT? That is so untrue. I’m pretty sure I don’t use my looks to get what I want.


On the flip side, it’s good that I’m self-absorbed. Because if I’m not, I wouldn’t care if someone thinks I don’t give a damn. As it is, I care about people thinking I don’t care so I try to care about things that need caring and hope that people care to notice that I do care, even if I only care about it in order to get you to start thinking that I care. Am I making sense?

Maybe after I finish talking about myself in this blog and in other blogs, I’ll start thinking about how to make Me, Me, and Me a better and more caring human being. And after that, I’ll talk for about an hour about how caring I really am.

Till then. Take care!


elviza said...


Personally, I love it when you talk about yourself in my blog. I find you rather intriguingly eccentric (and no, I dont mean weird!).

Back to this posting, I think you need a break. Go get a break. Put your feet up and read something good.

Take care in the meantime

Mr Hobo said...

if part of your employment contract is to get new clients or new files or you are in your own firm ... that's a good skill. you have the natural gift for sales and marketing

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Wehh Sue, the more we talk about ourself, the better we feel..and think abt the dosa, if we start talking abt others? Better still, we talk about diri kita sndiri, kan???

I guess, what I actually want to say that, if you really think that you are, indeed the self-absorb kind, here is another one. Tak caya? Bacalah my page pulak..semua pasal I kan? I don't know much abt ppl (although..god knows my penchant for a good gossip) so, demi nak melatih diri ni menjadik penulis pojok (apa ini pojok?) I ended up writing abt me. Elviza lah cuti-cuti..London?

Typhoon Sue said...

u're not the 1st one to say I'm eccentric, and personally, I'm ok with that. Some ppl actually do think I'm weird though, and to a certain extent, i agree.

I'm just making fun of myself, as I always do. It beats the alternative of beating myself up over how ppl judge me.
If they say I'm self-absorbed, let me show them how self-absorbed i can be.

mr. hobo:
sales and marketing? really?
hmmm... I've always thought that I could do well selling Amway...

hjh esah:
believe me, I do read ur blog all the time (although, u update so fast, it's hard to keep up), and I do believe that u and i are both the same in the self-absorbed department! hahaha

if I go to london, i'll be sure to bug u and make u take me here and there, hehe.

J.T. said...

Reading your check list on a self-absorbed person gave me some light to figuring out my previous problem (read: Mr Wonderful and his judgment on me). :D

We can never change someone's perception of us. Let them judge because really... they are just defining themselves through the accusation.

I can be self-absorbed sometimes. If I were not, then you won't get my stories on my blog. Sometimes it is all about me, myself and I.
(now how self-absorbed am I using your space to talk about me? haha)

So you, Sue... you be what you want because you are the better judge of yourself. I like reading your blog because you are telling about you. It is personal and straight from your heart.

Take care you. :)

NJ said...

Hi Sue,

The way I see it, there are many times we do have to be self-absorbed before we can care/be engrossed about others. Like people says how we should be good in managing ourself before we can manage others. No?

Take care.

Typhoon Sue said...

i think, all bloggers are self-absorbed. otherwise they wouldn't be blogging for anyone to read in the first place. I didn't take offence at my friend for saying that, simply because i think there is some truth there. besides, it's not such a big thing anyway, why waste my time defending myself?

go ahead, use my space. I've used other ppl's space all the time so it's only fair.

u are absolutely right. I always take care of No.1 before i check on another person.

zhmi said...

Hi Sue,

To a certain extent, one can still be self-absorbed yet lovable and charming. Just like Frasier Crane. Maybe the trick is not to be too egoistic--that's an overkill.

Anyway, hope you're the Frasier Crane-type. If you are, then--to quote Billy Joel--"Don't go changin' you just the way you are."

Have a nice weekend.

J.T. said...

Now... I should have just let Zhmi speak for me. :D
Self-absorbed yet lovable and charming.. that is a fun person. You are right, why waste time defending yourself? Be yourself.

By the way, nice change to your blog. The borders are making me think of ketupat, which leads to the thoughts of rendang. yummm.. :)

namy said...

Dear Sue,

Interesting topic. Self absorbed? Nah... For me, you always have things to write about yourself which makes me want to read more about you and how you see life...

Whatever your friend say about you, ignore and be happy with yourself.

Have a good work week ahead!

Typhoon Sue said...

hmmm... lovable & charming
I like you already

you always think of food, don't u? Sick of bratwurst & sauerkraut already eh?

thanks for the vote of confidence. but honestly, it didn't bother me at all. Didn't even need to ignore it, i just went ahead and made fun of it like I always do

kimster said...

in the final analysis, everyone is self-absorbed, but the word does not have to be something dirty. I mean, so what if you write about yourself? It's a subject you and you alone know best.

we are are primariy selfish beings, so maybe it's just a question of making a conscious effort to dial it down every so often.


J.T. said...

I am always thinking of food - Malaysian food. From the time I lived here, I have never taken a liking to sauerkraut and bratwurst. *blecch* :D

Manal said...


Green layout now? fed up of the ladylike pink b/ground or just getting a go-green look: refreshing. J.T was right on the ketupat anyam pattern part. Is that a work-of-art kampung house that graces ur new banner? And where has the innocent looking young girl (a younger u, i suppose) picture gone? we gonna miss that knee-length dress.

Dia kata u self-absorbed? u perasan bagus ke? u forgot to add: top priority is to please oneself 1st before pleasing others. Does that include the O part?

One shudnt be ashamed of admitting to be one though maybe it shud be on the moderate scale. It proves to be of great help on surviving in the dog-eat-dog world.

Typhoon Sue said...

yea, it's not necessarily a bad thing. I'm not ashamed to admit i am self-absorbed. always have been, possibly will always be. it's just the way I'm made.

*shrug sama-sama dgn kimster*

i hear ya!
msian food are the best no?

fed-up of pink. I'm not very ladylike meself.. to think that i used a pink layout for my blog, what was i thinking??
hahaha.. ketupat is one thing. tikar mengkuang was what i had in mind actually. that innocent looking young girl is long gone, replaced by a bitter and self-absorbed woman. hahaha

yup, i'm not ashamed. i admit it, I am self-absorbed.