Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Introducing, The Sheep!

Do men have PMS? I heard on the radio a few days ago about men having symptoms quite similar to PMS, except that it’s called IMS or Irritable Male Syndrome or something like that. Apparently it has something to do with the reduced level of testosterone at certain times of the month or year depending on the individual.

If that is so, that explains a lot about my boss. He must be having one of those today.

Don’t ask.


Just made some research online and whaddaya know…… there is such a thing!

But hey, they discovered it in sheep and other animals. But I suppose there’s no difference there. Man, Sheep, grunt, eat, sleep. It’s all related.

Read the article here.


I’m imagining this is my boss.

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On another note, this is 2 of the New 7 Wonders of The World they named yesterday. Been to a few, not been to most. Dying to go to these 2 though.

1. Petra In Jordan

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2. Chichen Itza in Mexico

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I’ll be there someday.

Or maybe I should just pack up and go there now. Gotta leave this place. Can’t stand the sheep. He smells. Must be the load of crap he produce everyday.


The other 5 New Wonders of The World as announced yesterday are:-
Christ Redeemer, Brazil
Taj Mahal, India
Great Wall of China
Colosseum, Italy
Machu Picchu, Peru

Been to some of these but I wouldn't mind going again someday.


Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Sembelih aje kambing itu....

Manal said...

kambeng btol la kan....tapi ksian gak...maybe dia susah nak naik sesuka hati....and that really freak any man off big time.

I've been to that colloseum. Last year my parents, bro-inlaw , his wife and another sis (who is studying medic in Jordan) went to that UNICEF heritage site in Petra. It's really awesome that i hope i get the chance to go there too.

Manal said...

his wife tu meaning my 4th sis la and another sis is my 5th sis...

Typhoon Sue said...

makan kambing angin la..

Imagine the splendour of the colosseum in its day. I'd love to be there someday. In fact, I love all those historical sites. the more ancient the better.

wah... banyaknya sis... :)

the witch's broo said...

hi sue,
first: dunno whether i've ever done those things. dont think so.
t a k u t.
sue.. you dont like your boss, d'ya?
i'd never work with/for anyone i don't like.
but, aah...easy for me to say, huh. i aint the lawyer here.
them lovely pics -- been to only 2 -- petra and coliseum.
makes you feel really small.