Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lunch On Me, But My Office Is Paying

I was talking to Naz a while ago about some people who take advantage of their company all the time, whether in terms of expenses or office hours. We all have come across incidences of such nature I reckon, and I bet many of us are even a party to it at one point to another.

It’s not uncommon to hear about executives throwing a birthday bash for their friends and submitting a claim at the office the next day for entertaining clients.

Or, officers traveling outstation for leisure purposes and charging the expenditures to the office for purportedly attending meetings.

Or, clerks using office computers and printers during office hours to do their little side businesses.

The list is endless. There are many ways to save money or to earn extra money or just to relax, all at the expense of the company. All you need is just a little bit of creativity.

In my early years in practice, I used to take advantage of my daily trips to court. Say, if the actual works at the courts are done by 9.30 am, I would just lepak at Warung Uncle Don with some friends, eating Mee Rebus and sembang-sembang till noon. Sometimes, when I had to go to Seremban or Malacca in the morning and I got things sorted out by 10, I would rush back to KL immediately only to go watch the matinee show at KLCC at 11 am. Then I’d go back to the office at 2.30, acting all tired and telling my boss, “Just came back from Seremban, boss!”. And he would nod and walk away, probably thinking, “Bagus budak nih…Tak pernah komplen kena lari sana sini…”.

But that’s all I’ve ever done so far. In fact, I don’t even do that anymore these days. If I were to lepak-lepak outside during office hours, there’s nobody left in here to do my job and in the end, when work piles up, it is me who would suffer. So, the smart thing to do is to work at the office like a dog and go out and have fun elsewhere after office hours.

But on the other hand, I blog during office hours, isn't that the same thing? Nah... I reckon that doesn't count.

Says who?

Says me!! Shhhhh... don't tell The Sheep okay!

As for using the firm/company’s funds for personal purposes, I have never done that and I’m pretty sure I never will. It’s not about being goody-goody two shoes, or about not being brave enough to do such things. It’s just that, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I were to do that.

Some people think that there’s nothing wrong with getting a little bit more from the office, no matter how. That’s why they have no qualms about stretching out their traveling claims to also cover lunch and dinner, and sometimes, even a souvenir. They may be able to sleep at night with that but if it ain’t right, it ain’t right, no matter how you rationalize it.

My mom taught me never to steal and never to take what is not yours to take, even if nobody owns it. But that same mom who taught me all that also brought back airline cutleries everytime she came off a plane. It’s not stealing, it's there for us to take what...that’s what she says.

So how?


Manal said...

YG lagi masalahnya ialah, while we r so la baiknya that we only make claims when it is deemed appropriate, some few hamba allah yg sgt la opportunistic nih wont even listen to Jack Sparrow's "wait until the opportune time" and rembat baik punya other people/department little kitties. And regardless of such wrongdoing, they have the nerves to fool that supposedly intendedly "ta'at" (obedient and conscientiuous) people like us by making some statements right after we can no longer make any further dispute (lpas tutop buku account and all the sort la).

They say it's a sin to steal a pin, much more to steal a greater thing. To me la, kalau i jumpa duit on the floor, i'd take it. But nicking stuff including hotel towels i think toksah la...nyusahkan a lot of people.

Kak Teh said...

sue, what abt companies who come here and insist on paying us in RINGGIT while they claim in STERLING?
where got road?

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

When I checked into hotel, I checked out with the toiletries and even the toilet rolls...(towel tak masuk la..pasal dah berjuta org pakai)

Today at HQ, together with other managers, i songlap some amount to stationeries (dgn intention..nak jimat budget stationery my own office)

I was given a provision budget, tapi tak pernah pakai..daripada nak bagi budget tu pergi balik kat my company yang kedekut tu...i sometimes take my colleague out makan-makan..pastu, claimed, entertain purchaser, boleh?

Don't know how to classify them all, but the hotel case is to get back what I paid for...2nd /3rd, kira beramal sambil pakai duit ofice yg sungguh kedekut...berdosa kah saya Ustazah?

Typhoon Sue said...

i know that type. lepas dah dapat semua, and case closed, depa pun brag bukan main about their success in ripping off the company. like it's something to be proud of

itu memang untung giler.. with the exchange rate the way it is, even I am tempted to do the same.... tempted je la... hehe

makji esah:
hotel toiletries tu tak pe lah... in hotels, those things memang untuk guests pun. in fact, rugi kalau tak amik. so, amik la banyak-banyak. yg tak patut amik tu, towel, bathrobe and other stuff which they use and re-use.

elviza said...

Dear Sue,

Ah the court lepak time thing. I'd done it once too many times. And right now I am missing Uncle Don. The new court complex is so huge you dont know which cafe yor friends are.

That was when I was working for someone. Kalau balik ofis awal2 from court, senior2 lawyer siap sound lagi, "ah jgn nak balik awal2, reflects very badly on us yg balek court lambat nih"

Kesian Boss, forever thinking court will finish just after lunch.

Take care