Friday, July 06, 2007

Random Ramblings Not Worth Reading # 4

I read with amusement what is in the newspapers today. CTOS directors are to be charged under the Companies Act for various offences not related to the controversy surrounding it lately. Read it here.

I guess, if they cannot be charged for anything else directly relating to the current issues they are caught up in, let’s just find something or anything to charge them with. Apa-apa pun boleh. Unpaid parking tickets also can.

Notwithstanding the somewhat shoddy tactics, I have to admit, I have never quite agree with all that CTOS does. While the banks may find it useful to refer to CTOS for information, their method of collecting such information leaves much to be desired. I used to receive calls from CTOS staff asking further information about individuals whom we advertised in newspapers in a variety of legal notices. These notices may not mean anything is amiss in their credit status. Many of them are simply notices, notifying them of the legal action being taken, and in many of these situation, the matters are settled before the case proceeded further. So, how fair is it to these individuals if such data, minus the information about the settlement, is in CTOS databank forever and the bank relies on it for credit reference?

Of course, the bank says they have other credit references and do not rely on CTOS alone. Yeah, sure. Tell it to the thousands of individuals who have had some financial problems in the past and have since resolved all such issues and whose names are still in CTOS causing them to be unable to obtain any sort of financing now despite having a good income and not having any existing liability whatsoever.


Also, a police report was lodged by someone alleging that CTOS sold her credit information to her ex-husband (or soon-to-be ex-husband) who is using it against her in a divorce proceeding.

Let’s not talk about CTOS alone in this. Banks are equally the culprit here. Although in the case of banks, they probably won’t sell your credit information as it would be against the law, but your name and telephone number, rest assured, they do give away to third parties. That’s how those telemarketers got your number mah….

Speaking of telemarketers, how annoying are they? I have had these people bug me day and night eversince I got my first credit card. Insurance, vacations, ‘free’ medical check-ups (we all know nothing’s free, eh?) and what-nots. The list goes on and on. I normally decline their offers nicely and refrain from being rude to these people because I understand that they are just doing their jobs. But sometimes, there are a few who are abnormally persistent and annoying that I can’t help but yell at them.

Of course, after the string of verbal abuse I hurled at these nitwits, they would always retaliate by giving me crank calls. *Sigh*


Not planning to do anything this weekend but clean up my house from top to bottom. It’s a jungle in there.
Have a good weekend.


Manal said... that i know what causes all those annoying promo calls from those annoying, dubious syarikat tourism that are persuading u to enrol a membership just over the phone la, those ntah sapa2 takaful company la...
CTOS la gamaknya....benchiieee...

i was seriously already contemplating on sending my complaints to the local newspapers on why do these banks suka2 hati jer let people take our credit card info? kalau in UK i was normally asked to tick those boxes asking permission whether they cud send my info to third parties or not. Coz if they buat jugak lpas i tick NO, i can "sue" them big time.

Thx O wise loya....

The Blueberry said...

Hi Sue! Sorry dah quite a while tak berkunjung ke sini sebab tak sempat nak online pun kat rumah. Ni curi-curi from the office.

Speaking of selling our information to third parties, I rarely get telemarketing calls. Kalau ada pun it's job-related, normally they want to sell seats at conferences and trainings. Tapi yang I tak tahan sangat, Celcom. Celcom seems to have sold my number to every Tom Dick and Harry running unscrupulous business in town! Macam-macam jenis SMS I dapat dan I tersangaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttlah benci. Pernah dulu ada SMS jual "hot, steamy" wallpaper pictures. Memang le senang aje, just delete the SMS but it is really annoying just to get those SMSes, pastu nak kene delete-delete pulak. Benci benci benciiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway how are you?...

Pi Bani said...

Ahh... those telemarketers... they never give up, do they? Very persistent and won't take no for an answer. I don't yell at them, I just end the call. Sometimes I feel like just banging down the phone... but cannot do that la... rosak la my handphone!!

a babe of very little brain said...

save the trees. don't clear the jungle.

J.T. said...

There was a comedy on TV that showed how a man dealt with a telemarketeer call.
He was bugged at dinner time. He asked the telemarketeer whether he could call back after dinner and asked for her personal phone number so that they can discuss her product further. That person said "it is not our company policy to give out our numbers to potential customers.". He asked "Why?". The telemarketeer said, "because we are not to be disturbed at home." Then the comedian said, "so, you know what it feels like, right? Why are you calling me?" She did not know what to say and put down the phone. :)

I know telemarketeers are doing what they are paid to do but surely they can take 'no' for an answer. In the States, we can put our phone numbers on the "do not call list" (or something like that) and it is supposed to work. When will Malaysia start it? :)

the witch's broo said...

hi sue,

yeah... that was what i was told. that ordinarily those "offences" are not worth anyone's while to be taking to court.

but there's more to it. i think CTOS must have provided some info to some quarters about some people.

you reckon?

elviza said...


The banks, as I was told, usually rely on their interbank credit rating system - CRIS? or something like that.

It apperently contains all of your updated financial standing together with recommendation whether or not you are a suitable candidate for them to give out loan to.

I shudder at the thoughts of my own review. hehehehehe, mesti kantoinya!

CTOS doesnt update, I have experience with them. Clients came screaming telling us that they have settled the debts ages ago. kesian budak2 conveyancing kena marah free2 jer....

Good day my friend

Typhoon Sue said...

Everybody’s suing CTOS these days. Let’s jump on the bandwagon!

I know… those SMS mmg menyakitkan jiwa. They clog up my inbox every day! Jebon betul depa ni.

Unfortunately, ending the call never did it for me bcoz these ppl always call back again and again and again and again. Tensionnyerrrrr…..

The jungle is untouched still.

No such thing is msia I reckon. Or maybe I just didn’t know. I’ll check on that.

Yea. CTOS have been around very long. The only reason they are doing something abt it is bcoz so many MP’s are affected. If not, God knows how long these ppl go untouched.

It’s called CCRIS. It is reliable and mostly updated, but it lists down things related to financial institution governed by Bank Negara only. All those summonses by private companies etc etc, you can only find it in CTOS. That’s why banks rely on it.