Friday, July 27, 2007

Random Ramblings Not Worth Reading #5


With The Sheep being away, life at the office is expected to improve somewhat. Nobody to breathe down my neck, nobody to dump some urgent things on me at 6pm just as I’m about to leave the office, nobody to bug me with unimportant stuff while I’m rushing to beat the deadline for matters of topmost priority and most importantly, no annoying baa-baa sound to be heard from that corner of the office. Life is indeed a bliss.

The Sheep Has Left The Building!


I’m thinking of taking time off work to go to Phuket, but I’m kinda scared. Would I be lying on the same beach where hundreds if not thousands of people lay dead more than 2 years ago? Not that I believe in the supernatural or anything but hey, watching all those Thai horror movies do have an effect on me somewhat.

Maybe I’ll just go to Bali, but then again, Bali too, has its own curse.

Ah well, perhaps I’ll just be like a total nerd and go to PD instead.


Much have been said in blogosphere about the current trend of politicians accusing bloggers of this and that. Lawsuits, criminal investigations and police reports have been widely used to shut people up. Of course it is worrying, and of course there are human rights violations, but isn’t this how it has been for how many decades already? The very people who have practiced it then and the very people who have been supporting people who practiced it then, are the ones who are now going against it as if it is just beginning.

The only difference I see is that, now, people can speak louder. And in handling this little problem of theirs, the powers-that-be employ methods that, shady though they may be, are still a tad more civilized than the draconian ISA which was so widely used back in the days.

Of course, a wrong by any other name is still a wrong, no question about that. I just find that it’s funny how things turn out now, that’s all.

But hey, what do I know?

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Tomorrow is Saturday.

But I gotta work. DRAT!!

Zut, zut et zut!


elviza said...

Sue dear,

So cute the picture! I am happy that the Sheep is out of the building. Good on you mate.

Boleh lah lunch lama2 sikit hari nih haahahaha....

Oh ya Sue, I went to watch the potter movie this week. Okay je lah... the previous one is better I think - the Goblets of Fire.

And also, I cant stand it anymore, I bought the new potter book after MPH slashed 25% of the recommended price for members. What can I say, I am weak.

Good weekend friend

ADIEJIN said...

bumped into ur blog at Ely's. Go Pangkor lah, so nice. If you wanna travel further, look up Hua Hin in Thailand. Nice beach, less people, very very nice Thais to welcome you.

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

Mbek Mbek kambing
Kamu ada bulu tak?
*sila sambung*

PD's a good choice, you know. support local tourism spots and help generate our local economy. and it's okay working on saturdays. i work 24/7. emulate me.

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Cornwall, Lands End? Or Port Dickson, batu 3 1/2 ?

Or under your duvet, with langsir tutup and Kenny G until monday morning, perfect kan?

J.T. said...

Cool ... sheep is gone. No incessant baa-baa-ing. That alone is a start to a good holiday. :)

How many Thai horror movies have you watched? I have to get some more. I was scared stiff when I watched "Nang Nak" the first time but after a while (watched about 5 times), I got a little braver. I have to watch horror movies in the day time, though. Still not brave enough. ;)

If you really want to go 'overseas', how about the island off Singapore - Bintan, is it? Cebu, Philippines?
PD isn't too bad if you get a spot that is less populated and has excellent service. How about Pangkor or Langkawi? or Club Med Cherating? :)

Typhoon Sue said...

i still haven't watched it. still waiting for them muggles to stop crowding the place. i don't expect HP5 to be better than HP4. After all, i remember reading the book and thinking that it was kinda draggy compared to the previous ones.

hey there! thanks for the suggestion. never been to hua hin, i'll check it out.

*sambung pantun babe*
lurus atau kerinting
bulu mana kamu nak?

I know, I've been to PD often enough. Many a time when i just wanna get away for the weekend and don't wanna travel so far or make travel arrangements way in advance, PD's the place I'd go.

eh..Kenny G is for something else la...
I just wanna relax, and not be at home and have nobody bother me

too bad, it's only temporary relief. The sheep will be back next week.

I've watched quite a few. Nang Nak was the beginning. I got kinda hooked to Thai horror stuff after that. Not much of a horror movie fan in general, but there's something about the ones from Thailand. Can't get those effect from Hollymood stuff.

I'm tired of S'pore. Now, Cebu is a good place, i'll consider that, thanks.

PD, I know just the place- Guoman Hotel at Telok Kemang. The best in PD in my humble opinion.

NJ said...

Hallo Sue,

Juz commenting on ur yearning for beach/island getaways. I have to agree with Adiejin, I think Pulau Pangkor is the real gem for us the KLites, worth taking a full weekend of. It's only abt 2 hr drive from KL + 45 min ferry ride from Lumut. I used to go there every 3 mths, hv explored almost all areas. My fav hideout spot is still the Teluk Nipah bay area, which apparently was featured in the Lonely Planet series.

Go there dear, it sure is worth every penny.

imeverybody said...

But......... I wanna make you somebody like nobody!

Can ah?

yoy said...
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aston said...
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ruyom said...
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tim said...
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San said...
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konek said...
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samp said...
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jodie said...
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reek said...
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coolooc said...
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uameverybody said...

Hello, anybody out there?

And Hai 2 Sue Somebody,

When did this webblog become so political?

1 minute I was trying 2 make u somebody like nobody, the next I know u oledy somebody!

Wow, now I wanna b nobody like somebody!

Typhoon Sue said...



Normally I don't delete postings by anyone, but this time, i'm exercising my rights as owner of this blog and delete you guys outta here.

J.T. said...


This happened to me when I first started blogging. The comments I got had racial slurs and were so politically motivated - had nothing to do with my poem posted. Seems to me that some people are 'testing' our blogs. ;)

I kicked them out too. They can go preach elsewhere.

Manal said...

Eh sue, i thought u already taking time off basking in the sun at some exotic island resort....

Typhoon Sue said...

i'll go to pangkor next. thanks for d suggestion.

this blog isn't political. those babis just gatecrashed this place.

i don't care who's the one doing the 'testing'. they can all go to hell, for all i care. funny thing is, these comments come in a set of 10s, purporting to be 10 different people. But it's really just one person posting all that within an hour's time from an IP address in Miri Sarawak.

A case of syok sendiri perhaps. Kesian..... he/she must have some sort of a psycological disorder.

not that exotic lah! cannot go far far away yet, takde kelapangan. Basking in the sun- yes, but only in PD ..muahahahahaha!!!