Thursday, August 09, 2007

A Little Peace And Quiet Please!

Whilst having dinner with a friend at a fast food restaurant recently, our enjoyment was rudely interrupted with the loudness of the voices coming from the next table. A young couple was having a fight, and by the look and sound of it, it was pretty intense.

I did not wish to listen in to that argument, nor did I wish to be anywhere near fighting couples, but there I was minding my own business and I couldn’t help but hear every single word being uttered by both parties, swear words included.

It was a simple enough issue between them, not uncommon between couples, and not altogether difficult to resolve methinks (but I wasn’t about to butt in and offer a solution to the warring couple, Hell, No!!)

But it’s not what they were arguing about that is the issue here. It’s the fact that they were arguing in a public place, in full view of everyone who may or may not know them.

It’s easy enough to understand that when emotions run high, you don’t really care where you are. You shout when you feel like shouting, you cry when you feel like crying. You don’t care about the viewing public at all.

But isn’t there also a code of conduct somewhere that says we have to exercise self-restrain on a lot of things when we are not in the privacy of our own homes? After all, it’s not about whether or not you are washing your dirty linens in public. Heck, you can ‘wash’ all you want and the Malaysian public would simply stop doing what they were doing and gawk at you till you stop. There simply are too many people out there who thrive on gossip and would love to watch such a spectacle if you are not embarrassed about creating it.

But apart from those busybodies, there are many of us who do not want to be a part of the whole ruckus, even as a mere bystander. These people simply just want to chomp at their burger and enjoy their root beer and have no wish for their enjoyment to be interrupted. That’s all that it was; an interruption, a disturbance, a nuisance.

Sure, arguments can crop up at the oddest places. But any decent human being should be able to restrain themselves from creating a scene, not specifically for fear of publicly humiliating themselves, but out of respect for other people around them who do not need to have their hearings assaulted by the screechings of a hyena and the hootings of a gorilla.

*** And oh, yeah. I'm still at the office at this hour, and the sheep is around, which explains my mood to blog..... What can I say? The guy's my inspiration whether I like it or not!! :)


Manal said...

Reminding me of this chicago song: You're the inspiration....

That inspiring one could be u to him or him to u...adakah ini flattering???

That restaurant management shudve taken an action on them like asking them to leave if they wont behave. If they refused to do so, the manager can call the police.

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

a few times, i had very public arguments with a certain someone which ended with me bursting into tears.

works every time.

*puas hati*

actuallykan, when you are angry/irritated, you no longer care about your surrounding or who's listening to you, you just want to get your point across and through that thick skull.

when raised voices fail, tears will always work. try it. :-)

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Ermmm....I dont think people's extended domestic bothers me, ye lah..aku kan suka scandal-scandal gossip ni (jahat nya), unless kalau thug yang sesaja buat kacau dlm kedai makan...making nasty remarks me, nuisance, tu baru lah boleh panggil polis kan Manal? kalau takat 2 merpati sejoli ada trouble in paradise, dengar aje la..mana tahu, boleh belajar.

J.T. said...

I am not a fan of loud public displays of emotions but I guess when one is pushed to the wall already, one does not care anymore.

What can we do? Either we listen or ignore. When it is too loud and distracting, it's definitely hard to look away.

People never get involved because they do not want to get in the middle of things. I wonder what would happen if that quarrel becomes violent. Will the someone get involved to stop it or just watch?

Typhoon Sue said...

Aiseh... tak yah le panggil polis... sian pulak, org tgh emo giler tuh...

I've had my share of public arguments too, but never as loud and never in a restaurant. kalau gaduh kat park ke, kat jalan ke, where we were on the move or other people were on the move, tak kisah sgt. ni sbb semua org tgh duduk2 syok2 makan, tup-tup ada org jerit2 camtu. bukan sekejap, dkt 5 minit ada le. Diaorg tak malu, org lain lak yg malu.

Kau tu, kalau pasal gossip mossip nih, suka benar le ye?

I think nobody will do anything even if it turns violent, because it is considered a domestic thingy and that Malaysians mostly just like to gawk