Monday, August 13, 2007

No Title, Just Babble

Woke up this morning all bright and cheery
Came straight to office all smiles and bubbly
Sat down on my chair and it dawned on me
How time flies, the weekend’s over already?

That feeling of dread soon came in full force
Not fear, not apprehension, not remorse
Just sort of numbness, like a feeling of loss
Guess this is what happens if you hate your boss

Damn it! Damn it! Why do I have to work?
I need to go where The Sheep doesn’t lurk
Far far away from here like Captain Kirk
Boldly go where no one has, just to escape the jerk

I want to quit my job and go globe-trotting
Not a care in the world, just out there chillin’
Have fun and adventure that I’ve been craving
And while I’m at it, maybe I’ll go man-hunting

But while I was planning all this, it occurred to me
This place isn’t horrible, although it can be quite stuffy
The Sheep is the only reason that life here is icky
But then again, he’s not always bad, at times he’s quite funny

Maybe I’m over-dramatic, maybe I’m over-reacting
A little bit of tiff and I’m already huffing
Perhaps I should just carry on and pretend it’s nothing
Because really, come to think of it, it’s not a big thing!

Looking on the bright side, the Sheep thinks I’m okay
He just likes to push and make everyone earn their pay
Can’t blame him for that, it’s what bosses do everyday
Okay, so I’ll shut up now, do my work and live another day


elviza said...

Oh dear... it's really bad isnt it? Must be monday blues.

I am thoroughly entertained by the poem my friend.

Hang there, tommorow is just another day

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

wow! you rhyme!!

*goes starry-eyed*

Manal said...

Do u wanna present this Ricky Gervais style (re: The office). Or catherine tate bovvered...

I can hear some rap coming up...

Aite listen up...

namy said...


Good rhyme! Don't think I am able to write that well. Monday blues is not my agenda cos' my boss' off day is today.

Have a good day and work week ahead....

Typhoon Sue said...

not that bad actually, just normal monday blues

i was half expecting u to rhyme with me

snoop dogg style lah!

wuih... syoknyer boss takde!

pugly said...

True what they say: Misery breeds creativity *LOL!*

namy said...

Well working in the service line has its advantages. The managers are allowed to take off days on week days same like my hubby has to do. Since I am working NORMAL days, then I only see my bosses 4 days a week...

Really like your poetry. I am IMPRESS.....

tony -stand-up philosopher said...

We write what we feel. Don't compromise how you feel. Just do the right thing..for yourself and for your family.

J.T. said...

Nice poem, Sue.

When you look on the brighter side of things, life is not that bad. "The sheep" is just another tiny pothole on the road of life .. who keeps appearing every now and then. It makes for a bumpy ride but you keep moving on. :)