Monday, August 06, 2007

Of Sheep and Monkeys

Okay, so, I haven’t gone to Phuket or Bali or Mauritius or whatsoever exotic island there is. The fact of the matter is, I haven’t gone anywhere but PD, for only a day that is.

All talk and no action huh? Well, that’s me. If I’m thinking of doing something, I would talk about it for months, saying it again and again, till everyone get bored to death and yell, “Oy!! Shut up and just do it already!”

Same thing with my job, really. Time and time again, I would say I want to quit my job. No matter where I am working and how much I’m getting, nothing is ever enough. I always want to quit after the first few months into a new post. I’ll continue to talk regularly about resigning till finally I would bring myself to do it, perhaps 2 years later. That’s the average time of how long I can procrastinate.

I have now been in this job for almost a year. So, I figured there’s at least a year to go before I finally do something. In the meantime it gives me plenty of things to say about The Sheep, who is by the way, back in the office and have started his baa-baaing to me about 2 hours ago, hence this post.

I have also just realized that in the entire week when The Sheep wasn’t around, I totally neglected my blog and didn’t feel the slightest inclination whatsoever to update it. Yet, the minute he walked in, I totally couldn’t get any work done and just felt like surfing the net all day long. Funny eh?

Maybe I really shouldn’t work and just read the newspapers all days. Haven’t had enough of that lately. So many stories to read; Murders and mayhems galore, and most importantly, monkeys in cyberspace. Speaking of monkeys, many of us would probably agree that at times, watching a Parliamentary session is akin to watching monkeys in a cage. So, the question now would be, who are the bigger monkeys? The ones who write their thoughts in cyberspace or the ones who scream, shout and swear in a cage?

Can somebody give them a banana?

On another note, in light of current events, I am currently putting on hold my year long fixation of finding a place to buy via auction. For the past year, I have been scanning through pages and pages of Proclamation of Sale of property in the newspapers in the hope of finding the best property to buy at an auction. But now I’m reconsidering my options as I really don’t want to find chopped up bodies in a fridge.



Manal said...

Ur writing is much more motivated by that sheep relative to those monkeys. What would that make u then? An emotive blogger or blogger with woteva motive possible including that chopped up bodies in the fridge?

I honestly think those sidang parlimen/dewan rakyat is worse than what we see in the zoo. In fact, it's too embarrassing to be shown everything live hence the major editting when it's aired on the tv. Except the part when Semi Value suddenly snapped an opposition with some logical answer then it was considered intellectual. I think they should consider a mamak restaurant type of persidangan. That way, everybody would be more cheerful speaking in mouth full of woteva kind of roti available. After all, everyone unanimously goes for mamak food.

Typhoon Sue said...

yea, it is a sad day when instead of motivating the employees to work hard, he is actually motivating them (or just me) to blog.

i got no motive babeh.. i just blog wateva; chicken chop, lamb chop, human chop,.. like i said, wateva


elviza said...

Eh friend, if like that is the case, then dont quit.

If you quit the Sheep will no longer be in your life and you ll probably never remember to update at all!

Thats a tragedy for all your fan!

Take care

J.T. said...


I am with Elviza - don't quit. I will miss your ramblings.

Now, who is the bigger monkey? Well, who called whom "monkey" first? The first one who pointed the finger is the bigger monyet (read: ape). :D (It takes one to know one)

Wild imagination you have there - chopped up bodies in a fridge. haha

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

True..true..true...unconsciously, the Sheep is your sumber ilham (dey..what actually of him that motivates you? His smell?)

Like me, my sumber ilham is my dah lama tak jumpa patient, thus gave me more time to cruise jantan tembam.

Speaking abt chopped bodies, have you tried sniffing your floorboards? or in malaysian house case, lantai mar-mar you, for all you know, hah..satu tanah perkuburan besar, hambik kau!!!

Typhoon Sue said...


I’m sure there’ll be many equivalent of the sheep everywhere. That should be enough to draw inspiration from, right?



Well, according to Darwin, monkeys, ape, human, it’s all relative. hahaha

chopped up bodies in a fridge- that’s a reference to the latest murder case in KL, u haven’t read msian papers lately? This guy bought a pty from bank auction, and after he got the keys, he went over to clean it and found a chopped up body in a fridge


The thing about him that motivates me is, ….errr… the thought of lamb chop? hahaha
Lepas ni I kena nyanyi lagu Kau Sumber Ilhamku le plak ye…?

Eh, jangan le camtu… I tinggal sorang2 tau! Mau aku tak tidor malam ni teringat apa ada di bawah lantai marmarku!

Pi Bani said...

Ahah! So the sheep is indirectly motivating you to be monkey-ing around in cyberspace! It's the sheep's fault after all...

elviza said...

True also, sheeps will be every where.

The firm's LA just quit this morning. In her eyes I must be the damn sheep. Whatever lah.

I must be a royal pain in the *tut tut* for her to be working with.

I remember the handsome sheep at my previous firm. He doesnt talk, he shouts. Argghhh. What a waste of pretty face.

Dah lah Sue, mengarut jer I nih.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sue,

At times when we are stress, we can write better. Nothing wrong with that. Think you should take more vacation to de-stress yourself.

Would like to say something about your previous ramblings concerning no say thank you said after receiving a kind gesture.
Well, I was caught in a heavy rain when I was working home from work during Ramadan, in 2003. Was wet from head to toe, but there was a Chinese driver, who saw me and stopped his van. Told him my house is near but he just gave me an umbrella, saying I needed it. Was shocked but said thanked you. Still have that umbrella to remind me that there are still kind people in this world.

What do you think about that...

J.T. said...

Oh no... what a thing to find in one's new property.

You are right, I have not read Malaysian papers lately. I am completely outdated on local news except some politics through blogs. :)

Typhoon Sue said...


In your case, you are the 'ewe'.


I saw someone did that once. The woman who received that umbrella didn't thank the giver, but the look on her face already said it all... I guess no thank u was needed. (Besides, she was probably shivering and was too cold to come out with words anyway)


it's okay. blogs are news too. Except that they talk mostly of politics and not much of everything else. Which is why sometimes i just talk about my underwear.... just to be different