Monday, September 24, 2007

Negligent, My Foot!!

I haven’t been in the mood to blog lately, and it’s not for a lack of stories. The scene at the office was chaotic the whole week. The screaming clients continued screaming. The Sheep continued spewing psycho-babble crap out of his mouth. The Toad continued having her syok sendiri moments again and again. The staff had their usual daily little tiffs with each other. Work, leisure, affairs, gossips. It all thrived. In other words, there are loads and loads of stories to tell.

Yet, it all seems so trivial and petty now.

In the wake of the brutal murder of little Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, many of us are feeling a little sense of helplessness. Helpless, because we weren’t able to do anything to help when she went missing. Helpless, because we weren’t able to lift a finger to help her family when she was found murdered. Helpless, because in spite of the tragedy and the danger still lurking for other children, the powers-that-be and the police, our so-called protector, are more inclined to punish the grieving family than finding the brutal monster who did that to her.

Nurin’s family had suffered tremendously since her disappearance on August 20. The parents must have been beating themselves mad for letting her out of their house. What an ordeal they had to go through in trying to find their daughter and having no leads whatsoever on her whereabouts. To top it off, some measly little creatures took advantage of the situation to get a little high by tormenting the parents with hurtful words and accusations via telephone and SMS. Not to mention, all the gossips being spread around by irresponsible people about the family, it must’ve all hurt really really bad.

But what hurt the most must be what happened in the end, when the parents, after being in denial for days, finally saw the truth and accepted the fact of the unspeakable horror that happened to their precious child, and that she is forever gone.

As if their torture isn’t enough, the powers-that-be and the police are now talking about hauling them to court for negligence in failing to protect their child from harm. What utter nonsense is this? Negligence, my foot!!

The powers-that-be are known for speaking through their asses. But stupid though they may be, they are the ones in power and it’s always scary to note what idiots can do if they have the magic wand. In this case, instead of using their magic wands as our elected representatives to raise the alarm on the abduction and to help find Nurin alive, they are waving it now, after Nurin is already dead, to punish the family while the vile beastly monster who had broken a thousand laws is still at large. If only their magic wands were used to do something, ANYTHING, at all to help Nurin and her family at their most desperate time of need. If only.

The police on the other hand, are the action guys we all thought we could depend on. They are the protector of the society, the ones who are appointed and paid to serve the people and keep the public safe from harm, the ones who are supposed to bring back Nurin to her parents alive and well.

The police failed to do just that and failed to apprehend even a single suspect until now. What have they been doing since she disappeared? Did they manage to get any leads on the abduction in that whole month? Did they find any trails of her whereabouts? Did they take adequate measures to find this missing child? Did they do anything, ANYTHING at all to find her alive?

Excuse me when I put it to you sirs, that the powers-that-be and the police are all negligent in discharging their duties. Haul your own asses to court, you morons!!!!


elviza said...

I thought leaving them to suffer and grieve alone is the least that we can do.

But of course, those smart asses must come up with statements that make me cringed in disgust! Ah!

Have they found the beast? NO. BIG NO! What a bunch of bollocks. They are a joke to society.

Ok, I got to stop, otherwise lebih sude dari kuah pulak kat sini.

p/s: on the other hand, have you received the circular from KL Bar calling for Penguin March this Wednesday? Are you coming?

Kak Teh said...

sue, ditto, ditto, ditto!!!

Laman said...

A very touching Raya ad from Indomie, I almost cried watching it. But maybe our police & some ministers think otherwise, the parents/guardian might be charged for negligence.

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Memang macam celaka, kan? Harus si masing-masing tu , yang dah tua bangka, sleeping on the job, mishandle bomb and closing one eye to politician offsprings criminality disumbat dengan terung and timun, baru dirasa...ish, abis pahala puasa ku!!!

kimster said...

what song is this?
I can't get it out of me head! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!