Saturday, September 01, 2007

Post Merdeka Day Ramblings

Post Merdeka Day. I'm upset again. In 1 post and over 3 days, my blog has been hijacked twice. By the same stupid racist character no less. I'm moderating my blog now. God knows I hate to do that, coz that means I have to log in every so often to check and approve comments. If any of you leave comments and they don't come out for days and days, my apologies in advance.

I am well aware of the racial and religious sentiments that are going around right now. Just because I blog about toads and sheeps doesn't mean that I don't care about politics and current affairs.

I do understand the frustration of the non-malays and non-muslims about a lot of things and I agree that they should speak out and ask for a reform. So many people are not happy with the way things are now and they do come out and say it out loud, but they do it in the proper time, in the proper place, in their own names, without playing the racist card and without imposing themselves on other people's time and space.

That's how changes are made in the civilised world. It may not come as swiftly as you and I would like it to be, but I'm sure it will, in due time, if we all work together and not tear each other apart.

This idiot who has been going from one blog after another insulting Malays, Islam and prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and spewing words of hatred everywhere he goes is the one thing that is wrong with the fight for reforms. Instead of tackling it intellectually and acting with class, he chose to spread seeds of disunity by insulting other people's race and religion. He chose to be the bigot that he really is, albeit a bigot with his tail between his legs. He is one who dares not speak up. He is the type to shout insults and run away like a coward. Coward he really is. A loser. Nothing more.

I'll give him no more mention after this. Not another breath, not another thought. Just saying my peace on this post merdeka day.

On another note, here's something I found on another site and thought I could share with you for a laugh. Don't forget to switch on your speakers ya! (Also, please switch OFF the background music via the MP3 player on the sidebar)


J.T. said...

Unfortunately when idiots keep doing idiotic stuff, we have no choice but to guard our house. U.Lee, one of the bloggers, just mentioned in his comments (in my blog) that he had to do the same thing - moderating his blog now.

On a lighter note, that was a cute video. Poor mama panda. :D

Elviza said...

Oh Sue, I noticed the deleted comments on your blog last week.

What an idiot. I am so sorry he ruined your days.

And now my comment is awaiting moderation because of that stupid bigot!

Typhoon Sue said...

yea. I have to guard my house now. we all have to, since we are accountable for the contents of our blogs including the comments.

3 assaults actually elviza. twice in The Toad and once in BBM. Not to mention the one several weeks ago - can't remember which post that was.

yeah, idiot he is.

Pi Bani said...

Yep, had the same assault by the same idiot at my blog a few weeks ago. One more assault and I may have to resort to comment moderation too. For the moment I am still too lazy to do that...

Kacau only lah this idiot! Make my blood go upstairs...

penang-kia said...

could it be the job of the cybertroopers?
btw,am your official stalker and i really enjoyed visiting your blog but 'no comment'.
people say that if u don't have anything clever to say then just don't say anything at all.
have a nice day!!

Manal said...

Just hoping that they are not going to stop ur creativity juice flowing.

They can be so like parasite kan? menenggek on some blogs spreading words of disunity and propagandas without any permission from the blog owner. Keji betul!

All those coward acts were bang out of order and u took the right decision to enable moderating lest they show up again.

Selamat Hari Merdeka to u!

Typhoon Sue said...

Ya la. This idiot memang sengaja bagi org marah. tak sekolah gamaknya dia ni.

Cybertrooper? Maybe, maybe not. I dun care really. Ala, kalau nak trace org ni, buleh aje. There are means to do that. It’s just that nobody wants to go thru all that trouble just for this good-for-nothing idiot.

u don't have to say clever things u'know. just say what's in ur mind.

Parasite indeed. Kalau menenggek kat blog yg mmg berbaur politik lain la. Ni kat blog yg langsung takde kena mengena. Mmg tak kena tempat langsung.

phantom said...

I like idiots, they make me look smart. We need them like we need nyamuk, food for cicak and toads. :)
They're just timun babeh!

Typhoon Sue said...

Whatever turns u on, phantom dear...