Sunday, September 16, 2007


It’s the fourth day of Ramadan, and my tailor informed me that my baju raya is ready. Yahoooo!
I’m gonna go and collect my green baju raya soon and try it on and send it for dry cleaning before I wear it on Raya day. I have already been window shopping for a nice selendang to go with it and will go buy it soon. Next on the agenda are shoes. Must get me a nice pair of green shoes.

Now, what else?

Jewelleries, purse, and oh, bunga api. Yay!!

*voice from above*

Okay, let’s face it. When it comes to puasa and raya time, I’m a bit of a kiddo. A bit manja on the puasa side, but tahan nonetheless. I’ll gorge during berbuka, and then skip sahur altogether. The next morning, when my tummy starts grumbling by 11 am, I’ll be whining and complaining that I’m hungry because I didn’t take sahur. No one to blame but myself, but did I ever learn from it? NO!

This has been happening for years and years and on average, every Ramadan, I only get up for sahur once or twice depending on how early I go home to my mummy’s and have to force myself out of bed lest she pours a bucket of water on my face.

Yes, I’m THAT lazy.

As the youngest in the family and the only one who’s still single, my brothers and sisters always entrusted me with the unenviable job of baby-sitting their off-springs. Not such a fun thing to do when you no longer have that youthful energy to go chasing after them around the house.

Playing with fireworks- that’s about the only part of baby-sitting that I truly enjoy. While the kids play with the sparklers and other lame stuff, I get to light up the fancy ones and the popping ones. Yeah! Can’t wait to light up the sky again. This is gonna be fun.

As always, Raya will not be Raya without some meriam buluh being fired in the middle of the night just as you are about to fall asleep. Annoyed as we may be by the noise, as caring adults, we are mostly more concerned if the kids firing up those cannons may get themselves injured or worse, killed. Every year we read about kids losing their eyes, fingers, arms or even lives in meriam buluh mishaps. Yet, every year this keeps happening again and again. They never learn, do they?

I have yet to read of any such incident in the papers this year. Good sign, I guess. But then again, it may be too early to rejoice since we are only in our 4th day of Ramadhan; the explosives experts are probably still scouring the jungle for the perfect bamboo for the job.

I used to know a few of these ‘experts’ back in my younger days growing up in Alor Setar. They seemed to know everything about making meriam buluh. They come up with all sorts of plans and designs to make the blast louder. Looking at them at work, one may think that they are geniuses, and that they must be marvelous at chemistry in school. But in fact, most of them flunk their science subjects with flying colours.

It is sad that the brilliance, ingenuity and passion of these kids were confined to the making of meriam buluh and nothing more.

Sadder still, when their passion backfired, and they ended up in the hospital fighting for their lives.

Even worst, if their so-called expertise brought them into one of those extremists groups.


I hope to not see any news of meriam buluh mishaps in the papers this year. May all the kids perform their fasting steadfastly and avoid maiming themselves at all costs.

Selamat Berpuasa
Selamat Berbuka Puasa &
Selamat Bersahur

to all Muslim readers

… and don’t go firing up that meriam buluh now, ya hear?


Hjh Esah Jolie said...

In my case here, I suppose, nak main meriam buluh kang org ingat Muslim Terrorist pulak...I'm not sure I will have new baju kurung this year, as for the last 6 years, I keep wearing the same one, 2 years ago when I balik kampung, my younger sister is kind enough to loan me one of her berpasang2 baju kurung (apa kes tempah baju sampai 4 pasang?) that everybody notice a baju pinjam...

But hey, jeles gila lah gua...

Manal said...

Green shoes? is it like really green green grass colour one? go for something goldish green with little hint of brown ker....saw something like that at Bonia before.

U reminded me of kak pidah aziz and her green attire...r u gonna wear pearl necklace too?

Typhoon Sue said...

tak usah le nak main meriam buluh kat sana tu ha. nanti tak pasal2 org ingat u nak bom sana sini. heboh lagi le mak janda engko nanti. :)

a'ah. apa kes sampai 4 pasang? gua tempah 1 saja tau. itupun, pakai sekali tu aje la. kita gi keja tak pakai baju kurung. buat rugi je buat byk2.

my baju this year is lime green colour. saja nak pakai kaler terang benderang sket. nanti nak jalan memalam tak yah pakai flashlight. Dah dok survey survey kasut kat sana sini tak jumpa yg seswai pon. Silap2 nanti i pakai kasut itam jelah. boringnyerrr

kak pidah? OH NOOOOOO!!!!
i thought about wearing my pearls, but since u mentioned it, yeah, that will make me kinda look like kak pidah. so, i'll pass. I'll get some new jeweleries then, something less bulky.

J.T. said...

Sounds like you are almost set for Raya. Festive seasons do bring the kid out in us. When I was living in Malaysia, I used to get excited once December was upon us. From Christmas caroling to shopping to preparing the house for that one special day. By the 2nd week of December, my Christmas clothes will be ready. :)

Once I left Malaysia, the thrill of preparing for Christmas died in me. Nowadays, it is just another day. Maybe I just miss the Malaysian way of celebrating it.

A lime green coloured baju ... cool. You can play around with the green tones when it comes to your shoes and handbag. :)

Chubby said...

Hi Sue,

Maybe its not too late for me to wish u Selamat Berpuasa... Dont forget to take a pic of you in that green baju kurung ok. I agree with Manal abt ur shoe colour... Happy hunting!!!

Laman said...

hmm, sad to say, ur wish didnt really come true, paper ari nie dah ada berita pasal this kid main mercun sampai terkena mata...
Anyway, do check this out, a talk show from indonesia, interesting!

Kak Teh said...

Sue, dah ada baju raya? Kak teh akan pakai baju dua tiga tahun lalu. But here, tak apa tak pakai baju baru pun...yang penting bagi kak teh ada jam tarts!

selamat berpuasa.