Monday, September 03, 2007

Slip Slip

I was coming out of a certain shopping centre in KL today when not far in front of me, a woman slipped and fell down on the floor. Behind her, a group of young women stopped right in their tracks and giggled. Some men at a nearby Starbucks stared at her and one guy actually stood up and craned his neck to get a better look. But nobody, I mean, NOBODY did anything to help.

Yea, not even me. But then again, by the time I reached her, she was already up and about. So don’t blame me for not trying!

She must’ve been quite embarrassed I reckon, judging from the look on her face and by how quickly she got up and walked away. I noticed she had a slight limp. God, that must’ve hurt!

I know exactly how she must have been feeling. The same thing happened to me once. There I was happily walking away when all of a sudden, “PLONK!”, my purse flew high up in the air and I was flat on my butt on the concrete slab. How embarrassing!

When it happened to me, there was only one other person around the area (at least I thought so). He didn’t move an inch and just stared at me. Thankfully, with the exception of that one insignificant being, nobody else was around and therefore I was spared a huge public humiliation. So I quickly picked myself up and walked away in a hurry, hoping nobody else have seen it.

It was quite an irony actually. On the one hand I was rather annoyed at that man who was there and looked but did not offer to help. On the other, I was thankful and relieved that he didn’t make a big deal out of it and thereby prolonging my embarrassment.

How would you feel if you were in that situation? Would you want attention from passers-by, or would you rather they just pretend they didn’t see you?

It’s embarrassing enough to lose your balance and fall down flat in front of everybody. Worse still, if people make a big fuss and draw more and more attention to it.

But I guess it’s different if you’re injured. There’s nothing embarrassing about being hurt, no matter how. I’m sure our fellow Malaysians, as uncaring as they may seem at times, will stop to help an injured stranger. No shame there.

So, the next time you slip and fall in front of a crowd, if you can’t stand the embarrassment and can’t seem to get up fast enough to get the hell out of there, perhaps it’s best to feign pain. Better still, pretend you’ve fainted! If you’re lucky enough, maybe you can even get a mouth-to-mouth from a handsome bloke! Haha!

Excuse my silliness, please.

On a more serious note, and further to above rantings, I propose the following:-

  • Pavements and walkways should not be tiled, unless of course, the tiles are the self-polishing kind that gets rid of its own mold and mildew and whatever slippery material.
  • Slopes, wherever situated, should never be tiled unless it is made of very dry abrasively hard material that causes extreme friction and will grip everything to a standstill, even a rolling football.
  • Respect women with heels by giving them proper walkways in buildings; carpeted from end to end if need be. Better still, provide travelator or moving walkways, like in the airports, so that we don’t have to walk and endanger our lives everytime we take a step.
  • High-heeled shoes should come with super grip material at the heels. Peter Parker can supply the formula for that extreme grip. So long as we can step on everything without fear of doing a split and ending up with our skirts over our heads, cost is not an object.

Any more brilliant proposal, anyone?

P/S: I'm so in love with my new layout. Yay!! Changed today @ 5pm.


Manal said...

THE first thing that caught me eyes is the colour that i love....maroon red...blood red, the darker the shade the better. Next is that lurvely red lily....though i prefer the calandula ones, but i like lilies in general besides roses, tulips, and all sort of flowers in general. But lilies and roses top my bouquet list.

And then of course that little toddler in black and white. The definite typhoon sue icon. Yupp, i like this new layout coz it brings some choleric (makji pinjam ur word) side of me.

Anyways, agreed to ur suggestions esp on the shoes with good grip soles including the stilletos. Also, watch where u walk, careful with ur steps as u ascend or descend the stairs, better still hold the railings while moving up or down the stairs. Tapi kalau nak terpele'ot, terpele'ot jugak. But at least tak de la falling on our tush or something...

There was one incident about 5 years ago when i missed a step at a pavement while waiting for the bus one cold evening n fell on my left knee and terus tahan with my hands and left elbow on the ground. Embarrassing it was but i quickly restored my poise n composure there, pretending that i was completely fine even though i hurt my knee and elbow. Sangatla clumsy kan? Jatuh macam nangka busuk. Sib baik i was alone there and the bus was yet to arrive. Balik hall jer terus sapu minyak.

Typhoon Sue said...

haha.. after weeks and weeks of trying and testing, i finally settled on this layout. finally,
me like. me happy.

ye la. nothing more embarassing than jatuh macam nangka busuk. hehe. even if nobody's around, u can't help feeling embarassed anyway. and that scene will be played over and over again in our heads for many nights to come. *sigh*

J.T. said...

Hi Sue

I love your new layout. Red is one of my favourite colours (besides yellow and peach).

Oh! I know the feeling of falling in public. It happened to me years ago. After getting down from the bus, I rushed across the street to get on the divider. I did not take a step big enough and slipped and fell on my shin and knees. Needless to say, I was embarassed and in pain, my hose tore and I was bleeding from my knees.

Luckily, a lady standing next to me helped me up. She kept asking if I am okay and if I needed to get to a clinic. There were three other people there. They just stared and looked like they did not know if they should help or not. But they stood there for a second or two longer till I got up on my feet.

Anyway, I limped all the way to my office in MCB Plaza and washed my wound. I went to a small store in the next building to buy some Savlon cream to apply to the wound. Luckily my skirt was a three-quarter length that day. It covered that ugly scrape and cut. I still have a scar on my knee to remind me of that fateful day. :)

elviza said...


If you run for office, I ll vote you - just for the idea you forwarded in this post.

What a nice new colour in Tattlerama. Red has always been my favourite & you put my favourite flower up at the header.

Pi Bani said...

Woohoo! Nice facelift! Tapi nak jugak komplen... the link to my blog ada sikit tak betui la... (ada orang nak link, komplen pulak lagi!) I've responded to your bimbo tag. (well, sort of...)

If I were to jatuh bedebuk in public, I would prefer if the people around would pretend they didn't see. If they did stare, then I'd probably be mumbling and looking for excuses why I fell... ada batu ke... ada lubang ke... ada kulit pisang ke... :)

Typhoon Sue said...

memories like that will stick with you forever, with or without a scar, no?

thanks. If i never thought of running for any office, i may now, just because u brought it up... hehe.

takpa takpa.... thanks for the input, I've rectified the error, it links well now, i think.

haha... u're like me la. the embarassment is too much to bear!!!

Anonymous said...


Nice new colour & outlook. Like it since the flowers add to the touch of femininity.

It happened to me as well in 2002. I went downstairs to buy some food but the shoes that I bought in a hypermarket was not good enough that the soles just came out just like that & I fell down like a sack of potatoes. Seemed like nobody noticed what had happened or pretend not to, so I limped up the stairs & cried like a baby when I saw that my shin & kness were covered with blood. Lucky that fateful day my hubby was working morning shift, so he helped tend the wounds. Embarassing to think of that, nowadays whenever I need to go downstairs, will take the lift...

I think the best suggestion you gave is to create supergrip heels since pavements or walkways in our country are not well maintained.

FairyGodmother said...

Hey there stranger!

Yeah, nice layout...and just loooove the lilies..

And yes, I have had a similar experience, and it happened when I was pregnant...I slipped and fell, but managed to break the fall with my hand...and suddenly, a whole SURGE of people came from nowhere and tried to help me, even when I was already up. There was even this old chinese lady who scolded me for being so clumsy, for fear that anything should happen to my baby.

I guess I was lucky to have some caring Malaysians around me that time.

and yeah, it was sure embarrassing!

Typhoon Sue said...

exacrtly what i was going for... a touch of feminity, since i have been a lil bit gung-ho about everything lately

oh dear, falling while pregnant is especially scary. i take it everything was ok then? phew!
at times like that, u scan see that a lot of people cares, especially that old lady who scolded u.

pugly said...

Happened to me once. In Alamanda's KFC. Full house. I blogged about it here. I don't know which is more painful - the smarting arse or the fact that everyone would rather just stare than offer a helping hand.

Typhoon Sue said...

Ouch! I feel your pain.

Belladonna said...

Salam Sue, mekasih sudi datang to my blog.

Aku prefer terjatuh daripada terbersin sampai 'ter' keluar hingus infront of my date(true story ni, okay everybody say euww). He never call me after that, haha.

By the way, you've been tagged. Pls come to my blog for further info. Thanks

The Blueberry said...

Sue! haven't been around in a while and here you go!!! Red as red can be! Lovely, girl!!!

Falling, yeah, I've had my share. Too many to share. But one thing's for sure, when I fall, people can choose to ignore or rush to help, but please please pleaseeeee DO NOT ever laugh or giggle. It's just not cute. Masa I pregnant empat bulan I fell masa nak naik Komuter. Betul-betul depan pintu, lantai licin. Once I got into the train, bukan saja takde orang offer I tempat duduk, diorang siap stare at me like I have two noses for God's sakes!!! Arghh!!!!

Typhoon Sue said...

noted your 3 posts.... *LOL*

alright, I'll say euwww! That's why, if u have snot in your nose, blow it out while u can, discreetly of course ... :)

thanks a bunch. lovely like me, eh?

aisehman... pregnant pun takde org tolong? tsk tsk tsk
hapa la nak jadi org mesia nih...