Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween

Due to the kong-ness of her computer at the office, the kura-kura-ness of her dial-up connection at home and the lazyness of Her Royal Bigbumness to go find a hot spot, Typhoon Sue has suspended her online activities since the past week and may only resume her blogging by next week or once her beloved unbranded cikai not-worth-a-sen computer at the office is returned to her by that clueless IT guy Antonio who sounds like a hunk but really isn't.

To those Americanised Malaysian folks all over the country, Typhoon Sue wishes them, "Woi! Kita orang Mesia mana celebrate Halloween woi! Aparraaaa!!!"

Happy Halloween anyways and don't drink and fly!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Post Raya Ramblings

My Hari Raya this year was rather uneventful, mostly because of my refusal to do the kunjung mengunjung thingy. It wasn’t for any particular reason really. I just don’t like to go to people’s houses, simple as that. That’s not so hard to understand, is it? Thankfully, my mum did not make such a big fuss about it this year, so I got away with it unscathed.


My 8 year old nephew Nabil was on a money-making tour. He was practically reminding everybody to give him duit raya as well as duit puasa, because he did not skip a day of fasting throughout Ramadhan. To top it all, he lost two of his front teeth while he was eating ketupat on Raya morning, so, that’s another reason to collect money from grown-ups, he figured. After all, there were so many fairy godmothers around him that day.

I betcha, he collected more duit raya than I ever collected when I was a kid. Shrewd little fella, this one.

Nabil’s picture from last year. I didn’t have a camera this year,
and so far nobody has given me copies of this years’ photos.
If my brother is reading this, ehem, pix please bang!


Nabil was expecting duit raya from a certain cousin, who said that if he wants it, he had to take a picture with her. So, Nabil flatly refused.

According to my brother, yes he wanted the duit raya, but it has to be on his terms.

Hmmm, sounds like someone I know.


As I was saying good-bye to my mum and the others on my last day there, my mum urged me, no, instructed me more like it, to give duit raya to Ningsih, her maid, who had to serve so many extra people on those few days. I promptly walked away, said my good-byes and drove off without saying a word about it, even though I had every intention earlier to give duit raya to that girl.

On my own terms mummy, on my own terms.

Guess Nabil has a bit of me in him, no?


I’m reminded of the many incidences when, even as a child, I had always wanted things to be on my own terms, not others. As a kid, my mum woke me up every morning to go to school, and I’ve always found it difficult to get up. My mum would always leave me to rise on my own after she’s awoken me from my slumber, and I will do so in my own sweet time, without anyone prompting me. If she yelled at me from downstairs just as I was about to get up from my bed, I would lie down again, and wait for that moment to pass so that I could then get up as and when I want to. And 5 minutes later, I would rise and quickly make some noise like slam the door or something, so that she knows I’m awake and will not spoil my morning by calling me again.

Stupid, maybe. But that’s just me. And that is why I have so much trouble with people wanting me to do things their way.


Going back to the office after the holidays is not a fun thing to do, what with things piling up and clients wanting to get their things done. In situation like this, of course priority is given to the most urgent of cases, and the most lucrative ones. But, more often than not, it is the client with RM100K deal and 2 months deadline that gives me the most headache, not the ones with RM100M deal and 2 weeks deadline.

Nevertheless, in the service industry, clients are clients, whether it is RM100K or RM100million, we have to satisfy them all, and so I had to suck it in, forced a smile and attend to their insufferable demands. I couldn’t help but have a number of heated exchanges and a few shouting match, but after a while, I had to give in because I lost my voice screaming. Perhaps it had something to do with the amount of ketupat I ate.

How I wish I can pull my usual “on-my-terms” crap every single time!


Today, I indulged in some retail therapy, and so I’m flat broke now, but that’s okay, because I got myself some new clothes! Yay!


Also, after much hesitation, I have joined the one thing that has been dubbed the Devil Of The Internet-- Facebook. I’ve actually joined it quite a while ago but never did anything on it, until someone made me really spend time on the bloody thing. And now, I’m hooked, although I’m not as badly hooked as some people who actively goes around poking, spanking, sheep-throwing, trout slapping, and killing other people every 5 minutes.

At least I’m content with checking out all the other applications and just superpoking someone every few hours. What I enjoy to do is just feeding my Fluff Friend and racing him every hour to earn more ‘munny’. I go broke betting on the races and somehow those strays that are under-fed and under-pet always win. It just doesn’t make sense. But I still race anyway, and go broke again and again.

Another thing that I do on Facebook and am fast becoming addicted to is to play Pacman. I haven’t played this game in ages! Now that I found it on Facebook, I can’t let it go. I want to play Pacman all day long. My score is 71280 and Pugly says I need to get a life.

Maybe I do.

Or maybe Pugs just said it because she cannot beat my score. Haha!


And oh, this is baby Wajdi, my 3rd cucu. I’m a Toksu 3 times over.

Wajdi is the first (more to come?) son of my niece Wani,
who is the eldest daughter of my half-brother.


I feel so old now.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Bon Jour!

Bon Jour!

Je n’ai ecriré pas dans mon blog dans la semaine. Je suis m'occupée celebrér L’eid á chez ma mere á Alor Setar. Quand je suis retournée a chez moi, le mardi, j’ai dú faire la lessive, repasser les vetements, nettoyer la maison et tondre la pelouse, alors je suis m'occupée toute le jour. Le mecredi, j’ai allée a travaille et le stress de travail a été difficile. Mon patron commencu exiger ceci et cela, et mes clients commencu aboyer comme d’habitude. Zut, zut et zut!

Je deteste ces gens beaucoup et je veux tuer ces imbeciles. J’ai aboyée rendre à plusiers reprises jusqu’au j’ai perdu ma voix pendant deux jours. Maintenant, je deteste toutes les choses et toutes les personnes au mon bureau.

Ce soir, je vais crier et je vais pleurer et je vais lancer l’effets hors de la fenêtre . Quand je suis calmer, ou si je suis fatigue, je regarderai mon film preferé L’orguille et Le Prejudice que j’ai regardu bien des fois, puis je vais bouder toute la nuit.

Alors, laissez-moi tranquille s’il vous plait.

**I'm just practicing. To the French, this is kindergarten stuff. To me, I spent an hour this afternoon to come up with this. Grammatically, I know I suck big time. So, don't laugh. If there’s anyone here who’s fluent, please feel free to offer me a few pointers.

I haven't written in my blog for a week. I was busy celebrating the Eid at my mom's house in Alor Setar. When returned to mu house, I had to do the laundry, iron the clothes, clean the house and mow the lawn, so I was very busy all day. On Tuesday, I had to go to work and the stress of work was overwhelming. My boss started demanding this and that and my clients started shouting as usual. Darn, darn and darn!

I hate those people and I want to kill those idiots. I shouted back at them again and again until I lost my voice for 2 days. Now, I hate everything and everybody at my office.

Tonight, I'm going to scream, I'm going to cry and I'm going to throw things out of the window. When I am calm, or if I am tired, I will watch my favourite film, Pride and Prejudice which I have watched many many times, then I'm going to sulk all night.

So, please leave me alone.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Typhoon Sue will be away for Raya holidays from 11 October 2007. She will be at her kampung halaman at Jalan Sheikh Abdullah, Langgar, Alor Setar, Kedah, feasting on loads of ketupat and rendang and other yummylicious foods.

Typhoon Sue expects to be back in KL and back to blogging (not that she cannot blog from Alor Setar, but she will be too preoccupied with eating all the aforementioned ketupat and rendang and other yummylicious foods to care about anything else) on 16 October 2007.

She also expects to return to KL at least 10 kilograms heavier.

Typhoon Sue wishes all Muslimin and Muslimat her very best wishes for Hari Raya.

Have a blissful Eid.


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Monday, October 08, 2007

Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

I was at Jaya Jusco Alpha Angle last Saturday to do some grocery shopping. Bought a few bottles of carbonated drinks among other things, and placed them on the cashier counter. When the cashier moved the conveyor belt, the thing jerked a bit and caused one of my bottles to fall off. I managed to catch it before it hit the floor, so realistically, no harm was done. But it did catch me by surprise and irritated me a bit.

What irritated me more though, was the fact that the cashier didn’t say a word about it. So, when she moved the conveyor belt again about 2 seconds later, and it jerked again causing more bottles to topple (None fell down this time because I was prepared to hold it steady), I commented to her that it was so kasar. She shrugged and said “Ntah!”.

No excuse. No apology. Just that ntah hapa-hapa attitude.

Is it so hard to say she’s sorry? Granted, I know it wasn’t her fault if the conveyor belt was faulty. But as a representative of the seller, isn’t it her duty to provide a service satisfactory to all customers?

Many people think that saying sorry means accepting blame and admitting fault. This is why so many people find it difficult to say they’re sorry when they think the fault does not lie with them.

In reality, saying sorry may not mean “I’m guilty” at all. She could’ve said, “I’m sorry that happened to you” or “I’m sorry your bottles fell off” or “I’m sorry this thing is so jerky”. All of these simply means that she feels bad that all that happened. It does not imply guilt, it does not confer liability, it would just make me, as a customer, feel better, that’s all. Unless of course, if she thinks it is not part of her job to make customers feel better, in which case I would suggest she quit her job and go scrub a toilet.

It all boils down to good manners methinks. If you have it, the words ‘Please’, ‘Thank You’ and ‘Sorry’ will always be at the top of your list.

Someone I know might say that I did the same thing just this morning, refusing to apologise to someone for something which I obviously did but do not consider to be wrong. That is a different story I reckon. However, I did give an excuse which, translated loosely, could be interpreted as an apology in itself. So, that’s a helluva lot better than “Ntah!”, isn’t it ?


I’m so sorry you have to read my boring rantings today.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Of Peacock and Old Money

Yesterday, a friend was complaining about another friend at the office who talks so big we all want to puke everytime he says something.

This friend was telling me how the other friend, let’s call him The Peacock, was bad-mouthing The Sheep who is now what he calls nouveau rich. The Peacock then proceeded to boast about being born into wealth and despite his beat-up 10 year old Proton Wira, he could bloody well drive a BMW if he wants to.


The Peacock is the type of person who would boast about himself every 5 minutes, and would always want to ‘one-up’ other people. Everything is a competition to him; “I’m better than you”, “I’m richer than you”, “I’m more stylish than you”, and he always has to win, even though nobody else is playing the game.

He is a slave to fashion and style. He wears only branded clothes and he’s obsessed with keeping himself in shape. Just take one look at him and you’ll immediately notice his immaculate dressing, creaseless shoes and perfectly manicured nails. In fact, another friend of mine, upon meeting him for the first time, whispered to me, “Is he gay?”. To which I think the answer is yes, but that is beside the point.

Every now and then, The Peacock would come to my room and ask, “Eh, do you think I look fat?”. Honestly, I feel like slapping the idiot everytime he asks that.

Another time, The Peacock was carrying a waist pouch which was very stylish and did not look like a waist pouch at all. So, someone asked him, “What is that?” to which he answered, “Gucci”.

I’m telling you, this is one guy who, if you ask what something is, he’ll tell you the brand!

On 29/8/2007 ( I remember the date because I started taking notes of his weirdness on this day) I went for all-you-can-eat buffet lunch. The Peacock wanted to join me for lunch that day but declined when I told him where I was going. Upon me coming back an hour later, he remarked, “So fast, ah?”

So, I said, “Ye la. I can do a lot of damage in 1 hour you know!”. The Peacock retorted, “I can spend RM20 thousand in half an hour”.

WTF???? I was talking about eating, you nincompoop!!! Like I said, this boy always has to compete, even if nobody is competing with him.

Now, he is bitching about The Sheep being nouveau rich. I have to say that I still cannot understand why people who consider themselves ‘old money’ have to constantly bitch about people whom they consider ‘new money’. So what if the newbies have only recently become rich? So what if the newbies have had a hard life and only now have it easy? So what if the newbies are nouveau rich?

The fact remains that the newbies are in fact, rich, and that they do have money. If they want to announce to the world that they have arrived, if they want to splurge on a ton of bling-bling, if they want to go jet-setting around the world, IT IS THEIR MONEY and it is their prerogative.

In fact, we all know that many of these so-called old money are now mere has-beens. They have a family name that invokes awe. They come from a long line of respectable individuals. But other than the family name and the fact that they still move in the elite circle, they are actually not-so-much-money-anymore. But most still continue to live in a bubble thinking they’re so much better than all the other rich people because their ancestors were rich and wealthy. Never mind the fact that they probably have to borrow RM10 for lunch from a friend today or buy their Paul Smith shirts at a reject shop in Bangsar or have their credit cards cancelled for non-payment due to their over-spending, to them, they are always and forever will be classy.

I do not know if The Peacock is actually old money as he claims. Other than the fact that he wears designer stuff all the time and make boastful claims every so often, he doesn’t actually look very wealthy to me. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t, I may never know, nor do I care to know. But what I know is this, the last time he wanted to borrow money from me about a month ago, I told him I was broke because I know from experience that it would take forever for him to pay it back. So what does that tell ya?

I don’t hate him, if that’s what you’re wondering. I’ve accepted long ago that he is who he is, and despite his barf-inducing boasts, he can be a good friend at times. So, I’ll just let The Peacock spread his feathers any which way he wants, but I bloody well leave him alone when he does that or I’m going to vomit all over his Paul Smith.

Monday, October 01, 2007

No News Is Good News

I think I’m going to stop reading and watching the news for a while. It’s getting too upsetting lately. There’s bad news everywhere. With murders and mayhem happening everyday and absurdly idiotic statements made every so often by the people who are supposedly running this country, it’s scary to note what our country has become. It’s as scary as the thought of travelling on highways these days-- who knows when a concrete beam might fall on us? And if it doesn’t, rest assured, you’re going to wish it had, because it would save you the trouble of paying toll up ahead, which incidentally, is on the rise again.

I’ll stick to watching Spongebob for now thank you very much, and not driving on the highways.