Friday, October 19, 2007

Bon Jour!

Bon Jour!

Je n’ai ecriré pas dans mon blog dans la semaine. Je suis m'occupée celebrér L’eid á chez ma mere á Alor Setar. Quand je suis retournée a chez moi, le mardi, j’ai dú faire la lessive, repasser les vetements, nettoyer la maison et tondre la pelouse, alors je suis m'occupée toute le jour. Le mecredi, j’ai allée a travaille et le stress de travail a été difficile. Mon patron commencu exiger ceci et cela, et mes clients commencu aboyer comme d’habitude. Zut, zut et zut!

Je deteste ces gens beaucoup et je veux tuer ces imbeciles. J’ai aboyée rendre à plusiers reprises jusqu’au j’ai perdu ma voix pendant deux jours. Maintenant, je deteste toutes les choses et toutes les personnes au mon bureau.

Ce soir, je vais crier et je vais pleurer et je vais lancer l’effets hors de la fenêtre . Quand je suis calmer, ou si je suis fatigue, je regarderai mon film preferé L’orguille et Le Prejudice que j’ai regardu bien des fois, puis je vais bouder toute la nuit.

Alors, laissez-moi tranquille s’il vous plait.

**I'm just practicing. To the French, this is kindergarten stuff. To me, I spent an hour this afternoon to come up with this. Grammatically, I know I suck big time. So, don't laugh. If there’s anyone here who’s fluent, please feel free to offer me a few pointers.

I haven't written in my blog for a week. I was busy celebrating the Eid at my mom's house in Alor Setar. When returned to mu house, I had to do the laundry, iron the clothes, clean the house and mow the lawn, so I was very busy all day. On Tuesday, I had to go to work and the stress of work was overwhelming. My boss started demanding this and that and my clients started shouting as usual. Darn, darn and darn!

I hate those people and I want to kill those idiots. I shouted back at them again and again until I lost my voice for 2 days. Now, I hate everything and everybody at my office.

Tonight, I'm going to scream, I'm going to cry and I'm going to throw things out of the window. When I am calm, or if I am tired, I will watch my favourite film, Pride and Prejudice which I have watched many many times, then I'm going to sulk all night.

So, please leave me alone.


J.T. said...

Wow.. wish I could write like you did. Then again, I never took formal classes. I did self study and so my knowledge of French is probably about 1% of what you know. :)That is a very good attempt ... at least to a novice like me.

Hope you feel better after Pride and Prejudice and some sulking.

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Sue, parfaite'....eleh..they all pun grammer tunglang gak...janji boleh cakap cukup.Selamat ber hibernate.

Typhoon Sue said...

I can only contruct sentences in present, past and future tense and using rather limited vocabulary. Can't do fancy sentences yet. It'll take years before i can master the language i think.

Yes JT, I feel better now. I always do after I've thrown half of my things out the window and sulk all night. Today is when I pay the price for it, I gotta kutip back all the things I threw out last night. :)

Oit! Still in Mesia ka? I tried to post comment on your blog but got some problem la with my PC-- Langsung tak boleh bukak comment window. Anyway, hope u enjoy 'balik kampung' this time around. Ignore the makciks and pakciks yg sibuk matchmaking tu ok!

Manal said...

Takde soup du jour ka (hehe, pardon my petite francais)....

la bebe of tres peu brain (in udder words, an imbecile) said...

allo!!! i attempted to read the french bit without reading the translated version at the bottom of the entry.

i definitement comprende 'zut' tres bien.

past, present and future tenses .. way to go babeh!i can no longer construct simple french sentences. kalo ikut term besi buruk, scrap meta dealers pun dah tak nak beli my french, karat dah nak tunggu lebur already.

Typhoon Sue said...

Non. J'ai mange le viande.

Comme d'habitude, gros mot est le meilleur mot.
Jom le belajar balik, syok tau babe.

the witch's broo said...

vous êtes une femme très fâchée!