Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween

Due to the kong-ness of her computer at the office, the kura-kura-ness of her dial-up connection at home and the lazyness of Her Royal Bigbumness to go find a hot spot, Typhoon Sue has suspended her online activities since the past week and may only resume her blogging by next week or once her beloved unbranded cikai not-worth-a-sen computer at the office is returned to her by that clueless IT guy Antonio who sounds like a hunk but really isn't.

To those Americanised Malaysian folks all over the country, Typhoon Sue wishes them, "Woi! Kita orang Mesia mana celebrate Halloween woi! Aparraaaa!!!"

Happy Halloween anyways and don't drink and fly!


zhmi said...

Hi Sue,

Halloween without the whole enchilada (pumpkins, costumes & trick-or-treats) is simply not Halloween. Maybe that's why there hasn't been a large scale Halloween celebration here. Just my two cents.

Be that as it may--and as corny as this may sound--here's wishing you a Happy & Spooktacular Halloween. Have a wonderful day.

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Drink and cry lah...

Manal said...

Computer problem tu kiranya part of the halloween nightmare ka?

I ngaku i pi two halloween parties a few years back and another one, just friendly officemates hangouts at some regular spot pon during Halloween gak in london dulu2....I gave away my liplap horns to my eldest niece.

J.T. said...

I am in the States and I don't celebrate Halloween. We were armed with candies, though, in case some children wandered aimlessly into our unlit porch. :)

I am glad it is over. Those ghoulish decorations can make way for prettier Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff.