Sunday, October 21, 2007

Post Raya Ramblings

My Hari Raya this year was rather uneventful, mostly because of my refusal to do the kunjung mengunjung thingy. It wasn’t for any particular reason really. I just don’t like to go to people’s houses, simple as that. That’s not so hard to understand, is it? Thankfully, my mum did not make such a big fuss about it this year, so I got away with it unscathed.


My 8 year old nephew Nabil was on a money-making tour. He was practically reminding everybody to give him duit raya as well as duit puasa, because he did not skip a day of fasting throughout Ramadhan. To top it all, he lost two of his front teeth while he was eating ketupat on Raya morning, so, that’s another reason to collect money from grown-ups, he figured. After all, there were so many fairy godmothers around him that day.

I betcha, he collected more duit raya than I ever collected when I was a kid. Shrewd little fella, this one.

Nabil’s picture from last year. I didn’t have a camera this year,
and so far nobody has given me copies of this years’ photos.
If my brother is reading this, ehem, pix please bang!


Nabil was expecting duit raya from a certain cousin, who said that if he wants it, he had to take a picture with her. So, Nabil flatly refused.

According to my brother, yes he wanted the duit raya, but it has to be on his terms.

Hmmm, sounds like someone I know.


As I was saying good-bye to my mum and the others on my last day there, my mum urged me, no, instructed me more like it, to give duit raya to Ningsih, her maid, who had to serve so many extra people on those few days. I promptly walked away, said my good-byes and drove off without saying a word about it, even though I had every intention earlier to give duit raya to that girl.

On my own terms mummy, on my own terms.

Guess Nabil has a bit of me in him, no?


I’m reminded of the many incidences when, even as a child, I had always wanted things to be on my own terms, not others. As a kid, my mum woke me up every morning to go to school, and I’ve always found it difficult to get up. My mum would always leave me to rise on my own after she’s awoken me from my slumber, and I will do so in my own sweet time, without anyone prompting me. If she yelled at me from downstairs just as I was about to get up from my bed, I would lie down again, and wait for that moment to pass so that I could then get up as and when I want to. And 5 minutes later, I would rise and quickly make some noise like slam the door or something, so that she knows I’m awake and will not spoil my morning by calling me again.

Stupid, maybe. But that’s just me. And that is why I have so much trouble with people wanting me to do things their way.


Going back to the office after the holidays is not a fun thing to do, what with things piling up and clients wanting to get their things done. In situation like this, of course priority is given to the most urgent of cases, and the most lucrative ones. But, more often than not, it is the client with RM100K deal and 2 months deadline that gives me the most headache, not the ones with RM100M deal and 2 weeks deadline.

Nevertheless, in the service industry, clients are clients, whether it is RM100K or RM100million, we have to satisfy them all, and so I had to suck it in, forced a smile and attend to their insufferable demands. I couldn’t help but have a number of heated exchanges and a few shouting match, but after a while, I had to give in because I lost my voice screaming. Perhaps it had something to do with the amount of ketupat I ate.

How I wish I can pull my usual “on-my-terms” crap every single time!


Today, I indulged in some retail therapy, and so I’m flat broke now, but that’s okay, because I got myself some new clothes! Yay!


Also, after much hesitation, I have joined the one thing that has been dubbed the Devil Of The Internet-- Facebook. I’ve actually joined it quite a while ago but never did anything on it, until someone made me really spend time on the bloody thing. And now, I’m hooked, although I’m not as badly hooked as some people who actively goes around poking, spanking, sheep-throwing, trout slapping, and killing other people every 5 minutes.

At least I’m content with checking out all the other applications and just superpoking someone every few hours. What I enjoy to do is just feeding my Fluff Friend and racing him every hour to earn more ‘munny’. I go broke betting on the races and somehow those strays that are under-fed and under-pet always win. It just doesn’t make sense. But I still race anyway, and go broke again and again.

Another thing that I do on Facebook and am fast becoming addicted to is to play Pacman. I haven’t played this game in ages! Now that I found it on Facebook, I can’t let it go. I want to play Pacman all day long. My score is 71280 and Pugly says I need to get a life.

Maybe I do.

Or maybe Pugs just said it because she cannot beat my score. Haha!


And oh, this is baby Wajdi, my 3rd cucu. I’m a Toksu 3 times over.

Wajdi is the first (more to come?) son of my niece Wani,
who is the eldest daughter of my half-brother.


I feel so old now.


Hjh Esah Jolie said...

You can't be it at yr term la...baru tak makan tua.

Manal said...

Sue, sape yg kawen muda, ur half bro or ur niece?

So if u gonna have kids one day, they'll be way younger than ur cucu sedara....hmmmm....n yet that cucu still pangkat anak sedara to ur kids. Right. U better off occupying ur time with Facebook then rather than worrying sape anak sape cucu sedara.

Typhoon Sue said...

I'm not old, I just feel old whenever anyone mentioned my cucu...

tak de la muda sangat, dah cukup umur dah.

My oldest half-sister was already an adult when I was born. So, I first became a maksu when I was 5. My first 2 niece and nephew were also my childhood friends.
this niece, Wani, she's only about 7 or 8 years younger than me.

(Hmm...Am I giving my age away?)

I'm not old lah! I'm still in my child-bearing years what.... not that I want to bear a child.. hiks!

pugly said...

Can you people stop mentioning me in your entries? Nak tidoq pun tak senang woii!!

Pi Bani said...

Dear 'Tok'phoon Sue,
I had my own group of cucus who came over to my house for raya - my cousin's grandchildren. Felt rather funny when a group of budak-budak yang dah besar jugaklah, come to salam and calling me Pah Su...

J.T. said...

Congratulations on being Toksu for the third time.

Your mention of difficult clients is universal. Maybe it is all they have and they are nervous and/or safeguarding their assets. Regardless, they are still clients and their need has to be fulfilled. As you said, ".... in the service industry, clients are clients, whether it is RM100K or RM100million, we have to satisfy them all ..."

See you on Facebook! ;)

Typhoon Sue said...

sore loser!!! *sticks tongue out*

made u feel kinda old, didn't it?

yea, where money is concerned, everyone's a pain to deal with.

trueblue said...

Facebook is getting very addictive. You must have spent a lot of time on it since your Pacman score is way high :)

Typhoon Sue said...

A-ah, terribly terribly hooked on it. I hardly even bathe now, Facebook consumes me.